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Agenda for Board meeting on 11-12th Feb at the WMUK office, Development House, London

Meeting theme: New Trustees and AGM

Supporting IRC irc://freenode/wikimedia-uk-board (useful if your voice connection fails)

Minutes being written at, in-camera



  • Trustees:
    • Roger Bamkin [RB] (Chair)
    • Fæ [Fæ]
    • Chris Keating [CK] (regret I will need to leave the Saturday afternoon session at 6pm prompt to attend another evening commitment)
    • Mike Peel [MP] (Minutes - support)
    • Martin Poulter [MLP]
    • Andrew Turvey [AT]
    • Steve Virgin [SV]
  • Staff:
    • Jon Davies [JD]
    • Richard Symonds [RS] (Minutes - lead)
  • Volunteers:
    • Thomas Dalton [TD] (invited)
    • Prospective trustees


It is expected that there will be a coffee break half-way through the morning and afternoons; this doesn't need to be scheduled since drinks can be prepared on demand rather than having to be ordered in.

Saturday 11 Feb

Morning (10.00-13.00)

  • A: Minutes and Reports
  • B: Discussions and decisions needed
    • B1: Year end and preparations for WikiConference
      • B1a: Annual Report (RB) & Accounts (AT) - 15
      • B1b: AGM (including location, resolutions and speakers)
      • B1c: Conference (All/JD) (as above)
    • B2: Policies
    • B3: Wikimedia Foundation relations
      • B3a: Participation in the chapter process for nominating WMF board candidates [1] (AT?)
      • B3b: Fundraising and funds dissemination discussion (CK/MP)
      • B3c: Chapters meeting (RB/CK/JD)
      • B3d: WMF activity in the UK (RB)

Afternoon (14.00-18.00)

  • C. Board Interest Event (circa 1.5 hours) (start time??)
    • C1: History of the chapter and its rapid development, to give insight into what to expect in the next year (TD)
    • C2: Activities this year (RB)
    • C3: Next year, including activities and culture shift (AT)
    • C4: Outreach (MLP)
    • C5: Trustee expectations (SV)
    • C6: Being in the public eye, and loss of anonymity (RB)
    • C7: Practicalities of the election (Andrew)

Sunday 12 Feb

Morning (10.00-13.00)

  • A: Minutes and Reports
    • A4 Actions and reports (5 minutes each; items needing longer discussion to be raised under Matters Arising)
    • A5 Matters Arising
      • A5a: MonmouthpediA and larger projects (RB) - 15
      • A5b: Openess and Transparency: (RB - carried forward)) - 10
  • B: Discussions and decisions needed
    • B4: WMUK trustees
    • B5: Financial discussion and decisions
    • B6: Approach to recruitment (including board involvement) [JD]
    • B7: Wikimania 2013 bids [??]
    • B8: PR companies / CIPR / PRCA [SV]
    • B9: Metrics [CK/MLP]
    • B10: Governance (PQASSO targets / alternative governance metrics) [Fæ]
    • B11: Annual leave in staff contracts [MLP] Decided on Saturday

Afternoon (14.00-18.00)

  • D: AOB

Could join the London Meetup.

NB: MP needs to depart circa 4.30pm.