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National Archives[edit | edit source]

After being introduced to the National Archives by Jonathan Gray (OKF), the national archives have expressed an interest in having a meeting to discuss potential content partnerships with Wikimedia UK. Two dates have been proposed for the meeting; 30th September and 15th October. I have written a summary about wikimedia uk and possible partnerships and it can be found at NA summary text.

Open Knowledge Conference[edit | edit source]

Planning[edit | edit source]

I have continued working on the 2010 Open Knowledge Conference and associated WMUK AGM with with the OFK. A draft budget has bene produced which can be found [here]. With an expected attendence of 200 people, the maximum forecast ticket price is around £22, this is likely to be reduced through various means: sponsorship of the conference; likely changes in the expected expenditure; and possible reduction of costs through non-profit status.

Attendence to the AGM will be kept free, but attendence to the rest of the conference will be chargeable. If any one wishes to help out then please email

Blog[edit | edit source]

A blog post asking for volunteers was posted on the Wikimedia UK blog.

Planned actions for 16/09/09 - 29/09/09[edit | edit source]

  • Email chapters and internal mailing lists about OKCON2010
  • Work on OKCON budget
  • Seek out and approach potential sponsorsfor OKCON
  • Send summary to National Archives
  • Finalise meeting date with National Archive
  • Write up email to send to OKF mailing list for members
  • Draw up a list of emails of open source/free knowledge groups in the UK