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KNodeLogo.png This report is now final. Feel free to add comments to the talk page.
This page is intended to support the committee-board interaction, aiding the committee in reporting to the board, and the board in understanding and responding to the committee's needs. Changes to the template should be made at Education Committee/Board template; at this time, the template is in draft.

Executive summary[edit | edit source]

Brief overview of activities this quarter, and health of the committee (and activities) moving forwards. The education committee had one tele-conf in the last quarter (since March) on May 1st. Members are involved in a number of activities (Wikimania, Eduwiki, individual engagement with the VLE and on the Jisc role), and some work has gone in to improving relevant pages (across the Wiki).

Report items[edit | edit source]

Please place report items and rolling updates here. There are some examples below (which are likely to be rolling, but may change over time).

  1. EduWiki Conference 2014 - EduWiki2014 planning is moving forwards for a 1 day symposium in Scotland. A group of three local volunteers and one volunteer from EduWiki 2013 are co-ordinating with Toni. The main task the group is currently working on involves the collection and tabulation of at least 3 quotes to ensure that the best possible facilities are selected for this event. A venue will be picked before the end of May and presented to the board for approval to enable approval of the deposit payment required to secure the date at the chosen venue. Initial themes/tracks for the conference have also been identified. A survey aimed at EduWiki 2013 attendees is also being circulation to ensure further input from the community towards a more engaging event in 2014.
  2. Update on VLE: The plan for the first three months of the year was completed at the end of March (Virtual Learning Environment/Three-month plan for details.) The Wikisoba project, a matter arising, is now moving forwards with the tech-committee: the current target is a repository of user-generated quizzes. In addition, new VLE materials are being created, with agreement to develop now a new course around some research skills and digital literacy tasks.
  3. Update on international movement: The Education Organiser is taking an active role in the development of a global Education Cooperative, which will be launched at Wikimania 2014. We are watching the development of the Wikipedia Education Foundation with interest for possible collaboration, particularly through the new cooperative grouping. WMUK funded a volunteer (Brian Kelly) to attend EduWiki Serbia, discussing our activities, and reporting back
  4. Jisc ambassador The Jisc ambassador role came to an end this quarter, the reports (broken down by period) and further detail can be found here
  5. OER14: WMUK funded 2 volunteers (Martin Poulter and Simon Knight) to attend the 2014 Open Educational Resources conference discussed here, the event gives an opportunity to engage with individuals who 'buy in' to the open ethos, but perhaps know little about Wikimedia. Further thought should be given to means to 'on-board' at such events.
  6. Brief summary of other events we have been involved in, and their impact Anything else to add here?
  7. Strategy items - how is the education programme supporting our Strategic goals.
    1. Future of Education Workshop: This event is part of the preparations for Wikimania 2014, which the EduCom has been supporting. There have been a number of conference calls involving the Wiki Education Foundation. This will feed into activities at Wikimania itself.
    2. Summary of forward planning
  8. Drafting Education Committee/Board template
  9. Drafting Education/Strategy/Detail
  10. Drafting Education Committee/Agenda template to support effective meetings

Committee-community health[edit | edit source]

The board would appreciate any comments the committee has regarding the health of the committee, and its interaction with the community. For example, if committee burn-out, lack of response from relevant community, excellent recruitment of new volunteers through a programme, etc. are relevant to this period then this would be the place to note it.

Actions for the board[edit | edit source]

Please copy actions for the board here. For example: if the committee would like some funds, or staff time for a particular project; if the committee would like approval (and funds) to run an internal workshop for planning purposes; if the committee would like the board to consider new processes/structures, etc.

For each item, use the structure below:

Item 1, brief description[edit | edit source]

Item 1, Explanation[edit | edit source]

Why is this being requested and why does it require board decision

Item 1, Action required[edit | edit source]

What actions do the Board need to take here (other than approval / rejection)?

Item 1, Risk[edit | edit source]

Are there any risks involved? Are they likely and what would be their impact?