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Project grants (£5–250) or Partnership Funding (£250 and upwards)

Evaluation Panel

You can either fill out a form here or you can create a wiki as per instructions below. Whichever method you use, please email to let staff know you have submitted an application.

Please start to submit your application by entering a short title into the box below. You will be presented with a template that will provide an outline structure to set out your application.

You may need to purge this page to see the latest applications.

Current applications

These applications are currently pending discussion and approval.

In Incubation

Approved project grants

These project grants have been approved, and are either ready to start or are in progress.

Completed project grants

These project grants have been completed. Reports are either available on the corresponding pages, or are due in the near future.

Archived applications

These project grants have not been funded, for the reasons given on the grants page.