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Comment Please note, these rules are currently in draft form.
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When Sat. 1 September 2012
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Rules[edit | edit source]

  • Anyone can participate!
  • Participants may photograph alone or in teams.
  • If you participate as a team, you must go around together (it would be too easy if you all split up!) and use one camera between you. You are welcome to go around in a group, but enter your photos as individuals.
  • Before taking pictures of a target, a reference picture must be taken (photo of the item with the name/code of the target included) in addition to a proper photo of the target. This means we will be able to identify them when they are uploaded.
  • Photos with a timestamp on the image itself will be rejected. A timestamp in the hidden metadata in the properties of the photo is allowed.
  • Photos must be taken within the alloted time. Any not taken within this time will not be calculated in the final score.
  • Do not take pictures where it is prohibited. Do not take pictures of people without their consent.
  • All participants must be back at the Herbert by 15:00.
  • After the hunt, participants must upload their photos. The organisers will be on-hand to help you do so. A small number of spare laptops should be available.
  • You are liable for your actions. By taking part in the event you agree to take responsibility for any damage inflicted to you, your property or anything and anybody else.