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Agenda for meeting of the Conference Committee, 1930 (BST) Thursday 27 June 2013. Minutes will be posted at /Minutes after the meeting (minutes will be openly written on etherpad).

WikiConferences 2013 and 2014 dominate the agenda in terms of number of points to be discussed, but EduWiki and Wikimania will likely take a similar amount of time to discuss.


  • Conference Committee
    • Harry Mitchell (HJM; acting chair)
    • Tom Morton (TM)
    • Dan Garry (DG)
    • Ed Saperia (ES; Wikimania lead) - sorry, I can no longer attend due to a short notice family engagement.
    • James Knight (JK)
    • Rock drum (RD)
    • Mike Peel (MP; board liaison)
    • Daria Cybulska (DC; office liaison)
    • Katie Chan (KTC; point of contact for AGM)
  • Representative(s) of Education Committee to discuss EduWiki
    • Toni Sant (TS)?
  • Any other interested parties



  • ConfCom has now existed for a little over a year, we've had an AGM since then, and it has delivered its first measurable outcome
  • Is everybody happy in their roles (in particular, are our board and office liaisons still happy in those posts); any objections to HJM formally becoming chair?
  • Need to get in touch with people who offered assistance on the green forms at the AGM
  • Any idea for recruiting more members? Is there an ideal size for ConfCom?
  • Membership of the mailing list: is everybody happy with the current arrangement, which includes several non-ConfCom members as advisers?
  • Would be good to make more use of email addresses iff they are desired and WMUK resources can handle it (TM/MP can advise)

WikiConference UK 2013

  • WikiConference UK 2013/Lessons
  • Reflections from ConfCom members
  • Feedback from attendees
  • Reflections from the board (including trustees who retired at the AGM if they wish)
  • What have we done well, what could have gone better, how can we make future conferences better

WikiConference UK 2014?

  • Are we having one? Options include (but not necessarily limited to):
    • Use the full 15-month gap allowed by the articles and hold a conference and AGM very late August/very early September 2014 (post-Wikimania)
    • Continue with the 12-13 month pattern and have it pre-Wikimania
    • Incorporate the AGM itself into Wikimania or hold it at the office immediately before/after Wikimania while members are likely to be in London
    • Hold the AGM as part of a less formal event (12 or 15 months from WCUK 2013) to avoid conference fatigue
  • If we are having a conference, where should it be; pattern has been to alternate between London and a provincial city but with Wikimania in London in 2014, it may be prudent to hold the AGM elsewhere
  • Decision not essential at this stage, but would be good to have something to recommend or report on at 13 July board meeting

EduWiki Conference 2013

  • TS or other representative(s) of Education Committee to discuss how ConfCom can assist with this

Wikimania 2014

  • It's finally happening! Wohoo!
  • Apologies if ConfCom has been less supportive than it could have been during the bidding stage
  • Given that this is what ConfCom was founded for, how can it help? ES/JK to advise.


  • Next meeting
  • Feel free to add any other item here