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This message contains the following information pertaining to the election of Directors of Wiki UK Limited (Wikimedia UK):

Statement of Persons Nominated

At the close of nominations, the following individuals stood validly nominated for election as Directors of Wiki UK Limited:

Thomas Dalton
Zeyi He [1]
Thomas Holden
Michael Peel
Joseph Seddon [2]
Andrew Turvey
Steve Virgin [1]
Paul Williams

[1] - nominated by Andrew Turvey
[2] - nominated by Michael Peel
All other candidates were self-nominated.

Electoral Procedure

The Directors are elected under the approval voting system - for each candidate, you should write "YES" or "NO" by his name on the ballot paper.

Candidates will be ranked by the number of "YES" votes they receive. A ballot paper on which the space by a candidate's name is left blank shall be treated as though it were a "NO" vote.

The top three candidates will be elected as directors irrespective of the number of "YES" votes they receive. In addition, a maximum of four more candidates may be elected, provided that they receive a majority of "YES" votes.

All candidates are over 18; therefore, the provisions made in the Election Rules for candidates under 18 do not apply.

To vote, please email the completed ballot paper below to before 18:00 BST (17:00 UTC) on Saturday 25th April 2000. Alternatively, ballot papers will be available at the AGM, and members present will be entitled to supersede any electronic vote they may have cast in advance of the meeting with a paper vote cast at the meeting.

Candidate Statements

Each candidate's name is followed by his date of birth and occupation. A list of candidates' UK company directorships in the last five years is kept on file and available on request.

Thomas Dalton (27/3/87, student)

I have been involved in the chapter for a long time, I spent a lot of time trying to persuade the board of the previous attempt to get things moving and as soon as they decided to dissolve the attempt I got involved with the discussions for the new chapter. I stood for the initial board and lost by one vote, so I'm trying again. I have been active in the chapter regardless and have attended most board meetings and have helped out wherever I can. I am writing this from Berlin where I am attending the Chapters meeting, representing Wikimedia UK. If elected to the board I intend to concentrate on the administration side of things in order to facilitate other people working on the interesting stuff.

Zeyi He (11/7/82, student)

I have been participated Wikipedia and relevant project more than two years, which I put much effort and passion on. As a registered user, I totally agree Wikipedia and Wikimedia fundamental. Therefore, I am willing to be part of this amazing project.

As a PhD student in University of York, a majority of my study is mass collaboration based on an analysis of Wikipedia and other Wiki projects. During research, I have all-sided comprehended collaborative process in Wikipedia not only as a user but also as a researcher, which supports me to exhibit the advantages of Wikipedia to public as the trustee.

I have abundant experiences on marketing analysis and professional communication as I have worked for two big press firms before including Television company and news paper press. Thus, I am quite self-confident to fulfill my duty as a trustee in this board.

Thomas Holden (13/4/83, student)

Although it is taken a little longer than I hoped, I’m proud of my role in getting Wikimedia UK to this point. I have not had as much time as I envisioned when I initially stood (a situation which is likely to continue), but I hope my fellow directors would still agree that I’ve put in a more than adequate amount of work over these months. In particular I’ve led the search for sponsorship for WLA, acted as a legal intermediary between our unofficial legal advisor, the WMF and us, continued to assist Seddon with the Wikimania bid, and of course carried out my responsibilities as treasurer, not least getting the bank account opened, something which many feared would prove a stumbling block. If re-elected I intend to carry on much as I have up till now, and would be happy to continue as treasurer. I look forward to helping Wikimedia UK towards its goals in any way I can.

Michael Peel (12/8/84, postgraduate researcher)

As many of you already know, I have been an active participant in the establishment of the chapter, and following the chapter's legal formation I have served as its membership director. Additionally, I currently hold the contact phone for the chapter and I have interacted with various members of the press on behalf of the chapter. I have also helped construct the chapter's website, and provoked the starting of the chapter's newsletter (which I currently help write and distribute). I've also been encouraging people to propose and start projects as part of the chapter.

Now that the chapter has been set up, it's time to start the interesting stuff. I would like to see, and would actively encourage, the commencement of various projects. I don't know which projects yet - I know that the community has a number of possible projects in its collective mind that can be brought to fruition with help from the chapter. I see the chapter more as a facilitator than anything else, providing the supporting framework behind each project, as well as finances where possible. I do, of course, have a few of my own ideas that I'll put forward over time in the same way that any member of the community would.

Finally, a little background about myself. I've been active on Wikipedia for over 4 years, during which time I've made around 15,000 edits. I'm also active on the Commons, where I have made over 2000 edits and uploaded nearly 400 images of my own creation (I haven't kept track of how many other images I've uploaded). In real life, I'm a PhD candidate at Jodrell Bank, and as such I'm currently carrying out research and writing a thesis. This will limit the amount of time I can spend with the chapter, but I hope that I can still be of use. Please don't hesitate to ask me any questions you might have (on my talk page, on irc (nick mpeel) or anywhere else you see me around).

Joseph Seddon (24/8/89, full-time student and part-time employment with NHS)

I shall try to keep this as brief as possible as I have left this candidacy rather late. I have been around on wikimedia projects since November 2006 although didnt really become active till June 2007 and since then I have become an administrator and become a member of the Mediation Committee on the English Wikipedia. I have been a regular contributor to the chapters mailing list and although not standing previously for the inter board, I assisted along with others in the reboot of WMUK. Since then most of my work has been with the Oxford 2010 Wikimania Bid. Although I have had no experience with the running of a charitable organisation/company I believe that I have the experience, drive and dedication to learn quickly along with having many ideas which I hope to look into making a reality through WMUK. I welcome any questions you may have for me on my talk page at the chapter website, my talk page at the english wiki, through email or the mailing list or on irc but only when under the hostmask "(name)@Wikimedia/Seddon". Lastly I thank you all for participating in these elections whether i get on the board or not.

Andrew Turvey (3/6/77, chartered accountant)

My candidate statement will be set out at

Steve Virgin (20/4/62, International Media Consultant at Dow Jones)

I have put more details on my skills and experience on my wikipedia page and have a Linked In page with even more details that I will be happy to ‘open’ to anyone from the Wikimedia membership that wishes to have access to it

I am in the unusual position of being able to offer high level business contacts (through my client network) that can be of use to Wikimedia UK and to the organisation generally. I want to be able to bring these contacts to the Boards attention, help raise the profile of the UK Chapter, help make the events and projects that we run more successful, and lead to a bigger, wider and deeper number of active UK Chapter members over the mid term

As someone fresh and new to what we do – and someone from a slightly older age range – I can act as a bridge between the business world and the social media world that is currently engaging more and more users from the 35-45 age range.

I can fully see the potential of the Wikimedia organisation over the short terms, mid term and longer term – and I view it as exciting. I would like to play a leading role in helping the Board to shape this future. I also have a large number of contacts overseas – and would like to see if I can assist the UK Chapter in driving dialogue internationally too.

Conflict of Interest – I’d like to address this issue head-on if I may. If I were fortunate enough to be elected, I would stand down on all votes regarding Dow Jones as a company in any way shape or form. I’d be delighted to act as a conduit between Dow Jones and Wikimedia UK – but would play absolutely no part in any decision making with regard to any final action that the UK Chapter takes with regards to the company I currently work for.

Paul Williams (22/2/90, IT technician)

My name is Paul Wiilliams, and I have been active on Wikimedia projects since August 2005. My home project is the English Wikinews, on which I am an administrator, accredited reporter, ArbCom member, Checkuser, and Bureaucrat. More descriptive biographies of me are listed on my Meta Userpage.

I believe I would be suitable for the Wikimedia UK Board, as I have a basic background in business accounting, thorugh my A Level in Accounting (although not sufficient experience to act as a treasurer), and I also have business management experience through the "Young Enterprise" system offered to Sixth Form students at my high school, where a small group of students set up and run a limited company for a year. I served as Managing Director of the business, and we ended up making a profit! I also have experience as a Chairman of the Board, where I served as Chair of the Student Council and Head Boy for the 2007-2008 school year. I served as a student council member for 4 of the 6 years preceeding my appointment as Chairman. I have significant experience in speaking to public audiences, having taken part in numerous public speaking competitions, as well as making presentations in my aforementioned capacities as Chairman of the Student Council and Head Boy.

I am interested in developing some projects with Wikimedia UK, including the Schools project, Wikimania 2010, and involvement of Wikimedia UK in all Wikimedia projects, not just the ever-growing Wikipedia. I am proud of, and extend my congratulations and thanks to, the current Board, and, while not wishing to see any of them leave us, wish to continue on their hard work and success in getting the chapter started - a task that was attempted previously and did not succeed. I wish to develop the reach of Wikimedia UK into something that supports Wikimedia-based activities in the UK, whether it be large conference such as Wikimania, or smaller meetings, or user-initiated projects. I see a UK chapter as having significant value to all Wikimedia projects, and the current board has laid some fantastic foundations, and the new Boad has the responsibility of developing on top of those foundations. I am a firm believer in transparency wherever possible, and this involves not only informing the community of decisions, but getting it involved in them too.

I urge voters to vote for a Board that has a wide range of experiences and values to bring to the Chapter, as a strong Board will be a necessity for the coming months, during which I would aim to obtain charitable status, and develop and begin some of our Projects.

Ballot Paper

If you wish to cast your vote before the AGM, please send the following ballot paper to before 18:00 BST on Saturday 25 April 2009.


Membership number:

Ballot Paper

Write "YES" or "NO" beside name of each candidate.

Thomas Dalton [ ]
Zeyi He [ ]
Thomas Holden [ ]
Michael Peel [ ]
Joseph Seddon [ ]
Andrew Turvey [ ]
Steve Virgin [ ]
Paul Williams [ ]

As ever, any questions about the elections should be directed to

James Farrar
Teller, Wikimedia UK

Questions to candidates

Note that a wiki page that allows questions to be put to candidates is at Meetings/2009 AGM/Candidate questions