Meetings/2010-02-09/Agenda/Chair's Report

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  • MP to investigate moving our wiki at to subject to technical feasibility re Single User Logins and hosting, with as a potential alternative. Once this has been completed, MP to follow up with Wikimedia Ukraine regarding the "uk." website conflict. Go-next-red.svg Carried forward - ongoing, not high priority.
  • MP agreed to investigate moving our OTRS system to one hosted by ourselves to reduce the risk that confidential emails are inappropriately viewed by non-WMUK people or emails are sent in the name of the chapter without approval. Go-next-red.svg Carried forward - ongoing, not high priority.
  • MP agreed to follow up with the foundation his request for detailed statistics on the proportion of UK internet users who use Wikipedia Go-next-red.svg Carried forward (awaiting suggestions of desired statistics)
  • MP will send out the agreed wikinews press release when the story next flares up (Sunday evening was suggested as generally a good time) Go-next-red.svg Carried forward
  • MP volunteered to follow up the photo donation opportunity Go-next-red.svg Carried forward
  • JS and MP will do a timeline and budget for GLAM-WIKI Go-next-red.svg Carried forward
  • MP will forward proof of ID and address to AT for the solicitors Yes check.svg Done
  • MP will arrange access to internal-l and to for Tango Yes check.svg Done
  • MP and JS to arrange the Britain Loves Wikipedia logo/leaflet design Yes check.svg Done
  • MP, TH and SV to approve Britain Loves Wikipedia press release Yes check.svg Done
  • MP, AT and JS to approve Britain Loves Wikipedia rules Yes check.svg Done
  • All quiet on the British front.
Blog posts
Britain Loves Wikipedia
  • Press release sent out on 29 January. MLA also sent one out about the event. [1]
  • 50 people attended launch event at the V&A
  • launched - 1340 visits between 28 and 31 January, and over 2400 more this month.
  • 56 photos so far at the V&A (50 pending, 3 approved, 3 tests)
  • Photographs already approved by the V&A are at
  • Lots of activity on Twitter about the event: . Wikimedia UK now has 111 twitter followers.
  • Leaflets sent to printers
  • Planned improvements to website:
    • Modifying upload form to remember details entered on previous uploads
    • Approval page: potentially have a way for volunteers to help importing official descriptions of objects and adding collection IDs and URLs
    • Pages displaying the approved photographs need improving, including viewing only certain museums, themes or photographers, and allowing people to vote on the images
    • Complete code to transfer files onto Wikimedia Commons
  • Longer term actions:
    • Need to put together the jury for deciding who wins the prizes Dialog ballons icon.svg Discuss
  • Started putting together a diagnosis of this year's event, and how it could be done better next year
Other notes / things not to forget