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These minutes were approved at the Board meeting on 7 April 2009.

Minutes of the Wikimedia UK v2.0 Board Meeting #wikimedia-uk-board, 20:30 30/03/2009

Present with speaking rights: Mike Peel (MP), Andrew Turvey (AT), Tom Holden (TH), Mickey Conn (MC) and Kwan Ting Chan (KTC)

Apologies for absence


Minutes of Last Meeting

The minutes of the meeting of 16th March 2009 were available to view at [1] and were unanimously approved.

Matters Arising

AGM - Replacement teller

James Humphreys is the second teller. Both tellers will receive e-mails sent to tellers@.

AGM - Booking location

The first opportunity to book the room at Manchester University was the day of the board meeting. AT to contact Sarah to confirm that she has successfully made the booking.

ACTION: AT to contact Sarah.

AGM - Resolutions

The board agreed to submit a resolution to the AGM: "Therefore, the Members assembled in this Annual General Meeting do hereby resolve by Special Resolution to restrict the powers of the Directors as follows: The Directors may not, except with approval of the Membership by Special Resolution, terminate the Chapters Agreement or amend it in any way such that Wiki UK Limited loses the right to the trademark Wikimedia UK." This replaces a previous similarly worded resolution which would only have restricted the Directors from terminating the agreement. A resolution from Tango42 on the same matter will also be considered at the AGM.

AGM - Speakers

Plan is to have four sessions; Seddon to speak on Wikimania, Andrew Cates on Wikimedia for Schools, a speaker from the BBC and possibly one from the Open Rights Group.

ACTION: AT to contact organisations and individuals to confirm speakers.

AGM - Notice

AT sent notice of the AGM to all members, and also to the mailing list. The notice is also available on the organisation's website. Any new members who join will be sent the notice by MP.

ACTION: MP to send notice to any new members.

Website - Bugs

There has been no movement on the bugs. Erik Moeller from the Wikimedia Foundation has agreed that they are happy for Wikimedia UK to take control of web addresses used by the first UK chapter. MP to contact James F to arrange their transfer. MP to offer for the chapter to cover the cost James F recently incurred in renewing the addresses.

ACTION: MP to contact James F.

HMRC charity status

AT has e-mailed his local Member of Parliament regarding delays with HMRC, who has promised to forward this to the relevant minister.


LawWorks remains an option if needed.

Wikimania press releases

AT to contact Seddon asking whether it is still useful to send out a press release regarding the Oxford Wikimania bid. If it is successful, a new press release will be sent out.

ACTION: AT to contact Seddon.

Chapter grants

Some proposals have been put forward. Tango and MP to discuss possibility of a seed grant or other project with Wikimedia Foundation (WMF) board members at forthcoming chapters meeting, then board to follow up at next meeting. A bid for a grant regarding Wikipedia Loves Art in the UK can be delayed until the 2010 funding round.

ACTION: Tango and MP to discuss at meeting and report back at next meeting.

Chapter's selection of WMF board members

This item was in camera. The board discussed the selection of WMF board members and agreed that message MP and Tango would take this message to the chapters meeting.

ACTION: MP and Tango to put board's position at chapters meeting.


The March newsletter was sent a few days late, but did not miss any important deadlines. Next newsletter to be sent out soon after the announcement of the location of Wikimania 2010, which will be on or before 16th April. MC to put together skeleton of newsletter.

ACTION: MC to start newsletter.

Bank account

TH to contact Co-op about additional log-ins for account. MP has received a paying-in book.

Accounting software

TH has drafted accounts using gnucash and circulated these among the board. These show a current balance of £332. After expected expenses, there will be about £150 remaining. All to e-mail TH with any comments on the accounts.

ACTION: All to e-mail TH any comments.

Membership Drive

A webpage to plan the membership drive has been created. MP and AT will lead on this, when time permits.

ACTION: MP and AT to work on membership drive plan.

Acknowledging Donations

TH has sent acknowledgement e-mails to donors. TH to give receipts in person to donors who attend the AGM, and post remaining receipts. MP to pass addresses of donors to TH.

ACTION: TH to give out receipts. MP to pass addresses to TH.

Treasurer's Report

There was nothing further to report.

Secretary's Report

AT has received an e-mail regarding a possible research project and will report back if this develops further.

Membership Report

The organisation now has 18 members and MP is expecting further membership applications.

Wikimania bid

A question and answer session for all groups bidding to hold Wikimania 2010 was held on Sunday 29th March. Seddon will take a lead on the remainder of the bidding process.

Timetable Review

Some additional events have been added to the timetable. The board had no objections to these changes.


This item was covered under 3.12 above.

Chapter meeting

The board and Tango will meet informally on Tuesday 31st March at 20:30 BST to discuss the chapters meeting.



MP to send e-mail to board regarding Phorm.

ACTION: MP to send e-mail.


The next board meeting will be held on Tuesday 7th April at 20:30 BST.