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Britain Loves Wikipedia
Photography contest from Wikimedia UK and museums across the country
Submitted photographs
Cultural partnerships

Content partnershipsDigital image restorationsJoint events

To do

  • Get museums involved
  • Get sponsors involved (prizes)
  • Develop upload facility/transfer of images to Wikipedia
  • Develop advertising materials
  • Write handouts (see e.g. wikipedia:File:WLARTatV&A Handout.pdf)
  • Get endorsement from e.g. the London Mayor's office?
  • Press releases - joint with MLA?


Description Amount
Domain name - £10.22 Yes check.svg Done
Leaflets - targets, museum info, WMUK info ~£80 per 100 [1]; different for each location?
Posters? T-shirts? ??
Travel - organizers to museums for events ?? (to be investigated)
Refreshments etc. at events ~£150 at launch event?
Prizes Sponsored hence £0?
Funding from WMF Grant - advertising + travel £953.16 (£942.94 remaining)
Matching funding from MLA ~£1000