Meetings/2009-07-21/Agenda/Treasurer's Report

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Email decisions to be noted[edit | edit source]

As we previously decided here we reaffirmed our decision to charge people paying for membership fees with PayPal £13 and £6.50 (regular/reduced). It was additionally decided that we should describe the extra cost over the regular membership charge as a voluntary donation to cover our PayPal costs.

Current bank balance: £264.85[edit | edit source]

No new transactions in the last fortnight. We are still awaiting the £5000 from the WMF. (Have followed up with them, awaiting an ETA.)

Current Paypal balance: £5.57[edit | edit source]

Someone asked to become a member and pay by PayPal. I sent them a PayPal payment request, but it has not yet been paid.

Current number of members: 28[edit | edit source]

No new members.

Additional activities to report as treasurer[edit | edit source]

  • Posted off the co-op change of signatories and additional account login forms. Received a letter from them asking for clarification. Phoned to give clarification and was told we should have an acknowledgement that the changes have been made within the next few days.
  • Offered the services of a friendly British copyright lawyer to Mike Godwin.
  • Briefly tested out CiviCRM. If people are set on using it I'll write a program to export from and import to GnuCash when I'm next sufficiently bored. I'd suggest others be given admin access to the CiviCRM site though as honestly I'm unsure how much time I'll be able to devote to it. I still think it remains in the "nice if there's someone who has time to devote to it" category as one way PayPal CVS to GnuCash import would work (and scale) just fine.
  • Updated accounts, including creating ring-fenced sub-accounts of our main checking account for each of the initiatives we have received funding for.
  • Attempted to get back in contact with the company who offered to donate a prize to the WLA@V&A winner. No response as yet.
  • Usual flurry of e-mails on various issues.