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A group photo, taken at the end of the first day.

Wikimedia Commons has media related to the Wikimedia UK board meeting of 21-22 April 2012.

Agenda for Board meeting on 21-22 April 2011, to be held in person in Monmouth

Meeting location: Shire Hall, Monmouth. Working lunches are being arranged for Saturday and Sunday.

Some talks and prize giving will be web streamed. Details will appear below.

We shall be attempting to live-stream again Saturday's discussions (excepting in-camera items, obviously). See the @WikimediaUK Twitter account for the URL(s).


  • Board: Fæ [Fæ](Chair), Roger Bamkin [RB], Mike Peel (Minutes) [MWP], Andrew Turvey [AT], Martin Poulter [MLP], Steve Virgin [SV], Chris Keating [CK]
  • Staff: Jon Davies (Chief Exec) [JD], Richard Symonds (Office Mgr, Minutes) [RS]
  • Also attending: John Cummings (JC), Rexx (see talk page), John Byrne (JB), Robin Owain (RO).

Minutes are being taken at



Fri 20 April
  • Evening: No plans as yet. Gather in a nearby pub for food/drinks as people arrive?
  • Jon, Richard, Fæ are arriving in Newport on Friday @ 16:05 and then sharing a taxi to Monmouth.
  • Mike is arriving at around 9pm on Friday.
doors to the centre, enter here and go to the reception on right
Sat 21 April
  • Coffee: 10:00
  • Morning session: 10:30-13:00
    • Presentation from John Cummings intended after 12:00 and before lunch.
  • Lunch: 13:00-13:55 (lunch provided) Chance to meet local Wikipedians and MonmouthpediA people.
  • Afternoon session: 13:55-16:50
  • Evening: Wikimeet. "VIP" prize giving for MonmouthpediA. All invited - especially contributing editors. Web streaming will be available for those not able to travel.
  • VIP invite for wine and cheese at The Kymin
Sun 22 April
  • 9:30-15:30
  • TBA
  • Several people are aiming for the London train departing from Newport at 17:30.
  • Mike can give lifts to the train station, before driving back to Manchester in the evening.


  • A: Minutes and Reports (Saturday morn) [15m]
    1. Agenda, streaming, apologies (Fæ)
    2. Review of meetings and approval of Minutes (MP)
      1. MP - Approval of Minutes 11Feb12
        Includes office in-camera minutes and board in-camera minutes. Public minutes are pending slides from RB's presentation.
      2. Approval of Minutes 3Mar12
      3. Approval of Minutes 27Mar12 (MP)
        Includes office in-camera minutes
      4. Review of the impromptu Exec Meeting - Minutes 15Apr12 (Fæ, follow on in section B)
    3. Review email decisions (MP)
      1. Approval of new members (13 April)
  • B: Discussions and decisions needed (Sat/Sun) [est. 3½ hours core business, 30 min float for unplanned discussion, 30 min breaks]
    1. Board role changes, recommendations from Exec meeting. (RB, Fæ, JB) [15m]
    2. AGM and WikiConference 2012 [45m]
      1. Schedule and decisions needed. (10m RB, MP)
      2. Election process, outstanding issues and recommendations. (10m RS as teller)
      3. Wikimedian of the Year (RB)
      4. Presentation: Declarations of interest and management of interests. (15m, RB)
    3. Presentation: MonmouthpediA (John Cummings) [15m]
    4. Strategy (Fae/RB) [35m]
      1. 5 year plan and recommendations for the coming year. (15m JD)
      2. Top 5 risks and proposed contingency plans. Some time float for key observations. (JD, Fæ, all) Jon's first suggestions below:
      • Reputational risk - Wikipedia and sister sites become discredited and usage declines.
      • Financial risk - we run out of the funds needed to support our plans.
      • Organisational risk - the UK community fractures with disagreements between its members and constituent parts.
      • Collapsing editor base means a dive in quality.
      • Schisms with the foundation.
      • Decrease in diversity of editor base.
    5. Fundraising update [25m]
      1. Presentation: Background on progress and concept for Funds Dissemination Committee, FDC Advisory Group and the Chapters Association. (10m, Fæ)
      2. Proposals to: (15m, CK)
        1. adopt the text at 2012 Fundraiser as a statement of our goals for the 2012 fundraiser, which will then be refined into more measurable targets for the Fundraiser by CK and the staff before end August. (CK)
        2. create a new role as detailed at Fundraiser job description funded from reserves and advertise promptly with a view to a June start date. (CK)
    6. Chapter Selected Seats for Wikimedia Foundation board. (CK) [15m]
    7. Project Metrics and measurement. (CK) [10m]
    8. PQASSO and governance progress and routemap. (JD) [15m]
    9. Jon Davies 6 month review (in camera) [45m]
      Chief Exec Reports
      1. Summary of agreed process (2m, Fæ)
      2. Summary of performance against plan (15m, JD)
      3. Wider community feedback, followed by Trustee workshop (25m, moderated by Fæ)
    10. Wikimania scholarships (MP, Fæ)
    11. Upcoming announcements and press releases (JD/Stevie Benton)
      1. 4 million enwp articles, 13 million commons images, other project milestones
      2. WikiConference UK and Wikimania press releases
      3. Other upcoming milestones and announcements
  • C: Continuation of minutes and reports (Sunday morn)
    1. Reports 21Apr12 [45m]
    2. Matters Arising [10]
    3. CEO special reserve (JD) [25m]
    4. Break for Lunchtime event (John Cummings and Roger to advise!) [?]
  • D: Discussion [?]
  • E: AOB [10m]