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WikiConference 2013

We talked a bit about ConCom organising WikiConference UK 2013 at the board meeting at the start of this month, and the general feeling was that it would be great if it could do this. The boundary conditions are that it should take place on Sat 8 June 2013 in a city outside of London, and that the AGM would have a set slot that would then be organized separately by WMUK staff/trustees/the tellers. The meeting could extend until Sunday if a two-day conference is desired. Would ConCom be interested in taking this on? Thanks. Mike Peel (talk) 14:36, 8 July 2012 (UTC)

Preparing for EduWiki 2013

Is this page being kept up to date? I ask mainly because I expect there will soon need to be a conversation about EduWiki Conference 2013. Thanks! --Toni Sant (WMUK) (talk) 11:30, 22 May 2013 (UTC)

The short answer is no, but by all means subscribe to the ConfCom mailing list (which is where things are coordinated); I'll approve the request as soon as I see it. Any problems, email me. :) Harry Mitchell | Penny for your thoughts? 15:14, 22 May 2013 (UTC)
Thanks Harry! Will do. (I think I've just joined the mailing list.) In the spirit of openness, I would personally prefer this page rather than a mailing list to be the way the Conference Committee keeps the rest of the community up to date as to what's going on. Just saying. I already receive more emails than I can almost keep up with, as it is.  :-) --Toni Sant (WMUK) (talk) 16:32, 22 May 2013 (UTC)
As a way of keeping the community up-to-date I completely agree (I've overhauled it a little, but it needs more work). As a method of communication, a wiki page has some drawbacks compared to a mailing list (and that's from a die-hard Wikipedian!). Harry Mitchell | Penny for your thoughts? 17:07, 22 May 2013 (UTC)
Fair enough. Thanks for all your great work, Harry! --Toni Sant (WMUK) (talk) 18:29, 22 May 2013 (UTC)