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This page is for reports, and links to reports, to the Board Meeting on 7 June 2014; see Agenda 7Jun14.

Reports placed on this page will be provided to the WMUK trustees in advance of the meeting both digitally (via links to this page) and also in hard copy (if posted here at least 10 days before the meeting). Nothing should be posted here that is not covered by an agenda item for the meeting.

Please ask questions on the talk page.

Reports[edit | edit source]

All reports are public other than those relating to confidential or sensitive matters. Such reports are held on the confidential Office Wiki.

Board Committee reports[edit | edit source]

Governance Committee[edit | edit source]

Audit and Risk Committee[edit | edit source]

Chief Executive reports[edit | edit source]

  • Fundraising report
  • Wikipedians in Residence report

Fundraising[edit | edit source]

The fundraising report is included under the CEO's report

State of Wikimedia UK[edit | edit source]

Other reports[edit | edit source]

Technology Committee[edit | edit source]

Education Committee[edit | edit source]

Grants Committee[edit | edit source]

GLAM Committee[edit | edit source]

  • The GLAM Committee met on 12th March – minutes

Trustee reports[edit | edit source]