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These minutes were approved at the Board meeting on 16 December 2008.

Minutes of the Wikimedia UK v2.0 Board Meeting #wikimedia-uk-board, 20:30 08/12/2008


Present with speaking rights: Kwan Ting Chan (KTC), Mickey Conn (MC), Tom Holden (TH), Mike Peel (MP), Andrew Turvey (AT)

Apologies for Absence

No apologies were received.

Minutes of the Last Meeting

The minutes of the meeting of 1st December 2008 were available to view at [1] and were unanimously approved.

Matters Arising

HMRC tax exempt status

AT has submitted the application for tax exempt status. They will respond in six to eight weeks from submission. AT to check whether we can ask for consent to reclaim tax on donations before we receive a decision. MP to design an appropriate form to ask members for consent who apply using the current membership form.

ACTION: AT to request information from HMRC. MP to design form.

Bank & Paypal account

The Co-operative Bank will not open a bank account until they have confirmation from the Wikimedia Foundation (WMF) that we have chapter status. The position is understandable but will considerably delay future activities.

It was agreed to ask the WMF if it would be possible for them to meet ahead of schedule to consider our chapter status. MC to contact Michael Snow, giving reasons why this would be of great advantage to the organisation and to the WMF. If this is not possible, plan to wait for approval then use the Co-op Bank as agreed, possibly investigating one or more other banks as a back-up plan.

MP to investigate PayPal.

ACTION: MC to contact WMF. MP to investigate PayPal.

Wikimediauk-l Moderator

MC has not received a reply and will make contact again later in the week, once David Gerard is less busy with media relations. At the same time, MC will enquire about changing the website.

ACTION: MC to contact David Gerard and/or James F.

Wikipedia Loves Art

AT will contact the V&A Museum while in London this week to follow up.

ACTION: AT to contact V&A.

Election Rules

There has been little discussion on the election rules, perhaps because of the discussion around Wikipedia censorship issues. All board members to contribute to discussion.

ACTION: All to contribute to discussion. website

Covered under item 4.6 Wikimediauk-l Moderator.

Treasurer's Report

No further expenses have been received. A claim for £10 credit for the organisation's phone is expected. Board members are prepared to wait for reimbursement of expenses until the bank account is open.

Secretary's Report

All issues covered under item 4.1 HMRC tax exempt status.

Membership Report

MP has received six completed applications. MP has made some minor changes to the application form. In future the board are happy for MP to make such changes without prior authorisation, provided they are noted in the next membership report.

Timetable Review

It was agreed to update the timetable to show the schedule if the Wikimedia Foundation (WMF) board do not meet early, and the bank account is therefore not opened until late January. All items dependent on the bank account opening were rescheduled. TH reported that once we send the bank a letter from the WMF approving chapter status, the bank account should be opened immediately.

MP will be overseas for one month in late January/early February. If necessary, MP will arrange for applications to be collated and posted on to an acting membership secretary. MP to check exact dates and update at future meeting.

ACTION: MP to check dates and update.

Wikimania bid

Seddon has proposed contacting a relevant Flickr group; TH encouraged him to do this, as board permission is not required.



No responses have yet been received. MC to update next week.

ACTION: MC to update.

Wikipedia censorship by IWF

As we are not yet an official chapter of Wikimedia, the organisation has taken no role in this. David Gerard from Wiki Educational Resources Limited has co-ordinated dealing with the press. Board members are welcome to involve themselves as individuals in such media activities.


AT has started work on the December newsletter. MC to co-ordinate publication of next issue on weekend of 20th December. All to contribute.

ACTION: MC to co-ordinate publication. All to contribute.


The next meeting will be held on Tuesday 16th December at 20:30 (GMT/UTC).