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These minutes were approved at the Board meeting on 30 March 2009.

Minutes of the Wikimedia UK v2.0 Board Meeting #wikimedia-uk-board, 20:30 16/03/2009

Present with speaking rights: Mike Peel (MP), Andrew Turvey (AT), Tom Holden (TH)

Apologies for Absence

Mickey Conn (MC) and Kwan Ting Chan (KTC)

Minutes of Last Meeting

The minutes of the meeting of 10th March 2009 were available to view at [1] and were agreed by AT, TH and MP.

Matters Arising

AGM - Replacement teller (AT)

AT has emailed list requesting a replacement teller with no responses as yet.

ACTION: AT to report back at next meeting

Note added later in meeting: James Humphreys has now volunteered to be a replacement teller. Agreed to appoint James to be the teller, subject to him being happy with the role.

ACTION: AT to follow up and make sure that James understands, and his happy with the role.

AGM - Booking location (AT)

AT has asked Sarah to book a room at the University of Manchester Student Union, which she has agreed to do around the end of March (rooms can't be booked more than 28 days in advance). Majorly is investigating alternative locations as a fallback option.

ACTION: AT to report progress at next meeting.

Website - Bugs (MP)

MP has sent an email to Mike Godwin; no response yet. Nothing has happened with the bugs; MP to chase.

ACTION: MP to contact developers and chase Mike Godwin if needed.

HMRC charity status (AT)

AT sent a response; this has gone back to the bottom of the pile, meaning another 11 week delay.

Delay here causes a delay with paypal; to wait a short while longer for response from HMRC, and then if necessary open a standard account.

ACTION: AT to complain to HMRC, and contact James Forrester to ask for his views.

LawWorks (AT)

May be useful if we are refused as a charity. To be carried forward.

Wikimania press releases (AT)

AT has started a page at Wikimania_Bid/Press to develop press releases.

TH noted that he produced a press release about us a while ago, at [2] .

Closing date for the bid is 30 March.

ACTION: AT to continue work on the press release.

Chapter grants (MP)

No change at the proposals page.

Chapter's selection of WMF board members (AT)

First position has been agreed amongst the chapters; second position is still to be confirmed. Everyone is happy with us sticking with our second choice.

Newsletter (MC)

Sections remain to be written. To be sent out after the AGM notice is sent out.

ACTION: ALL to contribute.

Bank account (TH, MP)

Now have a bank statement.

ACTION: TH to investigate additional logins for online banking.

Accounting software (TH)

No change.

ACTION: TH to investigate.

Membership Drive (MP)

Email has been sent around the facebook group. Apparently Jimmy Wales will be coming to the AGM.

ACTION: MP to follow through some of the suggestions.

Treasurer's Report (TH)

Current balance is £322. This should cover expenses so far.

Secretary's Report (AT)

AT has responded to some questions about the AGM resolutions, and also sent around an email about the progress with HMRC.

Membership Report (MP)

The company now has a total of 15 members, with 2 approved awaiting receipt of membership fee. One more was approved during the meeting (see minute annex).

Wikimania bid (TH, JS)

The open source wing of BT are willing to sponsor the bid, offering ~ £3-5000 in money. They are also willing to let the bid hire from their events catalogue, which is mostly free. Sections of the bid remain incomplete, including travel and cost of living. The press releases are done.

There is an IRC meeting with the jury at 1500 UT on 30 March. All to be present if possible. To be included in the newsletter.

Timetable Review (All)

No changes.


Resolutions (AT)

Some amendments were made during the meeting: AT, TH and MP are happy with the board supporting resolutions 1-5. 6, a resolution from Tango on the chapters agreement, was viewed as problematic as it prohibits amendments unless they have the approval of the members by special resolution. AT to contact Tango to ask if his resolution could be modified to only restrict termination, rather than both termination and amendment; if he agrees, the Board will support his resolution; if not, the Board agreed to propose an amendment to the resolution along these lines.

ACTION: AT to contact Tango

Speaker/s (AT)

Jimmy is listed as attending the AGM on the Facebook group; AT to check this, and if he is coming then AT to ask if he is willing to give a talk. Otherwise, other ideas for speakers were discussed and AT agreed to follow up.

ACTION: AT to follow up on potential speakers

Agenda (AT)

Some amendments made to agenda on wiki. Timeline: 1pm - people start arriving / chats. 2pm - talks. 3pm - core events start happening. Aiming to finish around 5pm.

Notice (AT)

It was agreed the AGM would be open to non-members to attend as well as members, although non-members would not have a vote for the resolutions and electing the Board.

ACTION: AT to send an updated and tidied version of the notice to the board for approval before distributing.

ACTION: TH to investigate receipts for cash membership fees.

Newsletter (MC)

Covered above.

AOCB (All)

ACTION: MP to provide list of donations with membership applications to TH; TH to send out thank-you's and generally deal with donations. MP to update gift aid form with TH's address.


Next board meeting 30 March; Wikimania meeting on 24 March.