UK Wikimedian of the Year 2023

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The UK Wikimedian of the Year Awards recognise the work of the community that collaborates with and supports Wikimedia UK. Each award is for a different type of activity. We are looking for people and partnerships within the Wikimedia UK community who have really impressed you with their open knowledge work, especially in 2022/23.

We are particularly keen to hear about people and organisations who delivered projects addressing our strategic themes of knowledge equity, information literacy, and climate and environment.

For individuals, if you know their Wikimedia username please use that in the nomination. We will not disclose real names without permission.

Nominations close on 10 November, and the results will be announced on 26 November.

UK Wikimedian of the Year

This award recognises the contributions of individuals to Wikimedia UK’s work. Volunteers are vital to WMUK’s activities, from establishing partnerships and running events, to training others to edit and advocating for open knowledge. Nominating statements can include activities not involving WMUK, though we ask that the focus is on the nominee’s work with WMUK.

Note: Wikimedians in Residence fall under the partnership category.

Partnership of the Year

This award recognises the contributions of organisations and groups that have collaborated with Wikimedia UK. The Partnership of the Year is awarded to organisations and groups rather than individuals. Eligible nominations can include and are not limited to museums, libraries, educational institutions, charities, community groups, and editing groups.

Note: You are welcome to nominate previous winners; there is a two-year cool-off period between wins. An organisation nominated within that period may still receive an Honourable Mention.

Up and Coming Wikimedian

This award spotlights the efforts of newer members of Wikimedia UK’s community to encourage our growing community.

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