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These minutes were approved at the Board meeting on 10 March 2009.

Minutes of the Wikimedia UK v2.0 Board Meeting #wikimedia-uk-board, 20:30 02/03/2009

Present with speaking rights: Mike Peel (MP), Andrew Turvey (AT), Tom Holden (TH), Mickey Conn (MC).

Apologies for Absence

Kwan Ting Chan (KTC).

Minutes of Last Meeting

The minutes of the meeting of 17th February 2009 were available to view at [1] and were agreed with one change: under 10. Wikimania bid, "AT to lead on press releases for the bid, which should not generally be under the chapter name." was changed to read "AT agreed to do a press release for the bid, which would be separate from the press release about the formation of the chapter."

Matters Arising

AGM Tellers / Location

AT has confirmed that the tellers are happy with the procedures for the AGM. They can be contacted at AT to continue investigating Birmingham University as a possible AGM location. If in one week no positive response has been received, to widen search to central Birmingham and investigate previous offer of a venue in Manchester.

ACTION: AT to continue investigations.


Board members are now able to remove administrator powers from website users. As a result, several volunteers have been given adminship on the website. Future adminship appointments to be discussed by the board, as they must be known and trustworthy. MP has put in requests to enable subpages on the website and disable centralised Wikimedia notices.

Chapters Meeting

MC e-mailed the chapters mailing list, who agreed that Wikimedia UK could choose to send non-board members to the Chapters Meeting. Funding is available for two people; AT to confirm whether this covers flights and accommodation or flights only. MP to attend; if both flights and accommodation are covered, Tango42 also to attend.

ACTION: AT to confirm extent of available funding.

HMRC charity status

AT drafted a letter to HMRC in response to their request for examples of Wikimedia UK's charitable work. The board suggested some amendments. AT to re-draft and circulate final letter to board before sending it to HMRC.

ACTION: AT to re-draft letter then send it to HMRC.


This item was carried forward to the next meeting.

ACTION: KTC to include on agenda for next meeting.

Wikimania press releases

AT will draft a press release for the Wikimania bid in the next fortnight. The item was carried forward to the next meeting.

ACTION: KTC to include on agenda for next meeting.


The February newsletter was distributed. It was agreed that the target date for publication of the March newsletter would be 16th March, and that the writing of sections would be allocated at the next board meeting.

Treasurer's Report

Bank account

The bank account is now open, and all cheques in the board's possession have been paid in. MP to update membership application form to allow payment by monthly standing order. Money cannot be drawn out of the organisation's Paypal account until they receive confirmation that we are registered with HMRC. This is expected soon.

ACTION: MP to update membership application form.

Accounting software

TH to investigate accounting software, now that bank account is set up.

ACTION: TH to investigate software.

Secretary's Report

There was nothing further to report.

Membership Report

There was nothing to report.

Timetable Review

The board agreed that there were six possible dates for the AGM: 18/19/25/26 April and 2/3 May. MP to organise a poll among the community, to close at the end of Wednesday 5th March, to determine which is the preferred date.

ACTION: MP to organise poll.

Wikimania bid

Seddon is still awaiting a response from BT, and will post further information on the bid to the discussion list.

WMF Chapter's Grants

MP agreed to set up an area of the website for putting together proposals, e-mail the mailing list inviting proposals for grants, and to work on a proposal to digitise a library collection.

ACTION: MP to e-mail list and work on proposal.

Chapter's selection of WMF board members

Following discussion, it was agreed that AT would feed back to the Chapters mailing list, stating that we would like to make the nominations public in order that input could be received from the wider community.

ACTION: AT to e-mail Chapters mailing list.



This item was carried forward to the next meeting.

ACTION: KTC to include on agenda for next meeting.


AT posted to the discussion list, asking for suggestions for speakers at the AGM.

ACTION: AT to report back at next meeting.


There was no further business.


The next meeting will be on Tuesday 10th March 2009 at 20:30 GMT.