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These minutes were approved at the Board meeting on 17 February 2009.

Minutes of the Wikimedia UK v2.0 Board Meeting #wikimedia-uk-board, 20:30 10/02/2009


Present with speaking rights: Mike Peel (MP), Andrew Turvey (AT), Tom Holden (TH, intermittently), Kwan Ting Chan (KTC, intermittently).

Apologies for Absence

Mickey Conn (MC)

Minutes of Last Meeting

The minutes of the meeting of 2nd February 2009 were available to view at [1] and were approved unanimously.

Matters Arising

Co-op copy of Chapters Agreement with WMF

The copy of the chapters agreement was sent to the Co-op on Tuesday 3 February; no response has been received yet.

AGM Location

ACTION: AT to continue investigations. et al.

A request for bureaucrats to have desysoping abilities was made on bugzilla [2]. Adding sysops to the wiki is on hold until this ability is in place.

ACTION: MP to ask on the mailing list if anyone wants to come up with a new main page design, and if anyone wants to be a sysop on the wiki

AGM Tellers

ACTION: AT to discuss the role of tellers with James Farrar and Sarah McCulloch.

AGM Documents

ACTION: All to contribute to documents.

UK Government consultation on copyright

A response[3] was sent in to this consultation by TH on behalf of the board. The deadline was subsequently extended, but no modifications to WMUK's response are planned.

Chapters Meeting

AT has been in email contact with the organizer; "they're looking to get another chapter to fund us". AGM may be after the meeting, depending on slippage. AT has emailed the mailing list asking for people's thought on who should attend.

ACTION: AT to collate responses and report back at the next meeting.


ACTION: AT to investigate and report back at next meeting.

Sunday Times Op-Ed

The Sunday Times published an article[4] with a number of inaccuracies. Jimmy Wales is in communication with the author. Jay Walsh (JW), who's in charge of PR for the WMF, has commented that an editorial response may be appropriate and asked if the chapter would like to write one.

ACTION: MP to email David Gerard and MC to ask if they want to head up a response; otherwise to respond to JW declining his offer.


ACTION: AT to start putting the February issue together

Treasurer's Report

TH plans to claim for his travel to the V&A event (£13).

ACTION: TH to continue investigating accounting software

Secretary's Report

Everything was covered under matters arising.

Membership Report

Three additional applications have been received. Accepting membership applications was delayed until the next meeting due to the low number of board members at this meeting.

ACTION: MP to update application form to include gift aid and WMUK logo.

Timetable Review

Although the date for the opening of the bank account has passed, it was decided to leave the timeline as it is.

Wikimania bid

Seddon's work with BT "looks promising"; it looks likely that they will support the bid, as well as giving some money towards the event. More news coverage of the bid would be good.

ACTION: AT to start drafting press release about the chapter formation and the bid, and to start gathering press release submission addresses and individual contacts.


Nothing was raised.


The next meeting will be on Tuesday 17th February 2009 at 8:30pm GMT.