Meetings/2009-09-01/Agenda/Chair's Report

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  • (25-26 August) Responded to press enquiries about flagged protection from the BBC, the Times, the Metro, the Press Association, etc. Also responded to calls from BBC Radio 2, and Sky News (passed to David Gerard).
  • (1 September) Interview with BBC World Service about dispute resolution on Wikipedia; related to the "Azerbaijan-Armenia edit wars"
  • Drafted a press release on the impending 5 million media files milestone on Wikimedia Commons.[1] Dialog ballons icon.svg Discuss
  • Responded to several emails about problems with biographies of living people, explaining that WMUK is not responsible for Wikipedia's content, and posting the issues on en.wp's BLP noticeboard
Science Online London
  • On Saturday 22 August, I attended Science Online London, and gave a talk on "Science and Wikimedia" in the "Citizen Science" session. Before and after the event, I had a number of positive discussions about Wikipedia with a number of people from museums around London. In most cases, people were after further information; as a consequence I've started putting together the pages on cultural partnerships and Britain Loves Wikipedia.
Britain Loves Wikipedia
  • I've started fleshing out this idea on the webpages. Would it be worth having a dedicated domain name for this? Dialog ballons icon.svg Discuss
  • I'm away between the 2nd and 5th September, and won't be able to answer phone calls on the WMUK phone. Dialog ballons icon.svg Discuss