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A geonotice is a message that appears at the top of a user's watchlist, using IP data to display messages relevant to the user's location. On the English Wikipedia, it is controlled by MediaWiki:Geonotice.js, which can be edited by any English Wikipedia administrator. This page is intended to serve as a central public venue for uncontroversial requests for new geonotices and to track existing geonotices of interest to WMUK.

Current geonotices[edit | edit source]

Meetups, events, or other items of interest to the chapter currently advertised via the geonotice

Requests for new geonotices[edit | edit source]

Please bear in mind that controversial (or potentially controversial) requests will require discussion at Wikipedia:Geonotice. It is worth considering whether an event or meetup is likely to be quorate without the assistance of a geonotice, as some people find geonotices annoying.

Admins willing to put up geonotices[edit | edit source]

English Wikipedia administrators who are comfortable handling requests for geonotices

  • Harry Mitchell
  • geni. Can also do commons.
  • - general event geonotices, I would leave anything like staff recruitment to other volunteers as I may be seen as directly involved.
  • Mike Peel (talk)
  • Tom Morris just send me an email, nudge me on IRC or leave me a talk page message.
  • Deryck Chan (talk) - I watch w:WP:GN but am generally lazy. Drop me a talk page message or e-mail if urgent.
  • Dougweller Ok, but email me from my userpage here or leave a message on my talk page.
  • the wub "?!"