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From October 2016 to March 2018 I am working as WIR at the University of Oxford, based in the Bodleian Libraries.

Activity log[edit | edit source]

  • 17-18: Keeping up to date with Wikidata; various correspondence; Meeting at Rhodes House + finish reporting to IT Innovation fund
  • 8 January: various tweaks to manuscript explorer script
  • 19-21 December: creating PHP scripts for manuscript explorer
  • 14 December: various correspondence
  • 13 December: exploring reconciliation via third-party identifiers with EMLO data and Google Sheets + correspondence about Oxford collection sizes
  • 12 December: OxLOD meetings/ meeting about metrics
  • 7 December: creating SPARQL examples for collection data
  • 6 December: correspondence / look at EMLO reconciliation / meeting about node layer
  • 5 December: Meeting about metrics & design of node layer
  • 1 December: Meeting with Richard of WMUK / Attending OpenCon satellite event
  • 23 November: meeting about metrics
  • 22 November: rewrite blog post
  • 21 November: meeting with IT Innovation Fund
  • 15 November: Various correspondence
  • 14 November: LOD workshop/ Correspondence about site usage statistics/ meetings
  • 13 November: Start on blog post about resource discovery
  • 7 November: Meetings
  • 3 November: Catching up on Wikidata developments
  • 2 November: More IT issues/ catching up with Wikidata developments
  • 1 November: Begin new placement with Resource Discovery project Sorting out building access and IT access
  • Case studies and final reporting. End of IT Innovation fund project
  • 27 July: More work on Listeria/ hillfort queries / documenting translation project
  • 26 July: Meet Rosie Sharkey, Bodleian education officer; write blog post about EE; get permission to share "Hardships of the English Laws in relation to Wives" book
  • 25 July: various emails & reporting
  • 20 July: Take part in Partnership Advisory Board at WMUK offices; work on pilot project bid
  • 19 July: More work on pilot project bid; queries for theses; publish blog post about theses
  • 18 July: Email catchup & reporting / blog writing / investigating Oxford honorary degrees & individuals with archives at Bodleian
  • 13 July: Working on pilot project bid; data quality work for hillforts
  • 12 July: Some writing up / hillforts project work on Wikipedia
  • 11 July: hillforts data
  • 7 July: Delivering Wikipedia training for Oxford Symposium on Food and Cookery
  • 6 July: Delivering DHSS masterclass and writing up/ answering queries. More work on hillforts project
  • 5 July: Reporting to innovation fund/ preparing slides for tomorrow
  • 29 June: Queries and checking for hillforts project data
  • 28 June: Bulk data import for hillforts project
  • 27 June: Various correspondence
  • 22 June: Meet EE/OTA team about project proposal. Deliver training for WIGS event
  • 21 June: Meet Janet Pierrehumbert about her research. Prepare materials for tomorrow
  • 20 June: Various correspondence
  • 6 June: Following up on Wikisource transcription; some reporting; more blog writing
  • 1 June: Confirm with OUP about EE access for the Wikipedia Library, so refine EE Wikidata queries, use them to create target lists of articles and emails/posts to publicise the lists
  • 31 May: Preparing and delivering workshop for IT Services staff. More writing
  • 30 May: Writing blog post(s) about Wikidata and resource discovery + preparing slides for tomorrow
  • 25 May: Presenting at GLAM Digital Strategy Implementation Board
  • 24 May: Presenting at Cairns Library + presenting to Department of Psychiatry. Various reporting
  • 23 May: Preparing slides for tomorrow. Meeting Richard Nevell
  • 18 May: Delivering "Working with the Open Culture Movement" workshop at Osney. Various emails / preparing slides for next week
  • 17 May: Visit to Book Storage Facility. Meeting with Cory.
  • 16 May: Catching up on email. Confirm creation of ESTC Citation Number property on Wikidata
  • 8 May: Monthly report for WMUK; presenting at Negotiated Texts Network workshop
  • 4 May: Morning: presenting at AssyrOnline workshop. Afternoon: emails and reporting
  • 3 May: Various correspondence. Remotely tutoring the EE on proofreading in Wikisource.
  • 2 May: Speaking with David Zeitlyn and colleagues in Anthropology. Some reporting
  • 27 April: Looking at data about Bodleian collections; Meeting Robert McNamee. Query to Gillian about Kebra Nagast and whether we can get a photo for the article
  • 26 April: Helping anthropologists get the w:Modes of religiosity article into mainspace. Exploring representation of Bodleian collections in Wikidata
  • 25 April: Finishing blog post
  • 18 April: Work on funding bid
  • 17 April: Work on EE data import and queries
  • 12/13 April: Writing funding bid, importing EE data into Wikidata, creating and circulating custom queries for EE, learning to use Listeria
  • 11 April: Reporting and catching up on correspondence
  • 6 April: OER17: co-presenting a lightning talk and co-running a workshop, both jointly with Ewan McAndrew of the University of Edinburgh
  • 5 April: OER17: presenting
  • 4 April: Preparing materials for conference talks
  • 30 March: Preparing for next week's talks. Finishing NT briefing. Meeting with Lucy Tallents to discuss educational resources.
  • 29 March: Meet Jacob Dahl about Cuneiform Digital Library Initiative; Making example queries to show what's possible with CDLI IDs; interview with Work In Progress podcast
  • 28 March: Read up on Fell fund and write idea for project proposal
  • 23 March: Correspondence about Eighteenth Century Poetry Archive and custom queries. Writing up progress on ORA. Getting blog post published
  • 22 March: Speak to BDLSS staff meeting about Wikidata for citations and for cultural heritage. Follow up queries about data representation in Wikidata. Meet John Mittelmeier and create some custom queries for his research.
  • 21 March: Various correspondence. Email David Zeitlyn with suggestions about improving Wikipedia about topics in Cameroon.
  • 8 March: Presentation to Digital Humanities Working Group. Meeting with Oxford University Press. Follow-up email to OUP contacts. Fixing some things that went wrong in ORA data upload, and creating custom queries to view these data.
  • 7 March: Reporting (x3) meeting Cultures of Knowledge, various project work.
  • 6 March: Team away-day (attending for half day)
  • 3 March: Tidy up and import of 3238 ORA records; Propose a "dissertation for" property on Wikidata. Prepare and deliver training session.
  • 2 March: Tidying up ORA data, finding connections to Wikipedia and investigating methods of import. / Various correspondence
  • 1 March: Meeting Alexandra Franklin about Curzon Collection. Fixing some of the data errors with the Curzon uploads and making a list of affected files. Further corrections (dates) to follow in the Summer. Finishing writing up public engagement workshop and Wikidata workshop
  • 28 February: Writing up advice on using Wikimedia projects for public engagement
  • 22 February: Meeting Cory about data import: working on data checking and ways of automating. Meeting David Zeitlyn about anthropology. Other correspondence & paperwork
  • 21 February: Preparing workshop on Wikidata visualisation; workshop cancelled, so writing up exercises as worksheets
  • 20 February: Attending WMUK education day in London & co-running session
  • 16 February: Sending publicity emails about forthcoming events. Preparing talk with Liz for Monday. Getting data dump from EE.
  • 15 February: Getting Identity fusion article undeleted. Meeting Cultures of Knowledge team. Review meeting with Richard Nevell. Meeting with Cory. Mocking up some visualisations of EMLO data
  • 14 February: Various correspondence
  • 8 February: Reviewing job applications. Corresponding about events. Inducting assistant and replying to other applications
  • 7 February: Reporting for This Month in GLAM. Writing up project idea for National Trust. Catching up on Wikidata developments
  • 2 February: Meeting Jon Ray (GLAM Programme Manager) to discuss GLAM partnership project. Coding mockup of qLabel for use labelling exhibition spaces. WMUK Partnership advisory group meeting.
  • 1 February: Arranging future meetings. Catch-up phone meeting with Richard Nevell. Cleaning and wikifying Oxford Research Archive data
January 2017
  • 30 January: Compiling feedback from last Friday's workshop. Responding to job applications. Coming up with Wikidata graphs to showcase its abilities
  • 27 January: Meeting Emma Stanford about Digital Bodleian and future bulk exports. Delivering Wikipedia training for trainers workshop
  • 26 January: Speaking at meeting of communications, training and public engagement staff for Medicine. Some correspondence.
  • 20 January: Attending all-day event on open access publishing
  • 19 January: Running #1Lib1Ref lunchtime session. Working on handouts & slides for next week's training session. Meeting Dominic Oldman of ResearchSpace
  • 18 January: Meeting with Martin Hadley about data visualisation/ Interactive Data Network project. Making some relevant Wikidata queries. Running #1Lib1Ref lunchtime session.
  • 17 January: Audio meeting with Peter Findlay of Jisc. Getting fix for problem with laptop.
  • 12 January: Working on data dump from Oxford Research Archive/ Bodleian staff meeting
  • 11 January: Meeting with Andrew Fairweather-Tall about research collaborations. Finishing blog post, reading up on Wikidata projects around GLAMS and looking at/ amending Wikidata representation of Oxford's GLAMs
  • 10 January: Writing blog post on Wikidata and art
  • 5 January: Item for This Month in GLAM. Various correspondence
  • 4 January: Report-writing for WMUK and Innovation fund. Writing proposal for Digital Humanities Summer School
December 2016
  • 21 December: Meeting at IT Services about events for next term. Various correspondence about future events and projects
  • 20 December: Reporting audio meeting with WMUK
  • 15 December: Meeting with Electronic Enlightenment and Oxford Text Archive staff to plan future work
  • 14 December: Meeting with Bryan Ward-Perkins of the Cult of Saints project. Project reporting meeting at IT Services. More work on case study
  • 13 December: Writing up case study + work on Voltaire timelines
  • 9 December: Communications team away-day
  • 8 December: Various work on Voltaire timelines + meeting Robert McNamee of Electronic Enlightenment project
  • 7 December: Meeting at Voltaire Foundation to explore possible activities. Meeting Fiona Mackintosh and Claire Kenward of Archive of Performances of Greek & Roman Drama (APGRD)
  • 6 December: Various correspondence
  • 24 November: WIR Summit in London
  • 23 November: Meeting Peter McQuilton, OERC about Biosharing. Writing event proposals for Trinity term
  • 22 November: Meeting Johnathan Prag, Merton College about two projects. Setting up other meetings
  • 21 November: Exploring potential for import from Digital Bodleian
  • 17 November: Correspondence about ORA data import & other stuff
  • 16 November: Writing session proposal for OER 17 conference; some emails
  • 10 November: Meeting about Oxford Collections. Creating briefing and custom query for hillfort images. Preparing and delivering 45-minute presentation for Ritual Modes staff (six attendees). Working on queries for WWI event
  • 9 November: Various emails. Meeting to plan activity for IT Learning Programme
  • 8 November: Meeting with WMUK for the start of the project
  • 4 November: Preparing & delivering talk for Technology Enhanced Learning group. Some reporting, including This Month in GLAM. Setting up more speaking slots.
  • 3 November: Meeting about Hillforts Atlas. Setting up meetings with various researchers
  • 2 November: Phone call with Andrew F-T about reaching humanities academics; writing introductory message for researchers; more emails to re-establish contact
  • 1 November: Writing introductory blog post + various email contacts
  • 27 October: Working on data mapping for Atlas of Hillforts. Studying existing and recent Wikidata properties.
  • 26 October: Rehearse and deliver 1-hour webinar for ALT OERSIG. More emails.
  • 25 October: Sign employment contract and officially start work. Emailing contacts to advertise my services.
  • 20 October: Prepare slides for webinar next week + test run with moderators
  • 15 October: Deliver 1-hour workshop with Ylva Berglund-Prytz at Young Scientists Journal Conference
  • 10 October: Prepare workshop materials for YSJ Conference