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Updates on Actions from previous meeting[edit | edit source]

Item No Action Assigned to Update
Item 4 - Schedule of Meetings KB come up with suggested dates for the remainder of the year/doodle poll, including an in-person meeting at Wiki Conference 2013 KB Yes check.svg Done
Item 5.1.1 - QRpedia EE to consult TM about advisability of moving to a separate server for the QRpedia hosting, to ensure confidence in performance AND TM to advise KB how long establishing on a separate hosting may take in terms of other work priorities EE/TM Yes check.svg Done See March progress meeting.
Item 5.1. - QRpedia KB to log the transfer of the QRpedia blog as an RT ticket KB Yes check.svg Done ?
Item 5.1. - QRpedia KB to:
  • log the transfer of the QRpedia blog as an RT ticket
  • forward testing email to RB, TE and Andy Mabbett (AM) to look for bugs
  • work on assumption that the DNS can switch to a debugged WMUK installation on 4th March 2013
  • work with RB to identity key existing users
  • contact known existing users, and forward emails to wikimediauk-l and cultural partners mailing lists, to inform of change when date known, and before transfer
KB Symbol wait.svg Doing... NB legal delays as discussed in March progress meeting.
Item 5.1.1 - QRpedia KB to create list on WMUK Wiki AND DT would mirror WMUK Wiki page onto Meta AND KC would modify page for translation. KB/DT/KTC X mark.svg Not done see above and roll over actions
Item 5.1.2 - QRpedia KB to undertake following after DNS changeover:
  • chat to Stevie Benton (SB) about ideas for promoting engagement.
  • set up a page inviting discussion about new applications or contexts for us
KB X mark.svg Not done see above and roll over actions
Item 5.1.2 - QRpedia ACTION: RB to liaise with Saad Choudry/WMUK Board as appropriate and confirm any terms that need to be taken into consideration before KB to proceed with promoting wider engagement/generation of ideas. RB Symbol wait.svg Doing...
Item 5.1.2 - QRpedia KB to add this item to agenda of next Technology Committee meeting. KB Yes check.svg Done Keep as standing item
Item 5.1.2 - QRpedia All members were invited to edit Privacy Policy with a view to seeking board approval. All Symbol wait.svg Doing...
Item 5.1.2 - QRpedia KB add reliance on google analytics (?) to RT as a bug to be fixed after DNS migration KB X mark.svg Not done roll over action
Item 5.2 Virtual Learning Environment KB to put on agenda for developer progress meeting at end of February, and to report back to next Technical Committee how moved on AND KB to keep as a standing item on Technology Committee agenda until further notice. KB Yes check.svg Done
Item 5.3 - Wikimedia UK planet KB to post the suggestion and a Yes/No Doodle Poll to the Community mailing list and report feedback to the next Technology Committee meeting. KB X mark.svg Not done KB needs to do (Deadline - end of April?)
5.4 Mediawiki extension development (e.g. calendar) KB to contact Asaf to explain (MP to forward email thread) and ask what required to assist KB Symbol wait.svg Doing... Will discuss with Asaf in SF
6.1 AOB - Amsterdam Hackathon
  • KB to check in with SB about a blog post about this
  • Check in with HB see if he could write up a piece for the Membership Newsletter
KB Yes check.svg Done

Teleconference meeting scheduled for 7.00pm-9.00pm on Thursday 18th April 2013. Got underway about 7.10 Attended: Katherine Bavage (KB), Harry Burt (HB), KT Chan (KC), Emmanuel Engelhart (EE), Tom Morton (TM), Roger Bamkin (RB) from about 7.20, Mike Peel (MP), Charles Matthews (CM), Doug Taylor (DT). Meeting closed about 9.15.

1. Apologies - None

2. Chair and Minutes: KB in the chair, CM taking minutes. ACTION: KB to complete calendar section of previous meeting's minutes, CM to apply some cleanup.

3. Update on Actions from previous meeting

See list of actions. Taken under this item:

  • 5.2 is done.
  • 5.3 on blog aggregation is not done: awaits straw poll on UK general list.
  • 5.4 In hand - KB to raise with Asaf on her visit to the WMF.
  • 6.1 Request made for May edition.

4. QRpedia

A general discussion on the legal, intellectual property and privacy issues produced a recommendation to insure against IP risk (RB). ACTION: KB to document privacy policy. Certain outstanding actions (list of actions for these) will be held back, awaiting the resolution of these issues.

ACTION: To expedite technical development, it was decided to:

  • Give MP and DT the role of briefing the Board;
  • Implement Piwik on a mirror of QRpedia, as demo for the Board (EE);
  • Create a tech development version of QRpedia for WMUK, as recommended by RB;
  • Create a GIT repository of QRpedia source code with the WMF, to enable feature requests (EE);
  • Create a page on the WMUK wiki to collate and update what is known about current QRpedia users (KB).

5. Virtual Learning Environment

CM reported that the SSO software had been configured, so that the wiki+Moodle system is now set up as intended. More details are in the EduComm report of 16 April. The access is currently via admin account creation on the wiki at . TM has a short to-do list (tweaks to the wiki, plus installing Moodle in the WMUK hosting to enable trials of skins and further software).


  • TM to add to his list an audit of internal communications in Moodle.
  • CM to keep KB briefed on EduComm discussion.

CM noted that the system would be used as training support after the Oxford workshop on 30 April. DT asked whether he could have access to Moodle files in the hosting (yes, TM). HB commented that publicity on tech lists could now help bring outside support and interest. TM reported on a software module developed by a German Wikiversitan (

6. Supporting Virtual Presence – not taken

7. Hosting UK Wiki on server

TM presented his report on technical matters, and went over his contacts with James Forrester and Oliver Keyes of the WMF, which had gone as far as could be expected without escalation up the hierarchy. The "OpenId" style of solution to the issue of rejoining SUL later did not represent a concrete way forward at this time, for several reasons. There are clear obstacles to any slick solution to the migration. EE recommended a rather direct approach.

DT quantified the issue of notification of currently active users of the WMUK wiki as 100 people. Technically it would be quite feasible to run a bot, and thereby to pre-notify this group of the impending change to accounts. ACTION: DT will contact Rich Farmbrough to this end. In terms of networking and gathering more information:


  • MP is to look into the Wikivoyage case;
  • KC to talk to Erik Moeller while he visits London;
  • KB to confer with James Forrester while in San Francisco.

8. Backup routine and security strategy

TM presented his draft backup solution, which takes a standard form with fire safe. Full automation is not feasible at present. Progress is expected in the near future, piecemeal, as elements of the system come together.

9. Review of SSL certificate proposals

TM presented his report, with a walkthrough of details of a Wildcard SSL. Advantages of more costly options were alluded to, and fundraiser compliance. ACTION: KB to take a decision, for one year, after any further consultation she feels to be required.

10. AOB.

  • Jonathan Cardy had raised the issue of intermittent reliability of the toolserver, as impacting GLAM usage. Discussed in general context. ACTION: KB to consult Jonathan further, and add this to the agenda for the next meeting.
  • HB will travel to the Amsterdam Hackathon, and solicited tasks he can carry out there.
Date of next meeting

In person at the WMUK AGM, details to be fixed by KB. Target set of 6 meetings/year.