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Images (A) course unit on the Wikimedia UK VLE

The Wikimedia UK Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) is at Account creation can be done through the "log in" link at the top right of the page. NB the confirmation mail may end up in your spam box: if it is not in your inbox please check there, after a minute or so.

Tips for users

title=Flowchart of VLE standard lesson pattern

Handy basic information is on the VLE welcome page: a link is on the confirmation mail. This page is editable and will be modified from time to time.

The Moodle lessons on the VLE have an internal structure allowing you to take various study paths. The main text is typically divided into two units. Buttons allow you to navigate. The flowchart to the right may be helpful.

Expectations and permissions

Expectations of VLE users, and a list of Moodle permissions that have been activated on the site, will be noted here, as the open access to the site develops.

Project reports