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This is a set of draft metrics which we can apply across various areas of work. The idea is to define metrics for the kinds of projects defined in the 2012 Activity Plan which can be applied across different projects and different work areas. It is not intended to perfectly encapsulate every aspect of a project's impact, just a first stab at measuring what we do. Also, it is not intended to measure for the performance of the chapter so things about the health of the whole organisation (e.g. how many members we have? how much money do we raise?) are excluded.

  • Number of people participating (existing Wikimedians vs others)
  • Number of people contributing to Wikimedia projects for first (or nearly first) time
  • Number of those contributing for the first time who subsequently do so again after conclusion of the event
  • Gender balance of participants
  • Number of project articles improved
    • Tracked before and after events focused on particular topics (e.g. Royal Manuscripts)
  • On-wiki measures of quality improvement (e.g. new stubs created, improvements in article quality rating)
  • Number of files released onto Wikimedia Commons as a result of WMUK activities
  • Use of files on Wikimedia projects
  • Number of different language projects contributed to
  • General satisfaction with event as recorded by the feedback forms (e.g. see OTRS_workshop/Wrap-up#Quantitative_assessment)
  • Average audience "Would recommend" score on 5-point scale (see Evaluation of training)
  • Presence of project review document including stakeholder feedback
  • Breakdown of feedback by email, generally, and in response to single events
  • Amount of (positive) press coverage, blog posts, social media activity