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[20:30] mpeel: g'evening all
[20:31] KTC: hi
[20:33] mpeel: any sign of Warofdreams and AndrewRT?
[20:33] cfp: hi. we may as well wait for mike
[20:33] cfp: mickey sorry
[20:35] mpeel: ah; just seen his email.
[20:35] mpeel: has anyone heard anything from andrew?
[20:36] warofdreams joined the chat room.
[20:36] cfp: no. though i'm not sure he was convinced we had much to discuss
[20:38] cfp: someone voice wod
[20:38] Warofdreams was granted voice by ChanServ.
[20:38] KTC: let's start
[20:38] KTC: someone else get a copy of this meeting, my internet connect can drop any seconds
[20:39] Warofdreams: thanks.  apologies for being late; unexpected guests - they were meant to be coming at the weekend, not tonight
[20:39] mpeel: ok, I can log it.
[20:39] Warofdreams: I'll keep a copy
[20:39] Warofdreams: ok, mpeel
[20:39] mpeel: multiple people logging it is even better, just in case.
[20:39] shimgray joined the chat room.
[20:39] KTC:
[20:39] KTC:
[20:39] KTC: any issues ?
[20:40] mpeel: looks fine to me
[20:40] Warofdreams: excellent
[20:41] cfp: i'm not sure i remember the whole "TH to investigate other banks" or at least not as an immediate action
[20:41] Warofdreams: just to check, for the minutes, do we have any apologies for absence
[20:42] KTC: not that i knw of Warofdreams
[20:42] cfp: i'll phone him
[20:42] • KTC tried already...
[20:42] KTC: didn't get through
[20:43] Warofdreams: cfp: this was left rather vague; it was kind of stated that you would do it, but never really concluded; I've no problem with striking it if you didn't go away intending to do it
[20:43] mpeel: send him a text, in case he's away from his phone / in a bad signal area atm?
[20:44] cfp: cool thanks wod. i certainly didn't get that impression. it was discussed, but i'm pretty sure any bank will say the same thing (as it's emminently reasonable really)
[20:44] cfp: mpeel: will do
[20:44] Warofdreams: cfp: great, I'll strike that.  Anything else?
[20:45] KTC: Matters Arising then
[20:45] KTC: HMRC tax exempt status
[20:46] cfp: leave until andrew returns
[20:46] geniice joined the chat room.
[20:46] KTC: yep, was just checking whether there was an email somewhere on any replies
[20:46] KTC: Bank & Paypal account
[20:46] Warofdreams: On Bank & Paypal account, I've contacted Michael Snow via e-mail, but as yet no response.
[20:46] cfp: nothing new on the bank/paypal. i had a phone call from them asking for those documents again, and an email telling me how to add donation buttons.
[20:47] cfp: andrew says "can you give my apologies, i'll be a little late, still on the train!"
[20:47] Warofdreams: I could try contacting WMF once more this week, but if they don't meet by early next week, it's unlikely to make much difference to us, anyway
[20:48] mpeel: cfp: which type of account did you sign up for in the end?
[20:48] mpeel: * account = paypal account
[20:48] cfp: well i clicked the button of the one you suggested. but they're all the same once you're signed up
[20:48] cfp: you can both send out email requests for money and do website integration
[20:49] cfp: the details of what i set up were all in that email i sent about it a few weeks.
[20:49] cfp: ago
[20:49] KTC: mpeel & cfp, what do u think about wmf ?
[20:49] mpeel: great. Odd that paypal makes it so confusing on their intro page.
[20:49] cfp: i don't think it's the end of the world if we have to wait
[20:49] mpeel: wmf: I'd just let it be, I doubt that anything will come of it if we push.
[20:50] KTC: let's let it be then
[20:50] KTC: Wikimediauk-l Moderator
[20:50] Warofdreams: ok, I'll leave it.  If I get a response, I'll e-mail it round; if they do decide to meet early, we may need an impromptu meeting or some sort of discussion
[20:50] Warofdreams: Wikimediauk-l moderator: good news!
[20:50] Warofdreams: David e-mailed today and he and JamesF have added me as a moderator
[20:51] Warofdreams: interestingly, there are currently no messages waiting for approval, so I guess that someone has been looking at them
[20:51] cfp: ace
[20:51] mpeel: great
[20:51] Warofdreams: I've also e-mailed Alison and JamesF about the website, but no response yet on this
[20:51] KTC: Warofdreams, there were a couple of msgs from a while ago that got through a few days ago
[20:51] Warofdreams: that was probably it
[20:52] KTC: (unless someone just has their date set up wrong)
[20:52] cfp: on a related note, what happened with getting set up to forward to that gmail address i created
[20:53] KTC: did anyone actually asked Alison/JamesF ?
[20:53] cfp:
[20:53] cfp: nope. i thought mpeel/wod was going to do it, but i'm happy to do it myself if they haven't already asked
[20:54] cfp: i vaguely remember someone volunteering, maybe i misunderstood/misremembered
[20:54] Warofdreams: is that OK?  I hadn't thought that it was me, and I've been asking them for a lot of things recently
[20:54] mpeel: I can't remember volunteering to do that...
[20:54] cfp: i'll ask them myself then.
[20:54] cfp: ok no worries.
[20:54] cfp: put that as an action on me then
[20:54] Warofdreams: will do.
[20:55] Warofdreams: Wikipedia Loves Art is another one for Andrew
[20:55] KTC: 4.5 # Election Rules
[20:55] Warofdreams: there's been discussion
[20:55] Warofdreams: particularly after the prompt we were sent!
[20:56] KTC:
[20:56] KTC:
[20:56] Warofdreams: the discussion on number of board members is strongly favouring 7
[20:56] cfp: a conclusion i'm happy with
[20:57] KTC: 5. Languages then
[20:57] Warofdreams: very little response
[20:58] Warofdreams: not surprising, as most of the projects contacted have very small communities
[20:58] Warofdreams: the only response has been on cy, where a couple of people have posted in Welsh
[20:58] Tango42 joined the chat room.
[20:58] Warofdreams: from what Andrew's translation made of it, they are basically two editors saying they are not interested
[20:59] mpeel: I think we'll need to be bigger before we attract their attention.
[20:59] cfp: ahh. well we tried.
[20:59] cfp: keep including their village pumps in newsletter mailouts etc
[20:59] Warofdreams: maybe so.  perhaps one to revisit in the future, but I'm glad that we tried; it may yet turn up interest in the future
[21:00] Warofdreams: Newsletter, then?
[21:01] KTC: yeah
[21:01] Warofdreams: we need to work on this now, aiming to get it out at the weekend
[21:01] mpeel: I received an email from User:Ironholds about the london wikimeet, and have put his text into the newsletter.
[21:02] mpeel: I'll write the membership section when I get the chance.
[21:02] Warofdreams: yes, thanks for that - it's to the point, which is probably good
[21:02] Seddon joined the chat room.
[21:02] mpeel: I was hoping that he'd cover what the wikimeet discussed in a little more detail, but other than that I like it.
[21:02] Warofdreams: now we're pretty much aware that the WMF won't meet early, I can write a piece of general info on that
[21:03] Warofdreams: I'm going to see if Andrew can write the Wikimedia Loves Art piece
[21:03] Warofdreams: does anyone want to claim the piece on the Oxford bid?
[21:03] KTC: Tom?
[21:03] mpeel: cfp's the logical choice to do that, if he's willing.
[21:03] cfp: yup ok
[21:04] cfp: sorry i haven't done anything on it as yet
[21:04] Warofdreams: great.  and anyone want to claim the AGM?
[21:04] cfp: been away and all that
[21:04] cfp: i'll talk to seddon
[21:04] mpeel: Do we want a section on the AGM, considering its current lack of definitive info?
[21:04] KTC: i can write AGM, but what about ?
[21:04] Warofdreams: the suggestion is "date of AGM pencilled in for... plans for location, voting arrangements, resolutions, events, discussions..."
[21:04] Warofdreams: probably good to summarise the discussions which have been taking place, and ask for further input
[21:05] KTC: ok
[21:05] mpeel: Warofdreams: ok, that makes sense.
[21:05] KTC: do we actually have a "pencilled in" date for the AGM (that we are going for)?
[21:05] Warofdreams: the timeline is suggesting 28 Feb, but that's very very tentative
[21:05] Warofdreams: just working through the notice required, it's the earliest likely date
[21:06] mpeel: saying "February/March 2008" would probably be better than giving a specific date.
[21:06] mpeel: sorry...2009
[21:06] Warofdreams: "late February/March 2009"
[21:06] Warofdreams: sounds good
[21:07] mpeel: should we start putting things like the AGM agenda, and any surrounding events, together?
[21:07] KTC: i was thinking about that
[21:07] Warofdreams: I've been pleased to see some discussion on it
[21:07] KTC: maybe,
[21:08] Warofdreams: but it'll be difficult to firm it all up until we have a date
[21:08] mpeel: true, but we can at least sketch it out, and get comments on it.
[21:09] Warofdreams: does someone want to sketch something out on meta?
[21:09] mpeel: I can start putting something together, so long as other people will join in.
[21:10] KTC: i'll do the agenda
[21:10] Warofdreams: I'll be happy to join in
[21:10] KTC: i don't know about much details on surrounding events tho
[21:10] Warofdreams: probably need to start with some ideas, then get discussion going
[21:10] Warofdreams: what would people like, what is feasible
[21:11] KTC: what would people like & is feasible u mean ? 
[21:12] Warofdreams: yes, although the ideas might turn out to just be one or the other 
[21:12] KTC: talk is always feasible
[21:12] mpeel: hopefully we can come up with a compromise in that situation...
[21:13] mpeel: ok, are we done with the newsletter section?
[21:14] Warofdreams: I think so.  MP, I'll action you to co-ordinate sketching out the AGM agenda and surrounding events.
[21:14] Warofdreams: If that's OK
[21:14] KTC: if there's no more comment, 7. Accounts management then
[21:14] mpeel: Warofdreams: OK
[21:14] cfp: action me to investigate accounting software over the next few weeks
[21:14] Warofdreams: will do.
[21:15] cfp: i had planned to do it prior to TD's email, but a bit of prodding never hurt anyone
[21:15] KTC:
[21:15] KTC: Treasurer's Report
[21:15] cfp: nothing to report.
[21:16] KTC: Membership Report
[21:16] cfp: "he treasurer had a fun holiday in amsterdam between now and the last board meeting"?
[21:16] KTC: 10.1    1. Draft forms
[21:16] KTC: lol @ cfp
[21:16] Warofdreams:
[21:16] cfp: the last forms you emailed round about seemed fine i think
[21:17] Warofdreams: yes, I thought so too
[21:17] KTC: any more application ?
[21:17] mpeel: I've received an application from Andrew, bringing us to 7 received to date.
[21:18] KTC: that doesn't really count tho does it, seeing he's already a member... 
[21:18] mpeel: true. 
[21:18] Warofdreams: it might be that some people were thinking of joining and have postponed it due to the bank account delay
[21:18] mpeel: I've received cheques adding up to a total of £176 (mean of 29.33).
[21:18] cfp: wow
[21:18] KTC: cool 
[21:18] mpeel: Warofdreams: yup, that's my suspicion too.
[21:19] mpeel: I expect that applications will pick up once we start accepting them.
[21:19] Warofdreams: when you put it like that, it's hard to argue with 
[21:19] KTC: anything else on membership?
[21:19] mpeel: I emailed around draft forms for standing orders and gift aid
[21:19] KTC: recieved 
[21:20] mpeel: I don't plan on doing much more on those until we are in a position to start using them, though, unless anyone has any comments on them.
[21:20] KTC: <cfp> the last forms you emailed round about seemed fine i think
[21:20] AndrewRT joined the chat room.
[21:20] AndrewRT was granted voice by ChanServ.
[21:20] AndrewRT: hi all
[21:20] AndrewRT: apologies for being late!
[21:20] mpeel: hello andrew
[21:20] KTC:
[21:20] KTC: hi
[21:21] Warofdreams: hi!
[21:21] AndrewRT: dont tell me you've finished!
[21:21] KTC: almost 
[21:21] Warofdreams: No, but we are on point 10.1
[21:21] KTC: but we're going back to ur bit
[21:21] AndrewRT: hehe
[21:21] AndrewRT: membership forms
[21:21] KTC: if there's nothing else on membership
[21:21] Warofdreams: just on the draft forms mpeel e-mailed around
[21:22] Warofdreams: looked good to me
[21:22] KTC: then back to #HMRC tax exempt status, AndrewRT ?
[21:22] mpeel: I have nothing else to report.
[21:22] AndrewRT: i havent heard anything back
[21:22] AndrewRT: although not expecting to yet!
[21:23] KTC: Wikipedia Loves Art
[21:23] AndrewRT: right
[21:23] AndrewRT: I met with Gail at teh V&A today
[21:23] AndrewRT: she's very keen to drive it through
[21:24] cfp: cool. thanks
[21:24] AndrewRT: she's also going to invite the Flickr London meet
[21:24] cfp: what does she want us to do?
[21:24] AndrewRT: she's told me all the rles etc
[21:24] AndrewRT: main job for us is to gte as many people involved as pos
[21:24] mpeel: how many are they expecting to be involved?
[21:25] AndrewRT: I'll be putting an email on the list summarising it all int eh next few days
[21:25] AndrewRT: she was very realistic - anything from 5 to 50 she said!
[21:25] Warofdreams: that sounds realistic
[21:25] AndrewRT: i didn't say but I'd hope for ~15 people?
[21:25] Warofdreams: that would be good
[21:25] Warofdreams: the more the better
[21:26] AndrewRT: how many do we get for the london wikimeets?
[21:26] KTC: if flickr london get involved, that will hopefully bring more
[21:26] mpeel: last had 8, I believe.
[21:27] mpeel: If we could get local photography, art etc. groups interested, though, we could drive up the number involved...
[21:27] AndrewRT: yes how could we make contact with these groups?
[21:27] mpeel: for starters, search around the internet and find their websites.
[21:28] mpeel: once you make contact, ask if they can spread the news, and if they have any contacts that they tihnk would be interested.
[21:28] AndrewRT: do we know anyone who has contacts already?
[21:29] mpeel: I'm afraid I don't.
[21:29] AndrewRT: ok i'll folllow up on the email list
[21:30] Warofdreams: ok, what's next on the agenda?
[21:30] mpeel: AndrewRT: the ephotozine might be worth contacting, too.
[21:30] mpeel: * ephotozine community
[21:30] KTC: # Treasurer's Report
[21:30] AndrewRT: who?
[21:30] mpeel:
[21:30] AndrewRT: thanks I'll look into it
[21:30] cfp: haven't we done the treasurer's report once?
[21:31] Warofdreams: might be worth trying Urban75; they have quite an active photography group and it might be up their street
[21:31] KTC: sorry, i meant sec report cfp & AndrewRT
[21:31] AndrewRT: nothing to report from me
[21:32] KTC: fast forward to 11. Timetable Review 
[21:32] Warofdreams: don't think we need to make any changes - we have no new information which might affect the timetable
[21:32] mpeel: I agree with Warofdreams.
[21:33] AndrewRT: i agree too
[21:33] KTC: 12 Wikimania bid then
[21:33] Warofdreams: I hear that the Oxford Flickr group are very interested?
[21:34] cfp: nothing to report, beyond seddon's email to the list i'm sure you all saw
[21:34] Warofdreams: AOCB, then?
[21:34] KTC: yes
[21:34] Warofdreams: nothing from me
[21:35] AndrewRT: nothing from me
[21:35] KTC: cfp & mpeel ?
[21:35] mpeel: one thing
[21:35] cfp: nothing
[21:35] mpeel: does anyone know anything about the WMF-chapters meetings?
[21:36] KTC: what do u mean by wmf-chapters meeting/
[21:36] KTC: * ?
[21:36] mpeel: I keep hearing mentions of them, but nothing substantive.
[21:36] mpeel: basically: real-life meetings between the WMF and chapters.
[21:36] Warofdreams: perhaps ask ChapCom for info?
[21:36] AndrewRT: no-one's approached me from WMF to arrange one
[21:37] AndrewRT: perhaps they might do that after approval?
[21:37] KTC: i'm guessing we'll found out more when are approved
[21:37] mpeel: Tango42: re. chapter meetings - I've heard rumour of one in Berlin next March/April time
[21:37] mpeel: that tallies with the rumours I've heard.
[21:37] AndrewRT: per Tango: all chapters
[21:38] AndrewRT: hopefully we'll be approved by then!
[21:38] AndrewRT: and teh invite will follow soon after 
[21:38] mpeel: probably.
[21:38] Warofdreams: next board meeting - a proposal - Tuesday 6th Jan?
[21:38] cfp: not something to worry about too much at this point...
[21:38] cfp: fine by me
[21:38] KTC: u beat me to it Warofdreams lol
[21:39] cfp: actually
[21:39] cfp: i might be travelling that day let me check
[21:39] AndrewRT: thats a long time away!
[21:39] cfp: no i double checked and it's fine
[21:39] cfp: i arive that day
[21:39] Warofdreams: mpeel: is that OK with you?
[21:40] KTC: 3 weeks AndrewRT, missing christmas & new year week
[21:40] AndrewRT: are people away between Xmas &NY?
[21:40] mpeel: I still think we'd be best having weekly meetings, even short ones, but I'll not press that.
[21:40] AndrewRT: would one round about the 30th be possible?
[21:41] Warofdreams: I'll still be down south then, not sure about internet access
[21:41] cfp: that'd be fine with me.
[21:41] Warofdreams: but feel free to hold one, and I'll attend if I can
[21:42] mpeel: 30th is fine with me.
[21:42] AndrewRT: KTC?
[21:42] KTC: i'm always fine
[21:42] KTC: next meeting on the 30th then
[21:42] AndrewRT: hehe
[21:42] Warofdreams: ok then, will try to see you all on 30th
[21:42] AndrewRT: hope you can make it
[21:43] Warofdreams: got to get back to guests, see you soon
[21:43] Warofdreams: and happy Christmas!
[21:43] AndrewRT: cheers
[21:43] cfp: see you all then.
[21:43] AndrewRT: u 2!
[21:43] AndrewRT: bye
[21:43] cfp: happy christmas!
[21:43] mpeel: ok, g'bye all then.
[21:43] KTC: thats it then. bye bye
[21:43] KTC: happy xmas
[21:43] Warofdreams left the chat room.
[21:43] mpeel: (for the logs, it's 21:43)


[20:17] cfp joined the chat room.
[20:30] mpeel: g'evening all
[20:36] warofdreams joined the chat room.
[20:36] Warofdreams: hi everyone
[20:37] Warofdreams: could someone voice me in the board meeting?
[20:58] Tango42 joined the chat room.
[20:58] KTC: hello Tango42
[20:58] Seddon joined the chat room.
[20:58] Tango42: hello
[20:58] KTC: hello Seddon
[20:59] Tango42: I was so engrossed in reading travel insurance polices (conclusion: don't get sick or have an emergency while on holiday) I forgot about the meeting! Have I missed anything interesting?
[20:59] Seddon: dudes i wish there was a little more prior warning about these meetings and if the channel topics could be kept up to date as well
[20:59] KTC: sorry seddon
[21:00] mpeel: there's normally a week's warning, following the discussion at the end of the previous meeting...
[21:00] mpeel: but more notices would be good.
[21:00] mpeel: Tango42: nope, not much.
[21:00] KTC: i don't want to little the list with reminder, but i can do more if that's what wante
[21:00] KTC: *wanted
[21:01] mpeel: A reminder 24 hours before, and possibly another a couple of hours before, would probably work well.
[21:06] Seddon: what you dragging me into cdp 
[21:06] Seddon: cfp*
[21:07] KTC: oxford wikimania 
[21:09] Seddon: ahhh 
[21:11] cfp: are you prepared to cowrite the newsletter piece on it?
[21:11] cfp: i'll email you in the week
[21:12] Seddon: sure thing, this week is a good week for me to get it done
[21:13] cfp: cool. well i'll try to get something in on thursday/friday once i'm back at my parents home, but feel free to add something prior to that
[21:18] shimgray: ha, 7 applications recieved
[21:18] • shimgray wonders how many of them he would recognise the names on
[21:20] andrewrt joined the chat room.
[21:25] • Seddon notices AndrewRT has got my job done already 
[21:27] Tango42: Did I miss a report on the attempts to get WMF to meet early?
[21:28] KTC: summary, no reply as of yet, we won't push it as it seems unlikely to gain much benefit unless they meet very soon anyway
[21:31] Tango42: They could theoretically do it all by email in under a week, it's pretty much just a matter of rubber stamping chapcom's recommendation
[21:31] Tango42: Who did you email? Michael Snow?
[21:31] Warofdreams: yes
[21:32] mpeel: Tango42: I put partial logs from the start of the meeting online for Andrew, but they might be of interest to you too:
[21:32] Tango42: cheers!
[21:33] J_Milburn left the chat room. (No route to host)
[21:37] Tango42: re. chapter meetings - I've heard rumour of one in Berlin next March/April time
[21:37] AndrewRT: is ghat just the german chapter?
[21:37] Tango42: no, all chapters
[21:38] Tango42: I don't remember where I heard this rumour, though, so take it with a pinch of salt!
[21:39] Tango42: there was also talk recently of a chapters mailing list being created for discussion of chapter seats on the WMF board - you should try and get yourselves added to that
[21:39] mpeel: hmm; there's a very badly outdated page at
[21:40] Tango42: i think there has been a meeting since that page was last edited (baring the recent vandalism)
[21:40] privatemusings joined the chat room.
[21:41] mpeel: yup - says "As agreed during the Nijmegen meeting, chapters will write a monthly report for the Wikimedia Foundation, other chapters and the community to inform these of their activities."
[21:41] mpeel: perhaps privatemusings can flesh out the rumours?
[21:41] AndrewRT: i think thats part of teh standard chapter agreement now
[21:41] privatemusings: I can try 
[21:41] mpeel: primatemusings: do WMF-chapters meetings happen?
[21:42] privatemusings: you mean meetings between chapter boards etc.?
[21:42] privatemusings: or meetings of chapter volunteers (sort of 'meetups' really)
[21:42] mpeel: meetings between chapters, and possibly including the WMF.
[21:42] mpeel: there's a page at about them but it seems to be badly outdated.
[21:43] privatemusings: yeah - many of the meta pages are sadly in dire need of attention.....
[21:43] Warofdreams left the chat room.
[21:43] privatemusings: I don't believe such a meeting has happened formally...
[21:43] privatemusings: but when WMF folk are around, they do meet with chapter people
[21:43] mpeel: there was talk of a "Nijmegen meeting"
[21:44] privatemusings: and obviously there's wikimania as a central sort of thing.....
[21:44] mpeel: potentially when these chapters-reports were established.
[21:44] Seddon: it would make sense for the nijmegan meeting to occur during the marches 
[21:45] AndrewRT left the chat room. ("ChatZilla 0.9.84 [Firefox 3.0.4/2008102920]")
[21:46] privatemusings: heh... I don't really know anything about the Nijmegan meeting
[21:46] privatemusings: where's Nijmega?
[21:46] Tango42: says: "Plans are to have one board meeting in fall (in Florida) and a chapter meeting before the end of the year [2007], in Frankfurt."
[21:46] Tango42: any idea if that happened?
[21:46] privatemusings: no idea - sorry
[21:46] KTC left the chat room. ("Leaving")
[21:46] Seddon: privatemusings: nijmegan is in holland