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These minutes were approved at the Board meeting on 20 April 2009.

Minutes of the Wikimedia UK v2.0 Board Meeting #wikimedia-uk-board, 20:30 BST 14/04/2009

Present with full speaking rights: Mike Peel (MP), Andrew Turvey (AT), Mickey Conn (MC) and Kwan Ting Chan (KTC).

Thomas Dalton (TD) was given speaking rights for part of the meeting.

Apologies for absence

TH for absence, MC for late arrival.

Minutes of Last Meeting

The minutes of the meeting of 7th April 2009 were available to view at [1].

Matters Arising

AGM - Location

It was decided to confirm the location of kro-bar near the University of Manchester Students' Union as the location of the upcoming AGM.

ACTION: AT to confirm booking with kro-bar.

AGM - Speakers

A speaker from the Open Knowledge Foundation have been confirmed. A speaker from Wikipedia for Schools have also been confirmed, though the speaker would not been Andrew Cates as previously mentioned due to unavailability. It has been dicussed that were the Oxford bid for Wikimania to be unsuccessful, the relevant talk will be on the subject of a potential UK Conference.

AGM - Notice

No new notices have been sent as cheques have yet to clear.

ACTION: MP to send notice to any new members.

Website - Bugs

There have been no further developments on the bugs. KTC to contact people at Wikimedia Foundation (WMF) requesting action.

ACTION: KTC to contact WMF.

HMRC charity status

AT contacted his Member of Parliament, who has not yet received a response. AT to update at next meeting.

ACTION: AT to update at next meeting.

Wikimania press releases

AT to finalise press release.

ACTION: AT to finalise.

Wikipedia (and other WMF's) trademark

TD circulated a draft letter requesting permission from the WMF for Wikimedia UK to use the name "Wikipedia" in certain activities to the board. AT to e-mail final version to Mike Godwin.

ACTION: AT to send e-mail.


AT to write sections on Annual General Meeting and Wikipedia Loves Art. MC to write News Coverage. MP to write Chapters Meeting. MC to find someone to write about Meet-ups, and work with Seddon to write Wikimania bid.

ACTION: AT, MC and MP to contribute. MC to source contributor.

Treasurer's Report

Current bank balance is £344, with a further £22 not yet cleared.

Secretary's Report

The board discussed scheduling for the AGM. MC to prepare signage - "Membership", "Voting", etc. MP to contact students' union to request permission to place notices giving correct location of AGM on their building, for the duration of the AGM. AT to contact venue regarding prices for tea, coffee and biscuits. AT to ask James to source ballot box, voting forms, etc.

ACTION: MC to prepare signage, MP to contact union, AT to contact venue and James.

Membership Report

MP has banked two further cheques and one payment by direct transfer has been received. MP to send address details to TH and notice of AGM to new members once he has entered their details in the register of members. AT to ask candidates for board who have not yet completed membership forms to do so.

ACTION: MP to process new members. AT to contact candidates.

Timetable Review

The board agreed to move the deadline to finish processing postal applications for membership in advance of the AGM to 18th April, and to meet on the evening of 18th April to discuss any further applications received by that date. Applications will also be accepted in person on the day of the AGM, provided payment is in cash.

Wikimania bid

The announcement of the city to host Wikimania 2010 is expected on or before 16th April. The board thanked Seddon for his work on the bid.


The organisation's website has a new front page. A welcome message for new contributors to the website has also been prepared, as has a template which chapter members can use on Wikimedia projects to inform other users about the chapter.

Chapters email list

The board discussed access to the chapters e-mail list. AT to pass on decision to appropriate people.

ACTION: AT to pass on decision.

Chapter grants

The deadline for chapter grants has been extended to 21st April. Given new guidance which has been made available, the board agreed to apply for a seed grant totalling £5,000, divided under project headings. AT to prepare bid.

ACTION: AT to prepare bid.

Berlin chapters meeting

There was nothing further to discuss under this heading.


There was no further business.


The next board meeting will be held on Saturday 18th April at 20:30 BST.