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These minutes were approved at the Board meeting on 1 December 2008.

Minutes of the Wiki Uk Limited Board Meeting #wikimedia-uk-board, 20:30 25/11/2008


Present with speaking rights: Kwan Ting Chan (KTC), Tom Holden (TH), Mike Peel (MP), Andrew Turvey (AT)


Mickey Conn (MC) has given his apologies that he may be late.

Minutes of Last Meeting

These minutes were approved.

Matters Arising

Bank account opening

TH has received all the documents and signed forms he needs from everyone. TH agreed to post these to the co-op tomorrow with the resolution to be discussed later.


At this stage the meeting resolved to go in camera

Wikimania 2010 sponsorship

Seddon approached the board to update them about the work he has done regarding sponsorship of Wikimania 2010 - Oxford. The Board thanked his for his efforts so far and confirmed we are happy for him to pursue his current investigations

The meeting returned from being in camera

Matters arising (continued)

Newsletter - non-English translation

MC joined the meeting

The message drafted here requesting help translating newsletters was approved, subject to minor grammar improvements. The Board thanked MC for his work on this.

Newsletter - distributions

The Board thanked all those who helped get this out. MC mentioned that he would try to get an article published in

Wiki Educational Resources Ltd

AT has written to Alison Wheeler, a Director of WER, requesting a copy of their Register of Members. No reply has been received so AT said he would call her some time this week if he hasn't heard by then.


HMRC tax exempt status

AT has written to HMRC requesting charity status so the company can claim Gift Aid refunds. AT will inform the Board when he hears back.

Direct Debit setup

TH has investigated with the co-op and with HSBC how Wiki UK could become a direct debit initiator. The co-op had said you could only set up a direct credit facility after being with them for 1-2 years and it would cost "a few hundred pounds". HSBC was approached for comparison and charges £275. The Board agreed it wouldn't be pursued for the time being.

MP agreed to draft a standing order form to accompany the once the bank account is opened


Membership application

MP reported that the membership application form has been advertised on the meta website and mailing list; the first application has been received in the post.

Newsletter - Wikimeet report

We were unable to get a report of the wikimeet in time for the newsletter so it was finalised without one. MP agreed to look for a regular attendee to write up a report on the wikimeets.


Resolution for approval

After discussion, the following resolution was approved:

Pursuant to Section 82 of the Charities Act 1993, the Board of Directors confers upon the Treasurer, Tom Holden, and the Company Secretary, Andrew Turvey, acting together, a general authority to execute in the name and on behalf of the charity assurances or other deeds or instruments for giving effect to transactions to which the charity is a party and have been approved by the Board or its delegate(s).

TH agreed to contact Coop to see if they would be happy with this and if not to email round a revised text for approval by email.

AT agreed to send a signed copied of the resolution to TH


Public phone contact

David Gerard has emailed the Board asking for a phone contact that could be published for the Board.

MP agreed to lend the company one PAYG phone which he would keep and whose number would be given to David and published as the Wiki UK Ltd contact number and he would redirect it to other Board members where necessary.


Wikimediauk-l Moderator

MP mentioned that some messages from non-contibutors appear to not be getting through. The Board agreed that they would request that MC be added as a moderator to the list Wikimediauk-l.


Treasurer's Report

TH reported the final expenses for the formation meeting was £130.10

Secretary's Report

AT noted there were no items to report

Membership Report

MP reported he had received one membership application so far. MP agreed to look into the costs and practicalities of receiving subs through paypal. MP agreed to amend the membership form to include suggested donation amounts. AT agreed to send a copy of the Register of Members to MP. The Board agreed to put on the next agenda the process for approving membership applications


Timetable Review

It was decided to keep the current timeline as it is.


Wikipedia Loves Art

A message has been posted on the wikimediauk-l list from Pharos requesting volunteers to get involved in this project.

AT expressed an interest in getting involved. MP said he would email Pharos to report back the interest.


Election Rules

AT mentioned the Articles of Association we agreed did not specify the voting system to be used. TH mentioned this was discussed when the articles were agreed.

AT agreed to draft some election rules based on the discussion held when the Articles were discussed and post this on the list for discussion.


Next Meeting

The next meeting was agreed for Monday December 1, 8:30pm GMT/UTC.

The meeting closed at 23:20.