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This page relates to staff recruitment procedures other than recruitment of the CEO which is handled separately by the board.

Wikimedia UK – Recruitment Procedures[edit | edit source]

The application form for a job opening at Wikimedia UK.

Wikimedia UK is committed to open, transparent and fair employment procedures. The employment of staff is done to the highest standards possible. All positions are advertised on public websites and through Job Centre Plus. Applications are through a common application form. A separate Equal Opportunities monitoring form is attached to ensure we are attracting a wide and representative field of candidates. These forms are not included in any shortlisting processes. A declaration of interests statement is insisted upon to identify any links to staff or trustees of Wikimedia UK.

Interviews are conducted by panels that include representatives of the Wikimedia UK community, and consist of identical questions and tasks for each candidate. Candidate are only appointed upon receipt of satisfactory references. All candidates are offered feedback whether interviewed or not.

Equal Opportunities[edit | edit source]

Wikimedia UK strives to be an equal opportunities employer and as part of this monitors its recruitment processes. Below is an amalgamation of seven of the ten WMUK hirings to date.

Is the candidate related to a WMUK employee or trustee?
Yes No Did not answer
0 259 23
Male Female Did not answer
120 166 23
No Yes Did not answer
221 14 21
Ethnic Background
Background Number
White/British 124
White/French 2
White/Irish 5
White/German 1
White/Polish 6
White/Greek 2
White/Italian 3
White/Middle Eastern 1
White/American 6
White/Spanish 6
White/Croatian 1
White/Slovakian 1
White/European 6
White/Lithuanian 1
White/Mixed European 1
White/Mediterranean 1
White/Mexican 1
White/South African 1
White/New Zealander 2
White/Turkish 2
White/French-Irish 2
White/Australian-German 1
White/American-British 1
White/Caucasian 1
White/European-Caucasian 1
White/Latin American 2
White/British Brazilian 2
White/Romanian 1
White/Scottish 1
White/Turkish British 1
White/Welsh 3
White/Other 17
Black/Caribbean 9
Black/African 19
Black/African-Spanish 2
Black/American 2
Black/Anglo-Portuguese 1
Asian/Indian 12
Asian/British-AngloIndian-Portuguese 1
Asian/Pakistani 2
Asian/Bangladeshi 11
Asian/Pakistani-Iranian 1
Asian/Mauritian 1
Asian/Sri Lankan 1
Asian/Thai 1
Asian/British-Afghan 1
Asian/Caucasian 1
Asian/Other 2
Mixed/White & Asian 5
Mixed/White & South American 1
Mixed/White & Black Caribbean 4
Mixed/Other 5
Chinese 7
Indonesian 2
Filipino 2
Lebanese 1
Middle Eastern 1
Maoria and Pakeha 1
No answer 9