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The first Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the new chapter was held on Sunday 26th April at Kro-Bar (directions), opposite the University of Manchester Student Union. The minutes are available here.

Forms to join up as a member are here.


Location of Manchester within the UK

The AGM was held in Kro-Bar, 325 Oxford Road, opposite the main entrance to Manchester University Students' Union. We were based upstairs in the Matlock Rooms. Directions to kro-bar are here and their website for more information is here. Their full address is Kro Bar, 325 Oxford Rd., Chorlton-on-Medlock, Manchester, M13 9PG. Downstairs was open from 10:30 in the morning to 10:30 at night for anyone wanting to eat or drink before or after the AGM.

Following discussion with the community on the email list, the Board decided to hold the 2009 AGM in Birmingham at its first choice, or Manchester if it was not possible to find a free or low cost venue in Birmingham. The rationale was that Birmingham and Manchester are central locations with good transport links to the rest of the country, London hosted the first WMUKv1 meeting and Oxford in being considered for the 2010 AGM in the run up to Wikimania 2010.

As we were unable to find a suitable low cost room in Birmingham, we decided to hold the AGM in Manchester.


The AGM was held on Sunday 26th April starting at 1pm.

The date of the AGM was set after the last major hurdle - the opening of the bank account - was cleared on 26 February. This was the first most widely convenient date following the required 28 day notice period.


The Agenda for the meeting was:

1:00pm: Welcome, refreshments and informal discussions

2:00pm: Discussions led by our invited speakers and the Board

3:00pm: Coffee break

3:15pm: Election Hustings

3:45pm: Resolutions

4:15pm: Announcement of the election results

The Annual General Meeting then closed, with the first meeting of the new Board starting immediately after the AGM.

More details on the programme are given at Meetings/2009 AGM/Further details


If you're coming to the AGM, please sign your name here so we can plan for the right numbers!


The following notices have been sent out in connection with the AGM:

  1. Meetings/2009 AGM/Notice of Meeting
  2. Meetings/2009 AGM/Statement of Persons Nominated
  3. Meetings/2009 AGM/Ballot Instructions
  4. Meetings/2009 AGM/Further details