Meetings/2010-03-02/Agenda/Corporate Report

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  • JS to REVIEW and send on a final email for the Open Knowledge Foundation mailing list, to recruit new members. SV agreed to help JS in its drafting.
  • SV to attend Wildscreen ARKive launch
  • AT agreed to compile content for the report by the end of February at Meetings/2010 AGM/Board's Report. TD and SV agreed to assist. ACTION: AT, TD, SV
  • JS agreed to draft a "call for participation" for Wikimedia@OKCon/AGM. first on the wiki and then on the blog. SV offered to copyedit. ACTION: JS, SV
  • SV agreed to approach Hewlett Packard to see if they would sponsor some of Wikimedia@OKCon/AGM.. ACTION: SV