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About Wikimedia UK

Wikimedia UK is the national chapter for the global Wikimedia movement and projects, of which Wikipedia is the best known. Wikimedia UK works in partnership with organisations from the cultural and education sectors and beyond in order to unlock content, remove barriers to knowledge, develop new ways of engaging with the public and enable learners to benefit fully from the educational potential of the Wikimedia projects.

Wikimedia UK’s strategy is informed by and supports the strategic direction of the global Wikimedia movement. Our work focuses on the knowledge and communities that have been left out by structures of power and privilege; breaking down the barriers that prevent people and organisations from accessing and contributing to free knowledge, and supporting the development of technical solutions to help eradicate inequality and bias on Wikimedia.

You can read about Wikimedia UK’s work in our latest Strategic Report, which is online here

The Strategic Framework that we’re currently working to is online here.

Wikimedia UK is a charity, registered in England, Scotland and Wales and independent from the US-based Wikimedia Foundation. For global Wikimedia openings, please follow @wikimediaatwork on Twitter.

Who's working with us now?

For a current list of our staff, see Staff.

Job openings

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