Agenda 5Feb11/Secretary's Report

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Activities to report[edit | edit source]

Phone calls
  • 7 Jan: call from someone wanting to contact an organisation we have a Wikipedia article for.
  • 10 Jan: call for Gemma; passed on.
  • 10 Jan: Call from someone asking about a fact on Wikipedia; asked to contact
  • 10 Jan: phone call from Childrens ITV asking about potentially featuring Wikipedia in a show. Followed up by email; trademark request passed to the Foundation.
  • 12 Jan: media call asking for Steve; passed on.
  • 12 Jan: interview with the Sunday Post
  • 12 Jan: call from organisation offering credit card payments etc. - asked to email details through.
  • 12 Jan: donor enquiry asking for what we do. Explained general terms; asked to email for details.
  • 20 Jan: organiser wanting to invite Jimmy Wales to a VIP party; given JW's assistant's email address.
  • 21 Jan: call from GLAM-WIKI caterers chasing invoice; explained that we had paid it recently and to expect it in the next few days.
  • 21 Jan: Call from Channel 4 asking for a Jimmy Wales interview; given JW's assistant's email address.
  • 28 Jan: spoke to Radio 5 Live about print-on-demand copies of Wikipedia articles
Discussion items
  • Payment of GLAM-WIKI catering invoice; CC-UK travel expenses; organiser fee and expenses
Preparation of documents
  • AT and MP registered to attend the chapters conference.
  • Microgrant received by email for £80 to print leaflets approved. Also approval of Microgrants/Applications#Persian_miniature_painting_book.
  • Completed an initial survey on the "Public Sector Information Directive review" by Collections Trust, which looks at how cultural organisations reuse content. Although not directly applicable to Wikimedia, it is still indirectly applicable. Will inform the board before replying to the second level of the survey, asking for the Board's input. More details on this survey are available on the CollectionsLink website.
Actions done
  • MP to reduce the December 2010 newsletter to one for January 2011, creating a model to follow.
  • AT and TD prepare a report for the WMF chapters grant, for email approval, and to approach the Foundation to extend the grant - transferred to MP
  • MP to email internal-l with problem + current solution with the WMUK logo on the Paypal donation page not being on a secure server, and to implement an SSL certificate if that is the best way forward. X mark.svg Cancelled - too late now, can work on this in 8 months time or so if still necessary.

Outstanding actions[edit | edit source]

  • MP to respond to Simple English Wikipedia research proposal asking for further information.
  • MP to bring forward a concrete proposal on corporate membership
Tasks to do
  • Incorporate actions from Minutes 4Jan11 into these reports
  • GLAM-WIKI section for newsletter
  • Chase Britain Loves Wikipedia judging...
  • Set up OTRS on the site/server
  • Upgrade CiviCRM
  • Work through email backlog...
  • Help with Accounts information
  • Set up a Press room