Meetings/2010-03-02/Agenda/Conferences's Report

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  • JS to get more details about AGM costs: [1]
  • JS and MP will do a timeline and budget for GLAM-WIKI after the meeting.
  • Seddon to ask someone from Wikimedia Commons to be on the jury for Britain Loves Wikipedia
  • JS will add details of the OKCon/AGM 2010 budget to be discussed again on 2 March. (see Meetings/2010 AGM/Planning)
  • JS will email National Archives this week re a digitisation project

Completed[edit | edit source]

  • JS agreed to draft a "call for participation" for Wikimedia@OKCon/AGM. first on the wiki and then on the blog. SV offered to copyedit. ACTION: JS, SV Yes check.svg Done
  • JS to attend Wildscreen ARKive launch Yes check.svg Done
  • JS to draft an email for the Open Knowledge Foundation mailing list, to recruit new members. Yes check.svg Done
  • JS to try to get a speaking slot at the Museum Next Conference on 30 April and it was agreed to fund travel for JS to attend. Entry costs £120 but MP noted that we have been able to get free entry to events like these in the past. ACTION: JS Yes check.svg Done Nothing came of this. Do we wish to attend? Dialog ballons icon.svg Discuss

Ongoing[edit | edit source]

  • JS, TD agreed to take lead on arranging speakers for Wikimedia@OKCon/AGM. ACTION: JS, TD Symbol wait.svg Doing...
  • JS will also email WikimediaUK-L asking for suggestions for speakers for Wikimedia@OKCon/AGM.. ACTION: JSSymbol wait.svg Doing...
  • JS agreed to deliver a session on 11th March on "evaluating and downloading reference content" for the Dublin City University Learning, Innovation and Knowledge (LInK) Research Centre per their request. Go-next-red.svg Carried forward
  • JS will contact Wikipedia for Schools to see if they need any help with their latest version. He will also contact DCMS and SV's MP contact to see if they can help distribute copies to schools. Go-next-red.svg Carried forward