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This will be an in-person meeting of the Board at 09:30-18:00 on Saturday 11 May 2013. It will take place in London, in meeting room 2 at the Office.

Expected attendees

Trustees (voting):

  • Chris Keating [CK] (Chair)
  • Mike Peel [MP] (Secretary; backup minutes)
  • Doug Taylor [DT]
  • Saad Choudri [SC]
  • Greyham Dawes [GD]
  • Ashley van Haeften [Fæ]

Staff (non-voting):

  • Jon Davies [JD] (CE)
  • Jonathan Cardy [JC] (Minutes)


This is a draft agenda at present - please discuss on talk or email me if there are problems/questions. The Land (talk) 17:28, 24 April 2013 (UTC)

09.45 Housekeeping

  1. Apologies for absence (CK)
  2. Video recording of this meeting
  3. Declarations of interest regarding matters on the agenda (CK)
    1. MP is a member of the FDC. His DOI is documented at meta:User:Mike Peel/FDC Declaration of Interest and Declarations_of_Interest#Michael_Peel. As such, he will absent himself from the discussion surrounding the FDC Letter of Intent.
  4. Membership approvals (MP)
  5. Confirmation of decisions made since the last board meeting:
    1. To approve 8 new members of Wikimedia UK. (For: MP, CK, GD, DT. Against: Fæ)
    2. To adopt the Scheme of Delegation. (For: CK, GD, DT, SC. Against: Fae, MP)
  6. Approval of minutes (MP)
  7. Approval of agenda

10.00 Reports

  1. Chief Executive's Report
    1. Reporting against the 2013 Activity Plan for Q1 2013 Detailed progress.(JD)
    2. Proposed revision to the Activity Plan
    3. FDC Letter of Intent: Board asked to agree we will send a letter of intent and appropriately delegate responsibility for completing it
    4. 5 year plan progress (JD)
    5. QRpedia - see risk report.
    6. Staff Reports
  2. Chair's Report
    1. Review of progress in Governance Review implementation
  3. Treasurer's Report
    1. Financial report for Q1 2013 (JD/GB)
    2. Annual Report and Accounts for the year ending 31 Jan 2013 (GD)
    3. Budget holders and responsibilities
  4. Governance Committee Report
  5. Audit & Risk Committee report
    1. Risk review against reporting framework
  6. Trustee reports (CK)
  7. Wikimedia Chapter's Association

11.30 Coffee

11.45 Policy Revision

  1. Proposed revision of the Trustee Code of Conduct (MP)
  2. Proposed Privacy Policy
  3. Structure for Quarterly Financial Management Reports (GD)

12.15 Motions for 2013 AGM

  1. WikiConference UK 2013/Resolutions
  2. Annual Report & Accounts: Do the accounts need to be put? (GD)

12.45 Lunch

13.30 Wales Proposal

14.00 Volunteers

  1. Review of adherence to the Volunteer Policy (JD)
    Board decision at the 9 Feb 13 board meeting: "We further ask the Chief Executive to review the current implementation of the chapter's vision for the relationship between paid staff and volunteers as set out in Volunteer Policy and ensure that the work of the charity retains its focus on recruiting and empowering volunteers"
    See Volunteer policies review - May 2013

14.45 Board procedures

  1. Discussion about two points in particular
    1. On-wiki voting procedure
    2. Minute-taking and transparency (including recording of Board meetings)
    3. Action tracking

15.15 Coffee

15.30 Fundraising

Discussion regarding future Wikimedia UK fundraising

16.00 Board agendas forward look

  1. Agenda 8Jun13 (MP)
  2. Future Board agendas and meeting structure: see here

17.00 In-camera Board session