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University of Glasgow

TaPRA Wikipedia Workshop in Glasgow - In a nutshell

  • Where? DISH Lab A, 2 University Gardens, University of Glasgow G12 8QJ [1]
  • When? 20 March 2014 from 10:00am until 4:00pm
  • How? Registration via Eventbrite (required)
  • Point of contact: toni.santatwikimedia.org.uk
University Gardens, Glasgow

About the event

Following up on the successful workshop for TaPRA members in February this event is being co-hosted by HATII at the University of Glasgow to provide a further training opportunity for new Wikipedians.

How do I prepare?
  1. Sign up for the event via Eventbrite
  2. CREATE A WIKIPEDIA ACCOUNT (if you don't already have one)

If you like, you can also learn a little about editing ahead of time here: w:en:Wikipedia:Tutorial, or see Getting started on Wikipedia for more information

  • Refreshments will be provided throughout the day.

There are 19 workstations in the room and Eduroam wifi is freely available for participants who prefer to bring their own laptop.



The day will be divided into two parts:

PART 1 (10am - 12:30pm): An introductory session about Wikipedia and sharing knowledge on the Internet. This will be followed by a practical session of Basic Wikipedia training.

  • Lunch break

PART 2 (1pm - 4pm): An exploration of ways to contribute to Wikimedia other than by writing encyclopedia articles (e.g. sharing images; rendering structure data in visual form; giving research a suitable license). This part of the workshop includes a Q&A and more hands‐on Wikipedia editing, which will essentially lead into an editathon of pages relevant to the participants.

See also: Referencing Guide


  1. Toni Sant - lead trainer + Wikipedia user page
  2. Ally Crockford + Wikipedia user page


Articles created

Articles improved

Future opportunities

Contact was made with Laura Molloy at HATII who was interested in the possibility of future WMUK collaborations and events.