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The venue is very distinctive

This event took place on Saturday 29 November, 2014 at the Library of Birmingham, Birmingham

Feedback from the day can be found here. The event plus feedback has been central to developing our plans for the next Volunteer Strategy Gathering to be held on 25th July 2015.


Wikimedia UK organised the event to bring together interested stakeholders to consider our Volunteer Strategy. The intention was to see in what ways we can develop the organisation by creating new approach to project-based volunteering.


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Time What Who
10:00 Arrival & Coffee
10:30am Welcome & Introduction Carol Campbell (Wikimedia UK Trustee) and introducing D'Arcy Myers (Interim CEO)
11:00 Wikimedia UK: what does it do and what roles does it involve? Fabian Tompsett (Volunteer Support Organiser)
11:30am How can WMUK better engage and support volunteers?
John Cummings (Volunteer)
12:45 pm Summary of morning Edward Hands (Volunteer)
1:00 pm Lunch
1:45 pm Outline for afternoon Edward Hands (Volunteer)
2:00 pm Gender Gap Raya Sharbain and Natalie Chan (Volunteers)
2:20pm The changing funding environment Katherine Bavage (Wikimedia UK Fundraising Organiser)
2:40pm Approaches to fundraising Katherine Bavage (Wikimedia UK Fundraising Organiser)
3:00pm Tea break
3:15 pm What characteristics/skills/experience would we like to see in a new CEO? Michael Maggs (Trustee)
3:45pm Feedback
4:15pm How to take things forward
4:45pm End of conference

Practical details

Travel and parking

Wikimedia UK is happy to pay all reasonable travel expenses for volunteers attending this event. We can also pay for accomodation where this need but please get in touch first (fabian.tompsett(at)wikimedia.org.uk).

Wikimedia will pay for parking and car travel at HMRC rates: See here.

Data and Summary of Evaluation

For Data drawn from event please go here.

Question Very easy Easy Neither easy nor difficult Difficult Very difficult
How easy was it to travel to Birmingham? 5 5 4 2 0
How easy was it to find the venue? 4 9 3 0 0
Question Very high quality High quality Adequate Low quality Very low quality
The event in general was 2 11 3 0 0
The discussions were 2 8 6 0 0
The room's facilities were 2 11 2 0 0
Lunch and refreshments were 1 7 8 0 0
The presenters were 2 12 1 1 0
The programme content was 1 7 8 0 0
Question responses
Did the event help you understand the challenges Wikimedia UK faces? 10 yes
Will you keep in contact with people you met at this event before the second Volunteer Strategy Gathering? 14 yes, 2 maybe
Do you intend to attend the second Volunteer Strategy Gathering? 15 yes
What key things would you like to see arranged for the second Volunteer Strategy Gathering? here


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