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Britain Loves Wikipedia
Photography contest from Wikimedia UK and museums across the country
Submitted photographs
Cultural partnerships

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The planned timeline for the event is as follows:


Date Action/event
August 09 Define timeline; start talking to museums and potential sponsors
November 09 Start developing advertising material and software
End November 09 Preliminary list of museums, sponsors and prizes.
20 December 09 Advertising materials completed; in review over Christmas
End December 09 list of museums and prizes largely complete, and events planned
January 09 Advertising materials printed; press release drafted
18 January 09 Press release circulated; press invited to launch event

Britain Loves Wikipedia

Date Action/event
31 January 2010 Launch event at the Victoria and Albert Museum. Upload software made available on website.
6/7 February 2010 First weekend events, location TBD
13/14 February 2010 Second weekend events, location TBD (high profile; Valentine's Day)
20/21 February 2010 Third weekend events, location TBD
27/28 February 2010 Fourth and final weekend events, location TBD. Event finishes 28th.


Date Action/event
14 March 2010 Deadline for uploading photographs to be entered into competition
28 March 2010 Prizes announced (event surrounding?)