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[20:28] mpeel: agenda is at
[20:29] steveV: who kicks off?
[20:29] mpeel: # Apologies for Absence > hopefully none, cfp, AndrewRT and Zeyi are expected later. (for the minutes)
[20:29] mpeel: # Minutes of Meeting dated 2009-05-26 and Meeting dated 2009-06-02 - approval & actions
[20:29] mpeel: minutes are at:
[20:29] mpeel:    
[20:29] mpeel: # Minutes of Meeting dated 2009-05-26 and Meeting dated 2009-06-02 - approval & actions
[20:29] mpeel: sorry...
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[20:30] mpeel: is everyone happy with them?
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[20:30] skenmy: No issues here.
[20:30] Seddon: im happy
[20:30] mpeel: steveV?
[20:31] steveV: under Matters arising a mail went out on mailing list today from AT in my name
[20:31] mpeel: "SV agreed to email the WikimediaUK-L Mailing List to solicit views on "scenarios" that could be useful for the "press response template" mentioned above.
[20:31] mpeel: ACTION: SV Done by AT" ?
[20:31] steveV: yes
[20:31] steveV: And I spoke to BBC 'Mr Bowbrick' today
[20:32] steveV: have 'briefed' AT, TH & JS on phone as complicated for IRC
[20:32] steveV: plan to do the same for others so all Board has the same information - suggest report back next week to full members
[20:32] mpeel: ok - are you happy to have an action on that recorded?
[20:33] steveV: yes
[20:33] steveV: hot off press news
[20:33] mpeel: thanks. Are you happy with the minutes?
[20:33] steveV: email just arrived "NewsCorp General Counsel has agreed that I can serve on the Board' 2 mins ago
[20:33] steveV: yes I am
[20:33] mpeel: this part of the meeting normally goes 1) approve minutes, 2) run through actions from previous meeting, 3) "reports" where new things are talked about...
[20:34] steveV: sorry
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[20:34] mpeel: great: so you're all approved by your work place to be on the WMUK board now?
[20:34] steveV: yes
[20:34] steveV: by Dow Jones AND by News Corp
[20:35] mpeel: great
[20:35] mpeel: ok, actions...
[20:35] mpeel: the following have been marked as done ... please yell if you want to discuss any of them.
[20:36] mpeel:     * PW will talk to SV and ZH to get them set up with an account on IRC and give them operator rights.
[20:36] mpeel:     * MP has transferred ownership of to us; MP still to organise transfer of with current owner.
[20:36] mpeel: (I have something to discuss with that, but can return to it later)
[20:36] mpeel:     * PW to obtain the list of email recipients and send them the May newsletter
[20:36] mpeel:     * So that we can use it for members-only merchandising, AT agreed to send the email to the Foundation previously discussed asking for permission to use their trademarks.
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[20:36] mpeel: hi zeyi
[20:37] Zeyi: hi, sorry for late
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[20:37] Zeyi: I can't open that...
[20:37] Zeyi: don't know why...
[20:37] Zeyi was granted voice by Seddon.
[20:37] skenmy: on #3 - Apologies to all for the technical mishap that caused the membership's email addresses to be revealed to all subscribers. The mishap was my own fault and I take full responsibility.
[20:38] mpeel: zeyi: are you happy with the minutes? They're linked to from .
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[20:38] Zeyi: yes
[20:38] mpeel: great
[20:39] mpeel: we've started running through the completed actions from the previous meeting
[20:39] mpeel:     * MP to approach membership with regards to the membership list being on the Board wiki.
[20:39] mpeel: this one needs discussing -> return to it later...
[20:39] mpeel:     * TH to start discussion on the Board mailing list with regards to director access to paypal account.
[20:39] mpeel: ditto, again return to later...
[20:39] cary-lunch is now known as cary.
[20:40] mpeel:     * TH to change paypal address to
[20:40] mpeel:     * MP to set previous board members emails to forward to him.
[20:40] mpeel: It was agreed that MP will provide the Chapter Agreement Committee with a link to Chapter Agreement Revision/Response with our current response. This may alter following legal advice.
[20:40] mpeel: and finally...
[20:40] mpeel: It was agreed AT should post this to the WikimediaUK-L mailing list to solicit views on this process and it should be discussed again next time.
[20:40] mpeel: everyone happy with those?
[20:40] steveV: ok
[20:40] skenmy: all happy!
[20:41] Zeyi: good
[20:41] mpeel: great
[20:41] Seddon: yep no issues
[20:41] mpeel: onto ongoing actions
[20:41] mpeel:     * JS to send the tokens of our appreciation to the retiring Directors, tellers and external speakers.
[20:41] mpeel: Seddon?
[20:41] Seddon: i need to talk to TH about the postage
[20:41] Seddon: they will be sent this week
[20:41] Seddon: apologies for the consistent delay on this one
[20:42] Seddon: </end>
[20:42] mpeel: thanks Seddon
[20:42] mpeel:     * PW will continue to research what is needed to produce business cards for Wikimedia UK officials.
[20:42] skenmy: Made another enquiry with a company today
[20:43] skenmy: The issue I am having is getting the business cards printed as the guidelines state - however I have recieved word from Jay that we can slightly alter things to get costs down / supplier support on them
[20:43] skenmy: So if no luck, I will start tweaking
[20:43] skenmy: end.
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[20:43] mpeel: do you have the standard design for the cards, then?
[20:43] skenmy: I do
[20:44] mpeel: & are you able to circulate it (e.g. as a PDF)?
[20:44] skenmy: Certainly.
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[20:44] mpeel: thanks
[20:44] mpeel: how many are you looking at getting, and what sort of costs are we talking?
[20:45] skenmy: Unsure on costs at the moment, but I was thinking a figure of roundabout 50 per person? Considering we are not guaranteed to need them for any longer than one year?
[20:45] skenmy: Open to suggestions...
[20:45] mpeel: that seems like a reasonable number, although if they're designed so that they're standard rather than specific to people they can be passed on to the next board...
[20:46] Seddon: well the contact details are going to change though?
[20:46] skenmy: I've never been keen on the idea of a "standard" business card
[20:46] Seddon: specifically phone numbers
[20:46] skenmy: There's no personality in it
[20:47] Seddon: effeietsanders>mpeel: a suggestion: print empty cards too, with only general WMUK info 
[20:47] Zeyi: at least it have to put personal name on?
[20:49] mpeel: ok, so we're going with 50 personalized cards each, then, and having some "empty" ones too?
[20:49] skenmy: Depends on cost - but that seems reasonable
[20:49] Seddon: yer im happy with looking into that
[20:49] skenmy: sure, take my action 
[20:51] mpeel: Seddon: I assume you meant that you're "happy with skenmy looking into that"?
[20:51] Seddon: yepp
[20:51] skenmy:                          
[20:51] mpeel:     * PW agreed to start pushing membership and organise the Membership/Drive page. MP, AT, SV, JS agreed to send suggestions to PW by 9 June.
[20:52] skenmy: Unless it slipped my email-eye - I have recieved nothing...
[20:52] mpeel: Andrew apparently sent you something
[20:52] mpeel: apologies for not sending a suggestion myself yet..
[20:52] steveV: ditto
[20:52] mpeel: most of the ones I could think of, I already listed them on the Membership/Drive page, though... 
[20:53] skenmy: heh
[20:53] skenmy: c/f for me to organise that page
[20:53] steveV: mine involve trying to fix up opportunities locally that could lead to recruitment
[20:53] skenmy: Something I can do on my late shifts 
[20:53] mpeel: skenmy: do you have a plan with going forward with this, or are you just continuing to wait for suggestions?
[20:53] skenmy: I'll be honest and say I haven't even had the chance to think about pushing forward
[20:53] skenmy: However
[20:54] skenmy: There are plenty of ideas on the page
[20:54] skenmy: I can pursue those, and just keep the ideas flowing in!
[20:54] skenmy: I have plenty of links to many, many schools in England
[20:54] skenmy: they could be pursued
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[20:54] mpeel: great
[20:54] mpeel:     * JS will discuss with Manchester Tourist Board on their support for a possible Manchester Wikimania Bid in 2013.
[20:55] mpeel: Seddon?
[20:55] AndrewRT joined the chat room.
[20:55] Seddon: ill bring this up with my report
[20:55] mpeel: good evening AndrewRT
[20:56] mpeel: AndrewRT: we're currently going through the actions from the previous meeting. I assume you're happy with the minutes?
[20:56] mpeel: Seddon: ok, thanks
[20:56] steveV: may I say how nice it is to see the numbers rising in the 'watching' column
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[20:58] mpeel:     * SV, MP, JS to collate press response template list
[20:58] mpeel: I guess this is just ongoing?
[20:58] steveV: beginning
[20:58] steveV: slow process
[20:58] mpeel: never ending, I'd guess... 
[20:59] mpeel:     * ZH to prepare a timeline for WMUK initiatives.
[20:59] mpeel: zeyi?
[20:59] steveV: yep
[20:59] Zeyi: I just talk this with andrew today
[20:59] Zeyi: will do soon
[20:59] mpeel: ok, thanks
[21:00] mpeel:     * TD agreed to contact the gazette on behalf of WMUK to solicit a pro-bono lawyer
[21:00] Tango42 was granted voice by ChanServ.
[21:00] mpeel: Tango42?
[21:00] Tango42: Yeah, sorry, haven't done that yet. You may want to reassign it to someone else, I tend to sleep through most of office hours...
[21:01] mpeel: any volunteers?
[21:01] Tango42: (I'm naturally nocturnal - my bedtime at the moment is about 5am)
[21:02] mpeel: Tango42, I guess we'll continue making you feel guilty about not doing this action then, unless you can persuade anyone to take it off you...
[21:03] Tango42: Ok, I'll try and find time to do it during that approx 2 hrs a day I'm awake during office hours!
[21:03] mpeel: JS to copy the standard templates from OTRS. Seddon?
[21:03] Tango42 had voice removed by ChanServ.
[21:04] mpeel: (thanks Tango42 )
[21:05] mpeel: Seddon?
[21:05] Seddon: not done will look into it
[21:05] mpeel: also JS has been in contact with WJBScribe, a lawyer who has offered to give pro-bono advice to the chapter. JS to clarify if this means formal written advice that can be relied upon or informal word of mouth assistance.
[21:06] mpeel: Seddon? (again, sorry)
[21:08] Seddon: cf
[21:08] mpeel: shall we leave the actions on you under "Conferences" to your report?
[21:08] cfp joined the chat room.
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[21:08] mpeel: ditto steveV with "Corporate Relations"?
[21:08] mpeel: g'evening cfp
[21:09] cfp: sorry i'm late guys. was held up earlier
[21:09] mpeel: we almost have a complete board present! (AndrewRT doesn't seem to be talking...)
[21:09] steveV: he's shy
[21:09] steveV:                          
[21:10] Seddon: mpeel: yes
[21:10] mpeel:     * MP to approach membership with regards to the membership list being on the Board wiki.
[21:10] mpeel: this I did; there were no objections that I spotted, so I think this is OK
[21:10] cfp: people seemed fine with it
[21:10] cfp: thanks mpeel
[21:10] skenmy: I saw no objections
[21:11] mpeel: sorry, brb...
[21:11] • skenmy takes this opportunity to go grab a drink...
[21:12] mpeel: back
[21:12] AndrewRT: I'm here now
[21:12] AndrewRT: sorry for my lateness
[21:12] mpeel: for the first time since we met after the AGM, we have a full board present in a board meeting!
[21:12] skenmy: i return
[21:13] AndrewRT: excellent
[21:13] • skenmy distributes champagne
[21:13] • mpeel hopes it continues in this fashion
[21:13] mpeel:     * TH to start discussion on the Board mailing list with regards to director access to paypal account.
[21:14] mpeel: cfp: do you want to return to this in your report section?
[21:14] AndrewRT: MP did this in his email
[21:15] mpeel: good point... 
[21:15] cfp: yeah i think it's been covered
[21:15] cfp: (thanks)
[21:15] mpeel:     * TH to contact the bank to notify them of the new directors, to change the signatories to any two of MP, AT and TH and to set up AT and MP on the online banking.
[21:15] cfp: i've sent things to sign to everyone
[21:15] mpeel: awaiting paperwork from me, I guess...
[21:15] cfp: i've had nothing back yet
[21:15] cfp: not just you mpeel
[21:15] cfp: zeyi, steve, joe too
[21:15] AndrewRT: who else are you waiting from cfp?
[21:16] AndrewRT: zeyi, steveV, seddon  have you all received this?
[21:16] steveV: I have it here - on table in front of me
[21:16] skenmy: Seddon - yours is *still* on my desk
[21:16] steveV: I was waiting for the News Corp waiver
[21:16] skenmy: I will make it an absolute priority to get it sent this week
[21:16] steveV: can sign and send now
[21:16] cfp: great thanks
[21:16] mpeel:     * TH + MP agreed to contact pro bono lawyer groups by email
[21:17] cfp: i'd forgotten about this
[21:17] cfp: i forwarded you the email i sent to oxford's group last night
[21:17] steveV: CFP need an address to send it to
[21:17] cfp: it was in the email i sent you notifying you about this.
[21:17] cfp: but i'll email you again
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[21:18] mpeel: I'd also forgotten about this... c/f I guess.
[21:18] cfp: just sent to both your addresses.
[21:19] mpeel: HMRC response...
[21:19] mpeel: "The response is complete save for the appendix on the use of Wikimedia in education. It was agreed AT and MP would work on it together, send the final copy round the Board and send out."
[21:19] AndrewRT: I sent a copy rouns this afternoon
[21:19] AndrewRT: Please find attached the typed up response to the HMRC drawn from the wiki and the other sources we spoke about before.
[21:19] skenmy: Not had a chance to read it
[21:19] AndrewRT: Appendix 1 is still not as extensive as I would have liked - please let me know whether you think it still needs further work or is ok to go as is.
[21:19] AndrewRT: No doubt we will discuss this evening.
[21:19] AndrewRT: Regards,
[21:19] AndrewRT: Andrew
[21:20] mpeel: I had a brief look through that - it looked good, but there were a few tweaks needed... can you share the source document?
[21:20] AndrewRT: sure
[21:21] AndrewRT: can I keep the master doc and you send me changes?
[21:21] mpeel: how do you mean?
[21:21] skenmy: can I suggest we use the standard header template - lest we start making things up on the fly?
[21:22] AndrewRT: hmm - I've used this format on all letters I've written so far
[21:22] AndrewRT: what template did you have in mind?
[21:22] steveV: Just read thru and like the look of the HMRC letter
[21:22] skenmy: the standard wikimedia foundation one
[21:22] AndrewRT: can you formward that to me?
[21:22] skenmy: sure
[21:23] skenmy: ftaod - there's nothing wrong with the current template
[21:23] cfp: i'll send round the template i've been using in my communications too
[21:23] skenmy: I'm just concerned about corporate image and consistency
[21:23] AndrewRT: I've emailed round the source doc - it's open doc format so let me know if you have problems reading
[21:24] AndrewRT: mpeel>how do you mean?
[21:24] AndrewRT: it's not going to work if you have lots of versions flying around
[21:24] steveV: aside from consistency and 'look' the content is good
[21:24] AndrewRT: with each person's changes
[21:24] mpeel: AndrewRT: looks to be working nicely, thanks.
[21:24] AndrewRT: My main concern is Appendix 1 - it's a bit thin
[21:24] mpeel: so we can modify this document, marking changes, and you'll integrate them into the "master" copy?
[21:26] skenmy: <Tango42> Wouldn't Google Docs be the way to go for stuff like this?
[21:26] cfp: why don't we just use google docs, or office live
[21:26] steveV: we are asking for a referal
[21:26] cfp: yeah exactly
[21:26] steveV: so the bulk of the consideration of our case comes later done by someone else in another 'office'
[21:26] steveV: char. comm
[21:26] steveV: does it need perfection?
[21:27] skenmy: perfection will mean we never submit anything
[21:27] mpeel: I assume it will be passed on as-is, rather than us needing to write another version to the charity commission
[21:27] steveV: depends on what AT was told
[21:27] mpeel: AndrewRT?
[21:27] AndrewRT: i dont understand the question
[21:27] steveV: haha
[21:28] AndrewRT: mpeel's assumption is also my assumption
[21:28] AndrewRT: but it will of course also be read in conjunction with all our previous correspondence
[21:28] cfp: we were going to get our friendly lawyer to give it a final read before sending it off if i recall
[21:28] Zeyi:                          
[21:28] AndrewRT: cfp - yes sure
[21:29] steveV: if we submit the document more or less as you have shown us to HMRC - will it be necessary to provide the extra layers of evidence to ensure that it gets passed to the Charity commison
[21:29] AndrewRT: could you send it to him now? formatting changes aren't really relevant to him
[21:29] AndrewRT: what extra layers of evidence?
[21:29] steveV: whatever stuff we wish to add to beef up the content from where it is now
[21:30] AndrewRT: i don't think that will affect the decision about whether to refer or not
[21:30] AndrewRT: we should work on the assumption that the Charity Commission will judge our case based on our three letters and nothing more
[21:31] steveV: hence the question - is referral automatic or do we need to win it by the quality of our new letter/presentation
[21:31] Seddon: dudes, have we though about sending this to the foundation ? they should have more info on beefing up the application of the projects in education?
[21:31] AndrewRT: I dont think we'll get an opportunity to submit more evidence before they decide
[21:31] mpeel: Seddon: good idea
[21:31] AndrewRT: Seddon - bit late to be bringing issues like this up
[21:31] mpeel: I emailed what is now Appendix B to Sue and Mike a while ago, they didn't have any substansive comments on that though.
[21:31] AndrewRT: stevev - no it isn't automatic, it;s at their discretion
[21:32] mpeel: they probably do have more on Appendix A, though...
[21:32] AndrewRT: we've been discussing this for weeks now
[21:32] Seddon: it only just occured to me
[21:32] steveV: that's my beef
[21:32] Seddon: i mean you dont have to
[21:32] steveV: 'time'
[21:32] AndrewRT: can I remind you all the board decided to refuse the offers of legal help because we wanted to get this out urgently
[21:32] AndrewRT: to delay it now would make that decision seem a little odd, to say the least
[21:33] Seddon: are we confident that what we have well get us to where we want to be? ie. a charity?
[21:33] mpeel: an email to the Foundation shouldn't take as long as legal help, though.
[21:34] Seddon: i mean Appendix B is faultess almost
[21:34] steveV: Propose - getting CFP's adviser to help us by re-reading the final draft
[21:34] mpeel: that can also be done in parallel to adding final tweaks ourselves, along the lines of sending it to the friendly barrier...
[21:34] mpeel: * barrister
[21:34] AndrewRT: Seddon - personally, not at all - I'd rate our chances as anywhere from 50% to 90%
[21:34] steveV: if there are no substantial changes - next board we agree to send
[21:34] mpeel: IMO we should aim to get it sent by the end of the week...
[21:34] cfp: yeah agree by email.
[21:34] AndrewRT: second getting cfp's friend to read the final version of appendix B as already decided
[21:35] steveV: incoroporating tweaks of course
[21:35] cfp: i'll shove the doc on google docs and invite the board and my barrister friend.
[21:35] AndrewRT: I'm happy to incorporate any tweaks I get into my copy and then send that out
[21:35] Seddon: AndrewRT if we dont have a response from the foundation on appendix A by the time the barrister gets back to us then we send it as is
[21:36] Seddon: sound fair?
[21:36] AndrewRT: sounds good to me
[21:36] steveV: ok
[21:36] mpeel: great
[21:36] mpeel: do we have any more to discuss with this?
[21:36] Seddon: nope
[21:37] AndrewRT: cfp, skenmy are you sending me your templates?
[21:37] skenmy: AndrewRT, i've sent an email
[21:37] mpeel: ok, I believe that's all of the actions aside from the ones that we're going to cover in the reports....
[21:38] mpeel: 3. Reports
[21:38] mpeel: 3.1. Secretary (AndrewRT)
[21:38] mpeel: inc. 3.1.1. Membership of Internal-L and Chapters-L (AT)
[21:38] AndrewRT: that's me
[21:38] AndrewRT: at a previous meeting
[21:38] AndrewRT: we decided to subscribe all teh board members to chapter list and 5 members to internal list
[21:38] AndrewRT: now that it's a couple of months later
[21:39] AndrewRT: one board member has asked to be unsubscribed
[21:39] steveV: me
[21:39] AndrewRT: particularly given the large amount of traffic recently on the WM-IL issue
[21:39] AndrewRT: and the "noise-signal" ratio
[21:39] AndrewRT: just wanted to check how everyone else felt - are you getting value from your membership of the lists?
[21:40] cfp: i'm happy to stay on. i have message rules set-up so they have zero annoyance factor
[21:40] AndrewRT: anyone?
[21:41] AndrewRT: mpeel, zeyi, skenmy?
[21:41] skenmy: I'm happy!
[21:41] AndrewRT: seddon?
[21:41] Zeyi: i am ok to stay
[21:41] Seddon: Tbh i have found the chapters list membership invaluable quite frankly
[21:41] AndrewRT: excellent good news
[21:42] AndrewRT: we now have an extra slot on "internal" - shall we ask to subscribe Seddon?
[21:42] • Seddon recuses from this
[21:42] AndrewRT: fair enough!
[21:42] Seddon: the decision that is
[21:42] skenmy: we have a slot open
[21:42] AndrewRT: well, you were the sixth person discussed before from what I recall
[21:43] skenmy: if Seddon is willing to fill it, then he should 
[21:43] cfp: makes sense
[21:43] AndrewRT: ok I'll action that if it's all agreed
[21:43] mpeel: who is the other person that isn't subscribed?
[21:44] Seddon:        zeyi    
[21:44] Zeyi: i am ok to stay:)
[21:45] mpeel: ok. Action on AndrewRT to request that Seddon is subscribed/given access to internal?
[21:45] AndrewRT: ok
[21:45] mpeel: anything else under your report, AndrewRT?
[21:45] AndrewRT: nope
[21:46] mpeel: 3.2 Treasurer (TH)
[21:46] mpeel: inc. 3.21. Resolution -
[21:47] cfp: no objections
[21:47] steveV: no
[21:47] mpeel: steveV: is that "no objections", or "no - I object"?
[21:47] AndrewRT: none from me
[21:47] skenmy: no objections, here
[21:48] steveV: mpeel no objections of course
[21:48] mpeel: zeyi?
[21:48] Zeyi: no objection
[21:48] mpeel: I'm also happy
[21:49] cfp: ok. moving on?
[21:49] mpeel: ... although a little confused as to whether this should be marked as resolved by the board, or printed out and signed...
[21:49] AndrewRT: well, it's agreed by teh three of us
[21:49] cfp: yes. that's a valid point.
[21:49] cfp: so it's not really a resolution
[21:50] AndrewRT: I wouldn't print out - electronic version is fine
[21:50] AndrewRT: as long as the three of us agree
[21:50] mpeel: ok, great
[21:50] mpeel: cfp - anything more under your report?
[21:50] cfp: we've had no new membership applications
[21:51] cfp: but we have had a donation of £20 along with a kind letter from someone in france incompatible encoding
[21:51] cfp: no electronic contact details but i'll write back to them shortly
[21:51] AndrewRT: nice
[21:51] cfp: the final pre-board meeting expenses cheques cleared today
[21:51] cfp: so i'll update the accounts again this week
[21:52] mpeel: where do we stand financially now?
[21:52] cfp: andrew and mpeel now have view only paypal access
[21:52] cfp: current balance is £264.85 incompatible encoding
[21:52] cfp: most of that will go on agm expenses
[21:52] AndrewRT: I've still got mine to submit - sorry haven't done yet
[21:53] cfp: no worries.
[21:53] cfp: so we're still positive
[21:53] cfp: but really we're getting close to zero
[21:53] Seddon: i wont be submitting claims for the agm
[21:53] steveV: same
[21:53] Seddon: but i will be making a small claim for the postage for the tokens
[21:54] Seddon: well i say small
[21:54] Seddon: its medium but i will hold of claiming it for the time being
[21:54] Seddon: off*
[21:54] cfp: and without donation drive income we'll be in danger of ending up using donations to pay for administration
[21:54] Seddon: ill talk to cfp at a later date
[21:54] cfp: no no, no need to hold off seddon
[21:54] cfp: i'll send you the form
[21:55] Seddon: ok sure thing
[21:55] Schiste left the chat room. (Client Quit)
[21:56] mpeel: anything more cfp?
[21:57] cfp: no i don't think so.
[21:57] mpeel: 3.3 Chair (MP)
[21:57] mpeel: inc. 3.3.1. Media relations (MP)
[21:57] mpeel: AndrewRT: I believe you added media relations here, I assume that's wrt Independent/Daily Mail?
[21:58] AndrewRT: well sort of
[21:58] AndrewRT: i though it was worth reiterating the discussions we've had on email about this
[21:58] AndrewRT: particularly:
[21:58] AndrewRT: a) putting together templates for response
[21:59] AndrewRT: b) not being too critical of journalists who get details wrong
[21:59] Seddon: i think itll be worthwhile putting some templates for the HMRC and ARBCOM issues
[21:59] Seddon: as they are current
[21:59] Seddon: although templates will be useful
[21:59] AndrewRT: I've been referring press people I've spoken to the email list and the wiki - that's the best we have at the moment
[21:59] steveV: agree
[22:00] AndrewRT: if we put this letter up on the wiki will that suffice as a pointer for press?
[22:00] steveV: what letter?
[22:00] AndrewRT: this response to HMRC
[22:00] steveV: too much information
[22:01] Seddon: i agree
[22:01] mpeel: it would be good to have a copy on the website, for those that want to read it (particulary members)
[22:01] Zeyi: yes
[22:01] steveV: KISS - keep is short and simple
[22:01] mpeel: perhaps with an executive summary, though?
[22:01] Seddon: yer
[22:01] Seddon: agree with allof above
[22:02] steveV: when in a hole do not dig
[22:02] steveV: keep information limited to what is enough for a story to be written but not extra so a new story can start
[22:02] AndrewRT: ok - shall we put a summary together for our press contacts then?
[22:02] AndrewRT: anhy volunteers?
[22:02] mpeel: I can start drafting something
[22:02] steveV: I can 'help' as a last pair of eyes
[22:03] mpeel: steveV: there's probably a compromise that needs to be reached here, between giving information to press and members...
[22:03] steveV: yes
[22:03] mpeel: would it be worth setting up a press section of the website, as per steveV's email suggestion, with FAQs/general info/etc.?
[22:03] steveV: it is also situational
[22:04] steveV: if we are on back foot - as we are in media fire - KISS is the approach
[22:04] skenmy: As for press contacts, I have a document I think the Board may be intersted in seeing...
[22:04] steveV: If we are on strategic front foot - we can open up a little more
[22:04] AndrewRT: we already have a portal page
[22:04] steveV: I'd like to get to a place where we have a strategic approach
[22:04] AndrewRT: I don't understand why we're on the back foot on this one
[22:05] AndrewRT: all of our press coverage has been favourable
[22:05] mpeel: AndrewRT: that's more for our own purposes, though, rather than for the press to read.
[22:05] AndrewRT: well, we need to turn it into something the press can read
[22:05] Zeyi left the chat room. (" ajax IRC Client")
[22:06] steveV: The HMRC can be a positive story if we can keep control of the message as it gives us a way of reaffirming and publicising our core objectives in any story or statement
[22:09] mpeel: other business from me... there was a message left on the WMUK phone today from BBC World Service, regarding Scientology. They've also emailed, and the WMF's replied; I'll follow up in case they need anything more from us.
[22:10] mpeel: I also had a discussion yesterday with the Manchester Museum of Science and Industry, which hopefully will lead to activities in the future...
[22:10] steveV: get the 'approach they are taking to the story' up front from them if you can - so you can shape comment
[22:10] mpeel: that's all from me
[22:10] AndrewRT: is there anything more to discuss at the meeting tonight?
[22:10] mpeel: other four reports + website and newsletter
[22:11] Zeyi joined the chat room.
[22:11] AndrewRT: this is really dragging - five comments in five minutes
[22:11] AndrewRT: can we either get on with it or close
[22:11] steveV: University of Western England (UWE) has agreed to meet with JS & SV to discuss collaboration week of July 14
[22:11] AndrewRT: do we really need a report from every person?
[22:11] skenmy: I have nothing to report, anyway 
[22:11] steveV: Mine finished (that + BBC mentioned earlier)
[22:12] mpeel: the idea was that each report would be fairly brief
[22:12] mpeel: apologies for mine being very slow...
[22:12] mpeel: steveV: you had actions at wrt corporate relations; are they all c/f?
[22:13] Seddon: me and steve are catching up after this meeting to work on them
[22:13] Zeyi was granted voice by ChanServ.
[22:13] steveV: all in progress i cannot make them go faster so cf
[22:13] mpeel: sorry zeyi, just noticed that you had no voice here...
[22:14] Zeyi: I have inconnected for a while:)
[22:14] mpeel: zeyi: do you want to discuss initiatives?
[22:14] Seddon: My report:
[22:14] Seddon: ooops
[22:14] Seddon: sorry
[22:14] Seddon: am pretyping mine
[22:15] Zeyi: May I discuss it next time considering I have absented last meeting
[22:15] mpeel: ok
[22:15] mpeel: Seddon: your report?
[22:15] Seddon: ok well
[22:15] Seddon: i sent document to baord
[22:15] Seddon: board*
[22:15] Seddon: from MTB
[22:15] Zeyi: and I want know your university issue if possible, SteveV
[22:15] Seddon: rung them up
[22:16] Seddon: asked for more info on univerisyt place venue
[22:16] Seddon: will be arranging meeting over summer to visit venues
[22:16] Seddon: other board members welcome to join
[22:16] Seddon: further info will follow in time
[22:16] skenmy: count me in!
[22:17] Seddon: thats pretty much it for the 2013 stuff
[22:17] steveV: Leeds & UWE(bristol)
[22:17] Seddon: the online info confernce: almost finished the proposal
[22:17] Seddon: will send around board for comments
[22:17] Seddon: ill confirm the speaker cost when send ing the proposal
[22:18] mpeel: I can see University Place from where I'm sitting atm... 
[22:18] steveV: Seddon let's discuss later on Online event
[22:18] mpeel: am more that happy to act as a local contact for this, if need be, and/or take photos.
[22:18] Seddon: sure thing
[22:18] steveV: I can see if I can 'help' vis Dow Jones contacts
[22:18] Seddon: any questions?
[22:19] mpeel: all sounds good to me; keep at it. 
[22:19] Seddon: </end>
[22:19] Zeyi: sounds nice
[22:19] mpeel: thanks all - that's it with reports.
[22:19] mpeel: 4. Website
[22:19] mpeel: 1. # Availability of IRC logs
[22:20] mpeel: as per
[22:20] mpeel: do we want to continue having IRC logs available on the public website, or move them to the board wiki after a certain amount of time?
[22:21] Ainali left the chat room. (Client Quit)
[22:21] AndrewRT: I'm happy to keep them publicly available
[22:21] cfp: i think it makes sense for them to stay public
[22:21] AndrewRT: for the reasons I put on the talk page
[22:21] skenmy: I am a strong advocate of public IRC logs
[22:21] cfp: given there's no way of actually taking something back once it's made public
[22:21] AndrewRT: who put this on the agenda?
[22:21] mpeel: I did
[22:21] Seddon: If we keep the irc logs available, but after a year list them on a seperate "archive page"i
[22:21] AndrewRT: why? do you want them to go private?
[22:22] mpeel: I figured it was time we made a decision with this.
[22:22] mpeel: I'm happy for them to remain public.
[22:22] Seddon: keep them there but that page will start becoming too long
[22:22] AndrewRT: right well, lets stop discussing this
[22:22] mpeel: moving on... # Domain names
[22:22] mpeel: The and domains are now "owned" by WMUK - as in, they have been transferred to an account controlled by us at a domain registrar. The domain we also have access to the Nominet account for, but the same for the domain hasn't come through yet.
[22:22] AndrewRT: not everything that's raised on the wiki should be put on the agenda for teh board
[22:22] mpeel: Hopefully that will come through in the next few days, at which point I'll request the change in registrant info from James_F to WMUK.
[22:22] Zeyi left the chat room. (" ajax IRC Client")
[22:23] mpeel: AndrewRT: I thought that log availability was discussed inconcusively at a past board meeting, hence why I added it to the agenda.
[22:23] mpeel: I wanted to ask: Is it worth registering other domains in use by Wikimedia projects, so that they don't get squatted?
[22:23] cfp: good news on the domain names
[22:23] Seddon: also the owner for the privately owned domain has been contacted
[22:23] Seddon: and is willing to transfer the domain
[22:23] cfp: could rappidly get expensive
[22:23] mpeel: it would require minimal funding (~£3 + VAT per year per domain), and could avoid issues in the future.
[22:24] AndrewRT: i thought WMF advised against chapters owning wikipedia domain names?
[22:24] steveV: if we don't have the money at the moment should we not cf it
[22:24] cfp: why don't you see which are available, then contact WMF and suggest they register all of them
[22:24] cfp: i'm sure they would.
[22:24] mpeel: I don't believe that they can
[22:24] AndrewRT: i second cfp's suggestion
[22:24] cfp: the only ones we need to own are wikimedia.*.uk
[22:24] AndrewRT: mpeel - why not?
[22:25] steveV: I support cfp
[22:25] mpeel: I'm talking the UK domains here
[22:25] mpeel: not the international ones
[22:25] mpeel: e.g. along the lines of
[22:25] Seddon: cfp: its a major revenue source
[22:25] mpeel: except for the less known projects
[22:25] AndrewRT: can a non-UK firm register a .uk domain?
[22:25] Seddon: possibly
[22:25] Seddon: yes they can
[22:25] mpeel: from my discussions with Erik/Mike, I didn't think that they could
[22:26] Seddon: i contacted nominet
[22:26] Seddon: apparently they can
[22:26] AndrewRT: thanks Seddon
[22:26] AndrewRT: leave it up to them then!
[22:26] Seddon: but i do strongly believe we should control them but thats a discussion for another day
[22:26] AndrewRT: cfp>why don't you see which are available, then contact WMF and suggest they register all of them
[22:26] steveV: agreed
[22:26] AndrewRT: can mpeel arrange this?
[22:26] Zeyi joined the chat room.
[22:27] mpeel: ok, will do.
[22:27] Seddon: i do want to discuss this before doing so andrewrt
[22:27] Seddon: but not today
[22:27] Seddon: its getting late
[22:27] mpeel: discuss by email then?
[22:27] AndrewRT: yeah we're out of time
[22:27] Seddon: yer
[22:27] skenmy: newsletter will be developed this week
[22:27] Seddon: mpeel: yep
[22:27] skenmy: and will be distributed before next meeting
[22:27] skenmy: no AOB here
[22:27] mpeel: 5. Newsletter
[22:27] AndrewRT: [22:33]<skenmy>newsletter will be developed this week
[22:27] AndrewRT: [22:33]<skenmy>and will be distributed before next meeting
[22:27] skenmy: thanks AndrewRT
[22:27] AndrewRT: that's quick!
[22:27] skenmy:                          
[22:28] mpeel: ok.
[22:28] mpeel: anyone else with AOB?
[22:28] Seddon: none here
[22:28] AndrewRT: none from me
[22:28] skenmy: I'm aware we are trying to bring back the Newsletter dist date.
[22:28] mpeel: date of next meeting?
[22:28] skenmy: and i'm working towards it!
[22:28] steveV: phone numbers to me for Beeb conversation
[22:28] skenmy: 16th?
[22:28] skenmy: 23rd?
[22:28] Seddon: is a 19:30 start better for people?
[22:28] Seddon: or not?
[22:28] steveV: 23rd
[22:28] skenmy: not i'f i'm on a late shift
[22:28] AndrewRT: 23rd I think we agreed
[22:28] Seddon: 23rd
[22:28] skenmy: 23rd is fine here
[22:29] mpeel: ok, 23rd it is.
[22:29] mpeel: Thanks all for coming.
[22:29] AndrewRT: what time 8:30?
[22:29] mpeel: unless anyone wants it different
[22:29] steveV: yes
[22:30] AndrewRT: k
[22:30] cfp: yeah no earlier
[22:30] mpeel: (by my clock, it's 22.30 now, btw.)
[22:30] skenmy: 22:36 here
[22:31] mpeel: hmm... my other clocks say 22.37... oops.
[22:31] • mpeel apparently needs a better clock
[22:32] steveV: over?
[22:32] mpeel: yup
[22:32] • skenmy bangs gavel
[22:32] mpeel: </end>


[20:28] mpeel: WMUK Board meeting is starting now in #wikimedia-uk-board
[20:31] cary-lunch joined the chat room.
[20:31] cary-lunch: Someone apologize to SteveV for the internal-l list
[20:32] cary-lunch: It's not usually that personal
[20:36] Zeyi joined the chat room.
[20:38] Tango42 joined the chat room.
[20:39] Tango42: Hi all! Sorry I'm late, was purchasing pizza! Did I miss anything?
[20:39] skenmy: Did you bring enough for everyone?
[20:39] cary-lunch: You missed everything.
[20:39] cary-lunch: including my salad
[20:39] cary-lunch is now known as cary.
[20:40] • Tango42 hands out virtual pizza while eating real pizza 
[20:43] effeietsanders joined the chat room.
[20:46] effeietsanders: mpeel: a suggestion: print empty cards too, with only general WMUK info 
[20:46] effeietsanders: you can hand those out to general volunteers and new board members
[20:47] effeietsanders: who can add their own info with pen
[20:47] skenmy: effeietsanders, that's what he means by "standard" cards
[20:47] skenmy:                          
[20:47] effeietsanders: aah
[20:47] effeietsanders: I thought standard design 
[20:47] dami_hun joined the chat room.
[20:48] effeietsanders: in general i dont like standard cards btw  they look quite unprofessional 
[20:54] Schiste joined the chat room.
[20:54] Schiste: hi, for the biz cards, the more you'll order the cheaper
[20:54] • skenmy nods
[20:54] skenmy: However, the more we order, the more we waste when some of us aren't re-elected
[20:54] Schiste: And between 50 cards and 200 you might have, perhaps, 10€ more to pay
[20:55] Schiste: skenmy: that's right. Get reelected !
[20:55] • cary still has most of his business cards from the SF move
[20:55] skenmy: hehe 
[20:57] Tango42: If you avoid having "trustee" on the cards, former trustees could continue to use them - I assume you all intend to continue working with the chapter even if you don't win the next election?
[20:58] Tango42: Seddon, did you just deop yourself without voicing yourself?
[20:58] Seddon: nope i was already voiced
[20:58] Tango42: Not on my screen, you ain't...
[20:59] skenmy: You are desynched (what client do you use?)
[20:59] Tango42: chatzilla
[20:59] cary: Channel isn't +m
[20:59] skenmy: /cycle
[20:59] skenmy: yes it is
[20:59] cary: oh it is
[20:59] Tango42: the board channel is, that's the one i'm talking about
[20:59] Tango42: I see seddon as voiced here
[20:59] skenmy: yah, /cycle it
[21:00] Tango42: "Unknown command “cycle”."...
[21:00] skenmy: /hop ?
[21:01] cary: Tango42, because you can't get off foundation-l 
[21:01] cary: actually, You've been good lately
[21:01] Tango42: My post rate at foundation-l has been very low recently
[21:02] Tango42: Mainly because nothing interesting has been discussed...
[21:02] cary: I love watching Cimon and Brian Mingus agree so disagreeingly
[21:02] Tango42: I think i've missed that
[21:03] cary: "Re: [Foundation-l] Why don't we re-encode proprietary formats as Ogg?"
[21:03] Tango42: I read some of that thread, but got bored of it.
[21:04] Tango42: I did notice David Gerard using the word "modulo" - I didn't know he was a mathematician...
[21:04] cary: David Gerard is a lot of things
[21:04] Tango42: very true
[21:08] cfp joined the chat room.
[21:08] cfp was granted voice by ChanServ.
[21:18] LoopZilla joined the chat room.
[21:18] • LoopZilla wakes
[21:19] • skenmy waves hands and clicks fingers
[21:19] skenmy: SLEEP
[21:20] Tango42: Is this the new cabal strategy? You don't use a private channel, you just put everyone watching to sleep?
[21:20] cary: GORDO!
[21:21] • LoopZilla is not always El Gordo
[21:21] cary: LoopZilla (
[21:21] • LoopZilla thinks
[21:22] • LoopZilla thinks he should change his IP address!
[21:25] Tango42: Wouldn't Google Docs be the way to go for stuff like this?
[21:26] Tango42: Google Wave would be even better, but it doesn't exist yet
[21:26] • skenmy cheers
[21:50] Tango42: You do know that probably wouldn't be a legally binding contract, don't you?
[21:50] Tango42: It's just company policy.
[21:51] Tango42: (It has no consideration, so isn't a valid contract)
[21:52] mpeel: I guess it's more of a gentleman's agreement...
[21:52] Tango42: As a gentlemen's agreement, or statement of principles, or whatever, it's fine. Just don't expect a court to enforce it.
[21:54] Tango42: (there is probably some law regarding an officer of the company acting outside their authority, though, so company policy regarding what that authority is should be fine)
[21:55] Schiste left the chat room. (Client Quit)
[21:55] Tango42: I think it is time we did some fundraising
[21:56] Tango42: We clearly can't afford to wait until we have charitable status
[21:56] mpeel: we could afford it, but won't be able to do much...
[21:57] Seddon: whatever happens, itll be a rough few months
[21:57] Tango42: I reckon we can get a few hundred pounds of donations pretty easily.
[21:58] mpeel: Tango42: how?
[21:58] Tango42: Just put a banner at the top of the website linking to a page explaining why we need money (in fairly general terms should suffice) and put the word out to try and get links to it. A slashdot story would get us quite a bit, something in signpost wouldn't hurt. That kind of stuff.
[21:59] Tango42: We could write a short press release and send it round
[21:59] Tango42: someone was putting together a list of press contacts - did that ever get anywhere?
[21:59] mpeel: I don't think that got very far
[22:01] Tango42: It's probably best to stick to geek sites for now, then. Slashdot, digg, put out some tweets, maybe try and get the blogosphere talking about us.
[22:01] mpeel: I'm wary that a lot of that is worldwide, rather than England-specific
[22:02] mpeel: I'm not sure how well it interacts with the activities of other chapters...
[22:02] Seddon: we do have to be careful of geographic boundaries
[22:02] Tango42: Yeah, but they all have a pretty strong UK contingent
[22:03] Tango42: As long as it is all in English, it only really conflicts with the Australians (NYC don't do much fundraising, as I understand - WMF gets the US money)
[22:03] Seddon: i think tweets, digg, blogosphere etc would be safe
[22:03] Tango42: During the big winter fundraising drive, we need to be careful, but if we're the only ones having a campaign at the moment, it should matter too much.
[22:04] mpeel: I'd hope that we'd be participating in the winter fundraiser...
[22:04] Tango42: yes, of course we will, but so will everyone else, so we need to keep our part of it restricted to the UK
[22:05] Seddon: we need to keep now restricted to uk just as much
[22:05] Seddon: prehaps even more so
[22:05] Tango42: why?
[22:05] Zeyi left the chat room. (" ajax IRC Client")
[22:06] Tango42: As long as nothing we do is likely to reduce donations to other chapters (and I can't see why anything I'm suggesting would), I don't see a problem.
[22:06] mpeel: there is a question of how it fits into the WMF's approach to donations
[22:06] mpeel: e.g. would a mini-donation drive by us now impact their winter drive?
[22:06] Tango42: in what way?
[22:07] Seddon: effeietsanders, whats your (unofficial) view?
[22:07] Seddon: and how does your chapter do these sort of things
[22:07] Tango42: cary is here too, any comments?
[22:07] • effeietsanders tries to find the question
[22:07] cary: 42
[22:07] effeietsanders: no, that is the answer
[22:07] cary: you could invite Rand into the channel
[22:08] Seddon: cary: its an open channel
[22:08] cary: Right, and I'm making a suggestion in it.
[22:08] cary: I'm not involved with fundraising 
[22:08] effeietsanders: Seddon: what was exactly the question
[22:09] Seddon: skenmy: invite rand
[22:09] Tango42: How concerned should WMUK be with keeping its fundraising restricted to the UK?
[22:09] Seddon: effeietsanders: see above
[22:09] Tango42: Should we avoid advertising a mini-fundraising drive in international places?
[22:09] effeietsanders: Seddon: above is large 
[22:10] effeietsanders: Tango42: more concerned then most chapters probably
[22:10] Seddon: well worded like that tango42, id say that unless we coordinate with the chpaters from those places, its off limits
[22:10] randmontoya joined the chat room.
[22:10] randmontoya: meow?
[22:10] Zeyi joined the chat room.
[22:10] Tango42: hello rand!
[22:10] randmontoya: hello mr. tango sir
[22:10] Tango42: We have a question re. chapter fundraising
[22:10] randmontoya: excellent
[22:11] randmontoya: btw, to whom am i speaking?
[22:11] Tango42: How concerned should WMUK be with keeping its fundraising restricted to the UK?
[22:11] Tango42: Thomas Dalton
[22:11] randmontoya: hello
[22:11] Tango42: hello!
[22:11] randmontoya: what does that mean?  are you going to start doing a direct mail campaign in france?
[22:11] cary: I see no problem with fundraising in Ireland
[22:12] Tango42: Would we be stepping on people's toes if we tried to draw attention to a UK fundraising drive in international places (eg. Slashdot)?
[22:12] Tango42: Obviously we wouldn't explicitly target foreign donors, it's international places I'm considering
[22:12] randmontoya: this is tricky
[22:13] randmontoya: let me blather for a moment, none of this should be considered anything more than me thinking things through....
[22:13] Tango42: ok
[22:13] cary: randmontoya, realize they're starting to miss their sleep
[22:13] cary: except for Tango42, who lives on PDT
[22:13] randmontoya: we want WM UK to fundraise and fundraise responsibly
[22:13] Tango42: the board meeting hasn't finished yet, so no-one is allowed to sleep!
[22:14] randmontoya: we want our donors to know exactly what they are donating to when they donate
[22:14] randmontoya: we want them to understand that they are giving to a chapter rather than the foundation
[22:14] Tango42: absolutely, my intention is for that to be extremely clear
[22:14] Tango42: a big "What do you spend money on?" section on the donation page, for example
[22:14] randmontoya: we want any international donors that you hit to understand the differences
[22:14] Seddon: why wont this work
[22:14] randmontoya: we want those donors kept in a database and properly cultivated
[22:15] Seddon: My report:
[22:15] Seddon: hmmm
[22:15] randmontoya: i ponder more...seddon are you saying something on this topic?
[22:15] Seddon: nope
[22:16] effeietsanders: the least you could do is adding a link to "Wikimedia in other countries"  ?
[22:16] randmontoya: i don't think highlighting your donation drive now is going to cause much confusion with our Annual Fundraiser in November
[22:16] randmontoya: ?!?!
[22:16] randmontoya: who let the dutch in here!!!
[22:16] • randmontoya runs away!
[22:16] effeietsanders: randmontoya: England is actually a province of NL
[22:16] Tango42: At the moment, I'm not sure we have the technical ability to keep donor details - all we have at the moment is a link to paypal... Are there nice FOSS solutions to putting together a web front end and database back end for donations?
[22:16] effeietsanders: don't they teach that in US highschool?
[22:17] mpeel: effeietsanders: don't be daft, it's the other way around. 
[22:17] Tango42: What? I thought we were the 51st State of America?
[22:17] effeietsanders: hm, let your treasurer talk to other chapters
[22:17] randmontoya: effeietsanders:  i went to american skool....we knot smurt
[22:17] effeietsanders: about those solutions
[22:17] effeietsanders: there are
[22:17] effeietsanders: wmf might have one too
[22:17] • skenmy steals 50% of the WMF's annual fundraiser
[22:18] randmontoya: Tango42:  It's important to have a donor database...a way to thank and track your donors.
[22:18] cary: How about a big bright purple donate button for WM-UK right smack dab on the main page.
[22:19] Tango42: Many things are important - they have to be achievable as well if we are going to do them.
[22:19] randmontoya: agreed
[22:20] randmontoya: An excel spreadsheet will work for the time being, but eventually we'll want to have more.  Fundraising is more than asking for's about managing those donors so they give again.
[22:20] Tango42: If someone can recommend a FOSS solution that I can set up over a couple of afternoons (ok, early mornings!), I'm happy to do so.
[22:20] randmontoya: It's about thanking the donor and highlighting how you're using their money so they are invested in your cause.
[22:20] randmontoya: CiviCRM
[22:20] Tango42: But where would we get the info for the spreadsheet? At the moment the only info we get is whatever paypal gives us.
[22:20] skenmy: who put Tango42 in charge of fundraising?
[22:20] • mpeel hopes cfp is watching this
[22:21] Tango42: skenme, I did.
[22:21] skenmy:                          
[22:21] randmontoya: who is cfp?
[22:21] Tango42: I've learnt that if I want anything to happen around here I have to do it myself! 
[22:21] Tango42: our treasurer
[22:21] Tango42: Tom Holden
[22:22] randmontoya: I thought the UK fundraising duties were shared between multiple people but the financial admin was being done by Tom.
[22:22] • randmontoya drops some knowledge
[22:22] skenmy: I had no idea Tango42 was even involved with fundraising 
[22:22] Zeyi left the chat room. (" ajax IRC Client")
[22:23] skenmy: (hi Rand, i'm Paul Williams, WMUK Volunteers Director)
[22:23] randmontoya: nice to meet you Paul...did you know your room is overrun with Dutch?
[22:23] cary: Tango42 is involved with everything
[22:23] Tango42: So far no-one has been involved with fundraising - we haven't done any
[22:23] randmontoya: you really should get some Dutch-B-Gone
[22:23] cary: "Neder-Off"
[22:23] randmontoya: Cary:  nice.
[22:24] skenmy: and a goeie dag to all my Dutch friends!
[22:24] effeietsanders: thanks skenmy
[22:24] effeietsanders: at least the brits know to be polite
[22:24] skenmy: interestingly I had an Afrikaans friend who taught me that
[22:24] effeietsanders: well, some
[22:24] skenmy: very similar languages
[22:25] Tango42: I know how to be polite, I just choose not to!
[22:25] randmontoya: So we want to start fundraising? 
[22:25] effeietsanders: btw, randmontoya , did WMUK already fill in your form? 
[22:25] Tango42: If we want to start spending, it is kind of required!
[22:25] effeietsanders: (hint)
[22:25] randmontoya: yes, that's how I dropped the knowledge above  
[22:25] cary: WMUK is still a mewling adolescent
[22:25] cary: infant, even
[22:26] cary: Growing fast though
[22:26] skenmy: Give us money.
[22:26] randmontoya: A'ight...let me do this.  I have a 2:30 (now) meeting, but let me begin work on the Internal Wiki about basic fundraising and where we want to go as a fundraising chapter, k?
[22:26] skenmy: Please.
[22:26] skenmy: splendid, Rand!
[22:26] Zeyi joined the chat room.
[22:26] randmontoya: We can discuss more on the morrow?
[22:26] randmontoya: Rock on.
[22:26] randmontoya: meeting time!
[22:26] Tango42: Sounds good (except I'm not on Internal Wiki, but that gives me an excuse not to do the work!)
[22:27] randmontoya_ joined the chat room.
[22:27] Tango42: I only come on IRC when someone tells me to, so prod me on Google Talk or something
[22:27] randmontoya_: tango42, what's your gchat handle?
[22:27] Tango42:    
[22:28] Tango42: same address I use for the mailing lists
[22:28] randmontoya_: right on
[22:28] cary: I should add that
[22:29] Tango42: I'm tangom42delta on skype, too, if anyone prefers that
[22:29] Seddon: tango: ill add you, do you have a mic?
[22:29] Tango42: I have a USB phone!
[22:30] randmontoya_: effeietsanders:  check gmail, dutchie!
[22:30] effeietsanders: randmontoya:)
[22:31] • mpeel catches up on messages in here
[22:32] mpeel: randmontoya: bear in mind that cfp (Tom Holden) is our treasurer; Tango42 is an ordinary member, not a board member.
[22:32] • Tango42 objects to being called "ordinary"
[22:32] mpeel: ok... Tango42 is a member, not a board member. 
[22:32] Tango42: I think a membership class should be created specially for me