Wikipedia Science Conference/Submissions/Open Access Reader: A project to cite 'all' OA papers in Wikipedia

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This has been accepted as a lightning talk. MartinPoulter (talk) 17:15, 16 May 2015 (BST)

Personal details

Your name

Edward Saperia


Conference Director for Wikimania 2014.

How can we contact you?

Where will you be travelling from to attend this conference?

London. Don't mind paying my own travel costs.


Available for the whole conference.

Session details

Conference themes
  • Wikipedia and/or Wikimedia as platforms for promoting informed public discussion
  • Wikipedia and/or Wikimedia as platforms for research (including citizen science)
  • Wikipedia and/or Wikimedia as models for scientific publishing
  • Wikipedia and/or Wikimedia as platforms for scientific education
Type of session
  • Presentation (20 mins + 10 mins questions)
  • or
  • Lightning talk/demo (10 mins)
Further details

The amount of academic work being released free-to-read online is growing very fast, and there are now a few aggregator projects springing up that hold the metadata for tens of millions of papers. One interesting thing we can do with this resource is find papers that are both influential and aren't cited in Wikipedia yet; notably, a project to cite them is composed of discrete and measurable but still significant pieces of work, ideal for crowdsourcing. We propose the creation of a tool that guides a contributor through finding, summarising and citing a missing paper in a relevant Wikipedia article, suitable for beginner or serious editor alike. We will demonstrate a proof of concept, sketch out a roadmap for the project and ask for feedback and advice.

This is an update on Open Access Reader, which was awarded an IEG grant in September 2014.