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Below are the Board reports to the Board Meeting on 26 April 2011; see Agenda 26Apr11.

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Roger Bamkin (Chair)[edit | edit source]

Done recently
  • Info Shock: Getting to grips with information and responsibilities - still in progress. Thanks to all for patience
  • Rock Drum: Made clear that we are happy for Fae to attend and RD under WMF funding but we are not responsible for RD.
  • Meeting with National Railway Museum. They will use Wikipedia for new gallery and are keen to hold events and do more. A backstage pass is a natural. An event here could gather those "up north"
  • Communicated with all board members about individual interests to work out "who does what"
  • Updated board profile (need to do mine with a pic)
  • Investigated Birmingham as venue for next meeting and ...
  • Booked Flight for Vienna -May 15-18
  • Started to close out GLAMDerby
  • Visited National Museum of Scotland re QR Codes
  • All to produce a short profile for the website. Also to put together a summary of what they 'bring to the party'. Yes check.svg Done
  • Updated board profile Yes check.svg Done
  • Close out GLAMDerby - publicise Wright Challenge - help? Go-next-red.svg Carried forward
  • Organise face to face Board meeting in Birmingham
  • Attend meeting in Vienna on behalf of WMF Galam May 16-17

Mike Peel (Secretary)[edit | edit source]

Done recently
Tasks to do
  • Sort through / close off old email addresses
  • MP to sort out email addresses + board and office lists for new board members. Yes check.svg Done
  • MP to set up access to blog for board members, and admins on facebook.Go-next-red.svg Carried forward (see above)
  • MP to remove TD from CiviCRM, and to add CK. Other board members not to be added at this time. Yes check.svg Done
  • All to produce a short profile for the website. Also to put together a summary of what they 'bring to the party'. Yes check.svg Done

Andrew Turvey (Treasurer)[edit | edit source]

Activities to report

1) 2011 Accounts: Drafts presented to AGM; Met with Audit Partner this afternoon; apart from a small number of outstanding items, they are complete and ready for signing by RB and AT. Also discussed company secretarial assistance, quarterly management accounts and financial controls, including multiple signatories for large transactions, which I will take forward with the Coop Bank.

2) New director/trustee notifications: Details provided to accountants for accounts and Register of Directors updated. Just waiting for Fae to provide consent to act information and then ready to file with Companies House and Charity Commission.

3) Chair handover Met with RB to hand over various chair related items.

4) Payments: Posted instruction for GBP293k donation to WMF and EUR5,000 donation to WMDE for chapters conference. Emailed WMF to notify them that the donation is on its way. Have received various expense claims, incld from Alex Stinson, Ollie Bray which are awaiting processing, as are invoices from the lawyers, payroll and late filing reimbursement.

5) Membership: One new membership request received (email decision pending). Several members have overdue subs and need chasing and, if appropriate, lapsing. Removed JS, CM, TD, TH from CiviCRM access.

6) AGM Feedback: Set up surveymonkey survey and sent an invite to all eventbrite registered people. Twenty response so far.

7) Board facilitation: Details sent to Fae.

Discussion / review items
  1. AT to arrange internet banking for MP, RB and AT Symbol wait.svg Doing...
  2. All to produce a short profile for the website and to put together a summary of what they 'bring to the party'. Go-next-red.svg Carried forward
  3. AT to complete and send charity reply to lawyers Go-next-red.svg Carried forward
  4. AT to send a memento of our gratitude to the teller, outgoing board members, and speakers (excluding new board members), from WikiConference UK 2011 Symbol wait.svg Doing...
  5. AT to email around details of the interested candidate to be an office manager, and to also draft a blog post to advertise the position Go-next-red.svg Carried forward
  6. AT to add RB as signatory and remove TD Go-next-red.svg Carried forward
  7. AT - Staff roadshow Go-next-red.svg Carried forward
  8. AT to investigate how we can move to multiple signatories for large transactions. Symbol wait.svg Doing...
  9. AT to investigate debit cards for bank account signatories. Symbol wait.svg Doing...
  10. TD to give AT the password for the main paypal account. AT to give all board members read-only access to the paypal account. Go-next-red.svg Carried forward
  11. AT to investigate term deposits and return to the board with options. Go-next-red.svg Carried forward
  12. AT - Sign NMM MoU (Monday) X mark.svgN --> transferred to MP & CK
  13. AT - In camera minutes of 2 February 2011 Go-next-red.svg Carried forward
  14. AT - written legal advice onto wiki Go-next-red.svg Carried forward

Chris Keating (Director)[edit | edit source]

  • Internal comms - paper emailed to board. Have also started to familiarise myself with CiviCRM a bit. Dialog ballons icon.svg Discuss
  • Re strategy discussion - awaiting brief then will approach my contacts
  • National Maritime Museum - ongoing.
  • CK to email around a summary of his internal communications review.
  • AT to send around detailed information about the facilitation for the strategy discussion; decision to be made by email. Fæ to look into background, and to pin down specific outcomes (with SV). CK has contacts in this sector; will ask for a competitive quote. Fæ to take the lead with this topic.
  • All to produce a short profile for the website. Also to put together a summary of what they 'bring to the party'.

Martin Poulter (Director)[edit | edit source]

  • Approached for Workshop for Medical Research Council (to take place in June on date to be decided shortly after the Easter holiday)
  • Steve & I are in discussion with BBC Bristol contact about a lunchtime session for media librarians
  • 20 April: Met with Watershed Media Centre about content sharing
  • 19 April: Interviewed by TheNextWeb: this has been discussed in email.
  • Ongoing: University of Bristol discussions
  • All to produce a short profile for the website. Also to put together a summary of what they 'bring to the party'.Yes check.svg Done
  • Investigate whether we could arrange a "pro-forma" adult education course for September on "Making your Wikipedia page" and how we might publicise

Fæ (Director)[edit | edit source]

Decisions needed
  • Task force proposal: Proposal emailed to board members and discussed with selected peers on the GLAM network.
  • Board workshop: Emailed and phonecall planned with Jay. Chris and Steve approached for alternative proposals. Progress likely to be slightly delayed compared to expectations due to bank holidays.
  • GLAMcamp London: Conceived and agreed as hosted for free by the British Library. Re-scheduled for 24 June 2011, format and participants up for discussion but the intention is for a modest UK-centric event with 15 participants (max of 24) to establish the UK GLAM ambassador network. Looking at poor European participation in GLAMcamp NYC, there may be scope for a much larger Eurocentric conference late in the year.
  • GLAM network: Wangled invite for British Library digital archivist to join the planned Welcome Trust researcher's image sharing workshop on 3 June 2011 (where I'm representing GLAM and WM Commons interests). This will only be of press interest for any actions taken after the workshop. As announced at AGM, 4 June 2011 is scheduled for the next British Library event so Wikipedia banner, press release, sign-up page all need to be organized in the next few weeks.
  • m:GLAMcamp NYC: signed up to take part (20-22 May), logistics underway.
  • Special Libraries Association: Contact made (this was a follow-up from the CR-UK workshops), will be following up in the medium term to arrange a presentation in the autumn. Members include legal firms, newspapers, academic libraries...
  • AT to send around detailed information about the facilitation for the strategy discussion; decision to be made by email. Fæ to look into background, and to pin down specific outcomes (with SV). CK has contacts in this sector; will ask for a competitive quote. Fæ to take the lead with this topic.
  • All to produce a short profile for the website. Also to put together a summary of what they 'bring to the party'.

Steve Virgin (Director)[edit | edit source]


1) Watershed - Agreed we would support the marketing team & train them to understand how to improve their own Wikipedia page, add content & improve the number of hits to their site Objective - the key to unlocking every single organisation is the Director of the Watershed Dick Penny - he is already a supporter as the venue has sponsored WMUK in the past. If he sees benefits in terms of hits to the Watershed site it will encourage him to help us unlock other content holders - such as Bristol Old Vic (which is credited as saving in the city) and which is creating & investing in a major archive of theatre history going back to 1770. The artistic Director Tom Morris (who does not have a page BTW) has said he is interested in sharing content with us. Dick Penny would help clinch this possibility.

Action - Martin Poulter has had a conversation with Marketing person - he drafted brief mail on state of play - we have passed it on to Jez@Hotwells who has expressed an interest in taking control of the improvements to this site

2) BBC Bristol - Agreed that we would offer a Lunchtime Learning session with Andy Corp (who also represents BBC Anchor Project that co-sponsored JW talk in town in January). Andy has said 'he's going to float the same lunchtime learning session idea with his BBC London counterpart' and that 'when he gets a spare moment, he'll consider the idea of an In-Residency too (he knows what we did at British Museum last year and wants to sit and think about how it might work before proceeding).

Action - Martin Poulter and I have followed up Andy's suggestion with our willingness to commit = it is now down to us to confirm dates & times

3) Arkive/Wildscreen - over the last year there have been ongoing discussions about an official In Residency this summer inside ARKIVE/Wildscreen. Where we are at is - the Marketing Chief & Stand in CEO attended JW Talk in January. Marketing Chief & MP & SV have met and exchanged mails on a possible draft job description for an In Residency role. There has been some discussion internally between MLP & SV on the topic to refine these ideas.

Action - SV/MLP to continue working on job description & to get a final draft to Board ASAP - get Board support - then get ARKIVE Board to sign off so a person can be in place by this summer

4) University of Bristol - there is a concrete offer of office space within the SetSquared Business Incubator section of the University of Bristol. there is a document that the UofB side wrote completely in the dark not knowing what it is we actually want. So please don't consider this anything other than a beginning point. The presence of the University team at the AGM reaffirmed this commitment publicly.

Actively recruiting people to support a Pro-Wiki initiative inside the university...Dave Jarman (senior lecturer) has mailed all 700 people who attended the JW talk asking them to volunteer to build and develop on the relationship with WMUK & Wikipedia. He is splitting the replies into 3 groups - academics, students + outsiders (last groups comes to MLP & SV). These groups could well become a pool from which we could recruit a range of volunteers for projects, they could team up with any on-site Wikimedian Intern or they could simply build and develop their own projects with WMUK Board support.

Additionally, only 2 days before the AGM they added to the mix the offer of a paid for summer Intern on their side. They were recruiting 4-5 people for various summer roles anyway, they agreed to convert one of these to being someone who would devote their time to building relationships to all things WIKI & to support us in what we are seeking to achieve in both the city & the south west

Then, the University actively seek to host an official Campus Ambassador's (CAP) training event inside the University BEFORE 27 June when all the students leave. They would love to host this program & are prepared to go the extra mile to get it off the ground

Risks - When this (CAP) project was first discussed we set incredibly high standards for who may or may not be selected to be trained as an ambassador - thus reducing the numbers of people possible to a very small number immediately. We need to 'balance' expertise, need and understanding of our objectives with our prerequisites for an ambassador - such as teaching & communication skills, willingness to take on new ideas - some form of tenure at the university (not just about to leave). Next there is timing - we are entering the exams period - very few places in the academic world want to deflect and set up something like the CAP during exams. Equally, students do their exams and then split for the summer - so our 'audience' for a CAP training session could vanish in a matter of a few weeks

Recommendations We need a package that all the Board would feel comfortable with that would encourage the University of Bristol to carry on with what it has begun to do. I suggest delegating powers to proceed on all fronts on these matter listed above to MLP & SV - maybe reporting into RB or Fae as a 'check and balance'

If ARKIVE/Wildscreen Intern happens - there is an immediate 'high profile' tie in project that would instantly raise the profile of the work the summer U of B Wiki Intern is doing.

5) Knowle West Media Studio - is seeking a long discussion about partnership opportunities (had to cancel meeting just prior to AGM due to time pressures)

6) The Director of Futures for the City pinged me today about another group interested in talking - know nothing yet but I know this much "Lottery Funded 'living rivers' project in Brislington" - so would proceed - copying & involving MLP at all stages

Other thoughts

Any In Residency in Bristol has to put 'external events' at the centre of the planning & objectives: be they Editathons, Competitions, Training Days or whatever - so any money spent by WMUK prioritises training non-Wikipedians in how to work with us so that a ripple effect begins where we can draw on more volunteers & more people seeking out content for us

7) QR Codes & Museums - Bristol is opening a brand new multi-million pound museum on June 11 called M-Shed...I had invited staff members to the BrisWiki Academy on March 19 but they did not attend. In following up I spoke to the head of curation & content for all 5 museums in the city & explained what we did. He promised a meeting after the M Shed opens. he explained how MShed was capturing user generated content & its plans.

Action - MLP & SV to follow up after June 11

8) Bristol Cathedral Choir School - again as a result of the JW talk there is interest in training sessions. A teaching staff member has now got involved in the dialogue & I initially copied in Alex Stinson, as I he had some formal training material to discuss with him. After Ollie Brae's talk at our AGM I now feel confident to go and talk more to the School directly (again with MLP) and to hand them 'Wiki Leaflets' that MPeel handed me at the AGM + to explore and explain some of the simple ideas that Ollie Brae listed that could be included in a teacher's planning

9) Coming down the track Bristol Festival of Ideas - 'Bristol & the Word 2012' - this is an initiative run by Andrew Kelly (co-sponsored JW talk last January) - by which B FoI approaches the Lottery for funding for Writers in Residence. Over the summer they plan a program for 2012 which would involve documenting the city, capturing content, creating books from the content, capturing experiences of the city, its history, its heritage etc

Kelly approached me about this in November 2010 - and 'in theory' I asked the Board for 'theoretical' support subject to more details if and when they emerge - which i received. These details may well be no more than a month away.

  • All to produce a short profile for the website. Also to put together a summary of what they 'bring to the party' (ACTION COMPLETED).