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This page describes Wikimedia UK's vision, mission and values. Originally set out in 2011, the latest version of these were decided by Wikimedia UK's Board at the March 2014 Board Meeting.

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Our Vision sets out, at the highest possible level, our ultimate aspiration. In deciding how to work most effectively towards this aspiration, we apply our Values, which inform our Mission. The Mission is our overall aim which links directly to the practical impact that we can make as a charity and Wikimedia Chapter.


The Objects of the charity define 'open content' as follows:

"Content" means textual or numerical information, still or moving images, sound or music or other data disseminated on printed, electronic and other appropriate media and services. Content is subject to editorial policies and safeguards designed to ensure its overall accuracy and quality.

Content is "Open" when it is available for no charge and without discrimination to the general public, with legal rights to view, copy, share, adapt, improve and otherwise use and reuse that content and when technical measures are in place to support such usage.

In these documents, we adopt the widely used expression open knowledge as a synonym for open content. Briefly, we consider a piece of knowledge (or content) to be open when anyone is free to use, to reuse, and to redistribute it — subject to nothing more than optional requirements of attribution and share-alike.


Our vision is open knowledge for all.


V1 Freedom

  • We promote the values inherent in the concept of open knowledge.
  • We promote the value of licences, formats and sources that are conformant with this concept.

V2 Accessibility and Quality

  • We promote the provision of high quality open knowledge to all.

V3 Community

  • We recognise that the contribution of volunteers is central to the activity of our organisation.
  • We encourage, involve and engage members of our community, and value our community’s contributions.
  • We are committed to learning from and openly sharing learning with the global Wikimedia movement.

V4 Transparency

  • We are transparent in our operations, both to our communities and more generally to the public.

V5 Diversity

  • We seek diversity in the types of open knowledge we work with.
  • We support and encourage diversity within our community.
  • We have respectful and professional working relationships internally and externally irrespective of individuals’ personal characteristics such as religion, political belief, sexual identity, nationality or disability.

V6 Independence

  • We remain an independent UK charity while continuing to engage actively with the global Wikimedia movement.


Our mission is to help people and organisations create and preserve open knowledge, and to help provide easy access for all.

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