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By decision of the Board 14/9/2013 the Board will not formally approve these minutes because of the extended time which has elapsed since the meeting

Wikimedia UK Board meeting Tuesday 2nd March 2010, 9:30pm GMT on Skype

Present: Joseph Seddon (JS) (Chair); Andrew Turvey (AT) (minutes); Tom Dalton (TD); Tom Holden (TH); Mike Peel (MP) (part)

Apologies: Steve Virgin (SV); MP for late arrival

Absent: Zeyi He (ZH)

Minutes[edit | edit source]

The minutes of the meetings held on 9 February and 16 February were approved.

Email decisions[edit | edit source]

Since the last meeting it had been decided by email to offer to host the 2010 Fundraising Summit between the Wikimedia Foundation and the chapters on May 7th-9th.

TD has confirmed that the WMF would cover any significant costs incurred. TD will liaise with WMF on dates and take a lead organising this. JS agreed to look into venues ACTION: TD, JS

JS has obtained some comscore data about UK visitors to Wikimedia project websites; the data is provided on condition that we must attribute the source to comscore. JS will add to the Board wiki. ACTION: JS

Reports[edit | edit source]

The [[Reports were noted.

It was agreed to appoint James Farrar as teller and to approach David Gerard to see if he would be able to act as the other teller. ACTION: AT

AT agreed to send round the details of his contact who has agreed to be an Independent Reviewer. ACTION: AT

It was agreed not to pay to attend the MuseumNext conference as it wouldn't be an efficient use of our funds.

JS has had to delay the GLAM-WIKI event from June/July to probably October November. The Open Knowledge Foundation are considering doing a workshop for museums on metadata, digital images and are interested in being co-organisers. The V&A has offered to host the event. JS will follow up with Nick Poole at the MLA. ACTION: JS

ZH joined the meeting

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