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This policy was approved by the Board on 9 September 2012 under Article 28. (approved revision, subsequent changes)
Changes to this policy are subject to board approval, and should be proposed either on the talk page or the Engine room

Approval history:

9 September 2012 - Initial adoption (approved revision)

Wikimedia UK ('the Chapter') is entrusted by the Wikimedia Foundation with the use of certain trademarks and 'identity documents', for example, use of the Wikimedia (including Wikimedia UK) logo, and use of the Wikimedia name. Wikimedia UK's Chapter Agreement with the Wikimedia Foundation mean that we must exercise some control over these Wikimedia marks when they are used in an official capacity in the UK.

There are no problems with a volunteer introducing themselves as a 'Wikimedia UK Volunteer', but care must be taken to ensure that the other party are aware that they are a volunteer, and do not always officially represent the Chapter. The same applies to the terms 'Wikimedia Volunteer', 'Wikimedian', 'Wikipedian' and similar, which are outside of WMUK's control.

Websites and domain names

Trademark usage

  • Wikimedia UK projects may use the Wikimedia trademark with the Chapter's permission. All other uses of the trademark must be referred to the Wikimedia Foundation for permission.
  • They should abide by the Wikimedia Foundation's trademark policy unless an exception has been made by the Wikimedia Foundation.
  • Trademark requests should be routed through the Office.


  • Stationery, such as Wikimedia UK business cards or letters sent on a Wikimedia UK letterhead, should only be printed or used with the explicit permission of the Chapter.
    • The officer(s) with authority to grant such approval are the Chief Executive, or delegated staff.
  • Communication by volunteers without such permission should indicate that it has come from a volunteer, rather than from the Chapter. Those communications should not use Wikimedia UK logos.
  • The Chapter will usually approve requests for stationery if they support a key active project - for example, "Welsh Ambassador". The Chapter will fund such stationery.
  • The Office will maintain a list of those authorised to use Wikimedia UK stationery on the office wiki.


  • The Office can provide volunteers with a variety of merchandise to be handed out at events.
  • The Office will also keep track of stock levels to ensure that merchandise is being used to good effect, and that plenty of stock is available to volunteers as needed.
  • The Office will also provide pull-up banners and similar items for activities and events as requested. These will be kept track of at all times, and should be returned to the Office when no longer being used. Occasionally new banners can be produced upon request, e.g. for Wicipedia. This needs to be discussed with the Office.

Email addresses

  • Trustees and staff (including contractors) have access to email addresses. They should include the standard email disclaimer at the foot of all official emails.
  • Volunteers on specific projects may be given email addresses at those projects specifically for use when working on those projects. They should include a disclaimer at the foot of all emails sent from this email address. Email correspondence confirming agreements or making commitments on behalf of Wikimedia UK with external partners or contacts must have staff or board members copied in for information and advance review if involving or interpreting significant funding commitments.
  • The Office will maintain a list of all active email addresses on Wikimedia UK-owned domains on the office wiki.

Contact lists

Emails sent to donors and volunteer lists on behalf of Wikimedia UK are generally sent by the Office through a address, on behalf of the volunteer. This is because the email addresses and contact details need to stay on our secure server in order to be covered by our insurance policy. It also ensures that we abide by our Donor Privacy Policy.


Volunteers undertaking activities on behalf of WMUK or as the charity's representative are covered by our insurance policy. For more details visit or contact the office.