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Below are the Board reports to the Exec Meeting on 3 March 2012; see Agenda 3Mar12.

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Chief Executive Report

  1. Comms manager hire
    245 application packs sent out, 62 were returned. 12 shortlisted by JD, Fae, Marek and Steve. 6 shortlisted and interviewed. All asked to prepare a presentation on what our 2012 Annual Report could look like. On arrival 45 minutes to prepare a press release. This was emailed to Steve who sent back his assessments. We then combined his comments with the three interviewer's reactions to the candidates. Three candidates appoint able. All had the same first choice. References taken up.
  2. Induction process for Events Organiser and Comms Manager
    Both have a month plan involving getting to know people and processes, attending as many events as possible and starting with a list of straightforward actions to take. Any offers to host them or involve them would be happily received. Richard making sure they are properly looked after.
  3. 5-year plan
    I will have first draft the week before the Monmouth meeting for people to start contributing to. This needs to be a collaborative document with lots of community buy-in.
  4. Contract positions/plans for future employees
    1. Developer - sysadmin
    2. Fundraiser
  5. A.G.M. - JD/MP
    Steve has booked venue and Richard organising payments etc. Some debate over details in the Science Museum contract. Have canvassed OKF and OSM as possible speakers. Roger to decide, OSM would have to come from NL. Daria scheduled to accompany Steve on visit to Science Museum and take on some of the tasks of organisation. First meeting with James Farrar to plan the timetable of elections. AGM timetable created and being implemented.
  6. Annual Report - All
  7. Finance meeting - MP/CK (2pm)
  8. Identity cards - options - JD/MP
    Richard and I have spoken to Brian McNeil. His feeling is that ideally this should be administered through the Foundation with financial support from the chapters. If this is not possible he will come back to chapters and ask for someone to lead on it.
  9. QRPedia - JD
    Will report in person.
  10. Plans for the next in-person meeting - April 21-22 in Monmouth - RB
  11. AOB