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Q1 (Feb - April) Q2 (May - July) Q3 (Aug - Oct) Q4 (Nov - Jan)
Focus on WEP for 2015 sem 2 University Outreach Focus on WEP for 2015/16 EduWiki 2015
Support (requests for) capacity building activities
Sustain institutions using courses extension
Follow-up on activities from Q1.
Continue capacity building for EduWiki 2015
with special attention to courses extension use
Sustain/recruit Campus Ambassadors and Educators EduWiki 2015
Planned landmarks:
Planned landmarks:
  • TaPRA follow-up
  • Announce EduWiki 2015 (by end of April)
  • Prepare for Campus Ambassadors Summit
  • 1-2 new institutions using courses extension
  • EduWiki 2015
  • Education outreach follow-ups - from the events/courses delivered throughout the year