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These minutes were approved at the Board meeting on 2 March 2010.

Wikimedia UK Board meeting Tuesday 16th February 2010, 8:30pm GMT on Skype

Present: Mike Peel (MP) (Chair); Andrew Turvey (AT) (minutes) (part); Joseph Seddon (JS); Tom Dalton (TD); Zeyi He (ZH) (part); Steve Virgin (SV); Tom Holden (TH); Guillaume Parnier (GP), Usability Project

The meeting focussed on the 2010 Budget. GP introduced the Usability Project and how they can work with chapters like ourselves.

AT joined the meeting during the discussion.

Details of the 2010 Budget were then discussed.

ZH left the meeting at 10:00

AT left the meeting at 10:30

The agreed numbers are reflected in the 2010 Budget page.

The meeting finished at 11:30.

The next meeting was agreed for 2 March at 9:30pm