Meetings/2009-09-15/Agenda/Corporate Report

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1) Talking to Keene Public Affairs - there is interest in the Wikimedia Loves Art concept for at least three of their clients and they have invited someone from Wikimedia to go and see them this friday (me)

The most immediate interest is from the St Helena Tourist Board - the client is to be present this friday. They wish me to tell them how they should 'present a proposal' to Wikimedia for a link up with the island dominion (British Dominion Territory) to the Board for approval

I know a second client is interested (Falklands Islands Tourist Board) but there is no date fixed for this yet

2) Talking to MD of Impact Wise - also MD of another company called Child Wise. He has a training project proposal in with Hackney Council to use Facebook as a social media tool to train socially deprived young people in useful and reusable skills. After talking to him about this he said he'd be interested in Wikimedia could get involved in the training aspect. Editing skills, writing skills and site/community idea creation would be a better way of training socially deprived kids than simply getting them to stick pictures on Facebook.

a) Would we be interested in supporting him through training sessions on how to use Wikipedia?

3) BBC - every time I talk to BBC the whole thing seems to slip and there is no commitment to push this forward at any speed. I think we should not be prioritising it and considering link ups to the BBC through alternative routes.