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Departure and arrival
When Sat. 1 September 2012
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Prize-winners[edit | edit source]

There were 5 prizes on offer for participants; for best photos, most points and a "judges' choice". All photos uploaded from the event can be found on Wikimedia Commons.

Best photo[edit | edit source]

The three best photographs, as chosen by the judges, were all printed on canvas and presented to the winners.

Most points[edit | edit source]

Every target on the list was given a points value based on its distance from the starting point and how important it was. The prize for most points was won by Team Wormova with a stunning 167 points.

Judges' choice[edit | edit source]

The final prize on offer was the "judges' choice", the winners of which would be given a selection of Wikimedia merchandise. This prize was won by the Nicholson Family. The judges said:

"The Nicholson Family win the judges' choice award. They approached the event as a fun day together as a family, captured some excellent photos and got involved in the event with smiles on their faces - and to us, that's what it's all about."