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Copyright and photography restrictions

  • You must photograph objects that are not covered by copyright.
  • That means that, if you are photographing 2D images, they should be older than 1923, and the author must have died over 70 years ago.
  • You must only enter photographs that you have taken yourself, or photographs taken by other people if they have agreed for you to enter them into the competition.
  • You must obey all photography rules provided by the museum. This may include not photographing specific objects (even if they are not in copyright).

Uploading photographs

  • You must upload your photographs before midnight (UTC) at the end of the 14th March 2010. They must have been taken between the 31st January 2010 and 28th February 2010 inclusive.
  • You must upload your photograph via the provided webpage:
  • You must release your photograph under a free license. License options are presented on the upload page. We recommend CC-by-SA (see here for details). See here for information on alternative licenses.
  • You must upload both a photograph of the object, and a second photograph of the description label or an index card for that object, giving the title of the object and if available the accession or collection number.
  • You should also provide a typed version of the title and catalogue number, as well as the desired attribution.


  • The winning photographs will be decided by a jury assembled by Wikimedia UK. The jury's decision is final.
  • No alternative prizes are available
  • The winner must acknowledge their prize within 2 weeks, otherwise the prize will be reallocated to another winner.
  • Prizes are provided by sponsors, not by Wikimedia UK, and as such Wikimedia UK is not liable for the prizes.


  • Photographs which do not follow these rules will not be eligible to win prizes.
  • Wikimedia UK reserves the right to alter these rules if necessary throughout the competition or following it.
  • Note that this year the emphasis for the prizes is on quality rather than quantity, a change from Wikipedia Loves Art last year. As a result you do not need to be part of a team this year. Some prizes may be awarded based on quantity at the discretion of the jury.